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3 Tips to Get Your Man to Eat Healthy


Have you ever tried to get your loved one to eat healthy and all you got was a big HELL NO?  Or a turned, scrunched up nose? Or just plain refusal time and time again?

It’s so frustrating because you are doing ALL you can to be healthy and sometimes you feel like you are being sabotaged.

I totes get it. My hubby, Kevin, used to be the worst.

When I first started learning how to eat clean, I tried and tried to get Kevin to come around.  Who doesn’t want kale chips? Like, right?

I even had him drink chlorophyll. That didn’t last long. He said it tasted like a river. (Obvi not the best way to introduce clean eating!).

I felt like he wasn’t supporting me. We fought a lot.  For a long time.

Then I let go. Did my own thing.

And all along he was watching. He was watching me feel better, enjoy my food, and fight off any cold or flu (knock on wood I haven’t been sick in ages!). He decided he wanted the same for himself. BUT on his terms.

Kevin has been working on himself for almost two years, inside and out, and knows first-hand how to make changes when it comes to clean and healthy living…his way.  If you are struggling with getting your loved one on board with your way of life, he has some real advice you can try.

Kevin’s story:

CHANGE… A word and process that often brings on fear and anxiety as we are forced to admit that we were wrong, made mistakes, needed advice, or simply just have no clue.

I spent many years in this state not living life, but being absorbed by the events around me not feeling, thinking, or really comprehending the effects of my actions somehow justifying insanity as normal. It is only with change that I was able to see those negative effects and begin to make strides to improve my life.

This focus on SELF is a process and does not always yield the immediate results we demand as proof that this change we are under taking is successful. Real change is not short-term nor easy as I am reminded every day.

For years, even as Lisa’s husband, I was immune to her philosophy of “listening to your body” or “finding balance” especially since I knew it would involve change and change is  hard. By watching Lisa,  I’ve found that change, although scary, is so needed and so good.

I went from eating cereal for a late night snack (and even dinner), having pizza at least 5 nights a week, and having “meat” as my middle name to a more healthy person.

From incorporating juicing into my daily ritual (which is something that was so  NOT  me- I’m a meat and potatoes guy) , or paying attention to labels and ingredients (i.e. mindfulness), or being more spiritual (another concept that my wife thrives on that so escaped me) are part of the changes I’ve adopted in life; changes that are producing results although not always as fast as I would like. But changes are happening. I even ran a 5k!

Clean Eating 101


To those fathers who are seeking balance, here are a few suggestions that even I, hater of all things fruit and vegetable, have grown to LOVE:

1. Juicing – Anything shoved into a juicer with enough lemon or lime is delicious. Put down the beer and pick up some kale, apples, cucumbers, carrots, limes, and ginger and let the juicing begin. I wouldn’t dare eat these things raw or cooked, but juiced, you just can’t beat it.  Here’s my favorite juice I sometimes bring to work:

2-3 carrots

4 celery stalks

1 apple

1/2 lemon

Carrot  Juice Recipe


2. Smoothies – Similar to juicing in that frozen fruit and ice can kill the taste of anything vegetable. Smoothies are super filling and the only way I’m getting broccoli in my diet. Yes…. broccoli in a smoothie. What a novel idea. I actually slip it into Jack’s smoothies, too.

Broccoli Green Smoothie Recipe


I go overboard a bit with the fruit but I like to blend frozen mango, peaches and strawberries with broccoli, water and ice. I throw in some kale, too.

 3. Try Something New – As a lover of meat there are alternatives, trust me. I didn’t think it was true but there’s  adzuki and black bean chili or lentils with red pepper and onions which are perfect substitutes for a side of beef.  Usually these are pretty hearty and fill you up. 


Lentil Recipe


I like to make these meals often especially when I get tired of pepperoni pizza (yes, it actually happens, I swear). This took a long time and I’m still working on it… I haven’t  got myself to eat Brussels sprouts yet but never say never. Just start substituting little by little and see how you feel.

 I even had gluten-free tacos on my date with Lisa the other day. It’s a first!

3 Tips on How to Get Your Man to Eat Healthy

 Like I said, change takes a long time but I am happier, healthier and now see how eating clean can transform your life. Good luck and know that I get it.

What do you say?

We would LOVE to hear how you handle eating clean when your partner isn’t into it. What is a good way to help your partner see the light (hee hee)? List your tip in the comments so we can learn from each other.  🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all the super cool dudes! AND thank you, Kevin, for sharing real life tips with us!

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2 Responses to 3 Tips to Get Your Man to Eat Healthy


I love this Lisa and Kevin and can totally relate. I used to be upset that my hubby still ate meat but now I am so grateful that he is open to trying out all the new recipes I make.

He went from never eating a salad to ordering a side salad almost every time we go out to dinner. He now eats quinoa, brussels sprouts, all sorts of things. He’s more mindful of the ingredients in packaged foods and he’s aware of how crappy fast food is.

Normally I’m the one who makes dinner so he eats whatever healthy dish I’m making or I let him know it’s something he will not like (he hates mushrooms). He’ll then make something else which is usually frozen pizza but instead of meat on his pizza it’s now just cheese. And I am more than happy with that. I’m very proud of him.

Thanks for sharing your story Kevin. I’m proud of you too!

    Lisa Consiglio Ryan

    Whoa, that’s somethin’ big about that side salad. That’s great… and all the different foods he is now eating, you are such a great model of wellness! And it’s all about letting go, being flexible and really tuning into our bodies. Congrats to you two for working the clean life, happy, healthy and with love. <3

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