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Marie Forleo B-School

Thank the Universe

for Marie and B-School!

My story starts 12 years ago. I was teaching in a school district outside of Washington DC. I wasn’t eating, drinking too much, and struggling to keep up with a toddler and preschooler, a husband, a house, and going to work with dread each day.

I was extremely depressed because even though I enjoyed teaching children and loved being with them, I just didn’t like taking orders especially when someone’s health was concerned. Why would I want to teach for a test when these kids didn’t even have breakfast? They can’t concentrate!

I just couldn’t grasp the idea.

I felt hollow and full of despair, not sure where to turn to make things better.

After doing tons of work with digging deep down, way down, to find out what “I wanted to be when I grew up,” I realized I was the go-to girl for all things dealing with health. What kind of herb do you take for insomnia? I want to start working out; can you help me? You look amazing so what do you eat for breakfast?

I resigned from my mentor teaching position and got certified in holistic health coaching. I was full of hope and ecstatic that I was on the track to doing something I just completely loved.

Well, let me tell you, I learned fast that owning a business was hard. Really hard. I didn’t know where to start. Do I tweet? Or post on Instagram? I need an opt-in on my website? What the what?!

Plus I thought that I would have people knocking down my door to work with me. Everyone wants health, right?

Wrong! Yeah, owning a business was more than knowing content and research about health and nutrition. I was overwhelmed with all the pieces not to mention I wasn’t making any money and I knew nothing about marketing.


How do I get my message out into the world?

In comes Marie Forleo. I went to her first Rich Happy and Hot Live event in the fall of 2010. I fell in love and got accepted into her Adventure Mastermind.

There were 20 of us who got to spend a year with Marie soaking in all her wisdom. And it was just not all business.

I began to grow personally and my relationships got stronger. I learned how to get past the overwhelm of starting something new and especially trusting my gut, my body, to do what feels right.

A big part of my time with Marie was participating in her online B-SCHOOL program. Going online with the strategies I learned in B-School was the game-changer for me.

Have you heard of B-SCHOOL?  Well, let me tell you more…


What exactly is Marie Forleo’s B-SCHOOL, and is it for you?

B-SCHOOL is the world’s first online business school for modern entrepreneurs. This 8-week live interactive training program teaches smart, effective and “non-douchy” online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales, more impact from their online presence, make more money and change the world.

If you have a product, service, or brick & mortar business, this program is can really be a game changer. This program is also for you if all you have right now is an idea or a vision of breaking out and starting a business. B-SCHOOL will make sure you choose the “right” business, and give you all the skills you need to go from idea to execution.  In the wellness field, and I know this first hand, when we aren’t connected to our work in the world,  we suffer; our income suffers, our relationships suffer,  our soul suffers.

Plus let’s be honest, making money is also important. With all the step-by-step strategies and tools I implemented from B-School, I was able to develop a 6 figure business in under 4 years!

AND publish my best-selling and award-winning cookbook, Go Clean, Sexy You!

I also opened my brick-n-mortar juice shop last year. My dream is to marry my on-line biz with my juice and sustainable lifestyle products.  AND I have to say, the on-line marketing strategies I learned during B-School surely came in handy and translated perfectly with a retail store!


I hardly make recommendations UNLESS I experienced working with someone first hand. So it’s a huge deal for me to refer Marie and B-SCHOOL. I’ve known Marie for over 9 years now both personally as well as professionally, and I can honestly say she is the real deal and her program is top-notch with out-of-this-world value.  I’ve participated in B-SCHOOL and STILL draw on all I learned from the program time and time again.



“People who get and leverage online marketing have the highest profits, the best customers, and a business that makes money 24/7.” ~ Marie Forleo


This is the honest truth!  I LOVE making money anytime of the day, even when I’m sleeping! You’re getting the best, most up-to-date, most accessible business instruction in this career space, AND you get access to a community of like minded people aiming to make great stuff happen, some of whom are also your potential clients.


Many B-SCHOOLers find first-time clients among their B-SCHOOL peers so it’s perfect for networking as well as finding clients. Many have hired me as their health coach and I in turn have hired web designers, virtual assistants, etc… I’m connecting to my B-SCHOOL ladies for years and years to come!

The Curriculum: 8-Week Video-Based Training Program

The business training is released in weekly modules and includes two full weeks of implementation and weekly live-group coaching. Each week’s module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists and worksheets. Members have 24/7 access to the private B-SCHOOL member site to view the training videos, leave comments, ask questions and compare notes with classmates.

B-SCHOOL has weekly live group coaching calls where they walk members through the program, answer questions, and offer strategic advice. The community is extraordinarily active and robust, which helps ensure B-SCHOOL students take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

I want to make sure you get support in all areas of your life. Whether you are a health coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer, acupuncturist, writer, stay at home mom who wants to start her own blog, or just someone who isn’t fully satisfied when it comes to her job, B-School can help you create the life of your dreams.


Working from home 24/7 makes it easy to surround your self with all things unhealthy, especially when sitting through the B-school training videos.

Thanks to the Lisa & Marie teamwork, I was not only able to take my business to the next level but also my health. Being apart of the Clean and Sexy community was completely life changing! The Whole Health Design’s daily juices, smoothies, seasonal detoxes and the 80/20 are all part of my lifestyle to this day . I have more energy and feel healthier as a busy, traveling Entrepreneur then I did working my 9-5 in an office prior. Lisa’s coaching, practical meal plans and overall cheerleading is the #1 reason I got through my first year in B-School and my I am forever grateful. Thank you Lisa for your support and the friendship we gained through this experience together! ~Cassandra Santoro, Owner Travel Italian Style

If this feels good to you — make it happen for yourself. And if you’re going to take the leap and invest in your future — make sure you use my affiliate link to get the WELL-PRENEUR  BONUS PACKAGE.

I’m a proud partner of Marie’s B-School program, and when you sign up for it through my link (click anywhere on this page)  I earn a commission. That’s why I’m able to be so generous with my bonuses.  🙂

B-School and WELL-preneur Bonus Package


When you sign up for Marie’s B-School through my affiliate link (FEB 19th – MAR 1st), you’ll and get my bonuses, extra coaching, and training.

Year-Long Clean + Sexy Membership (worth $429). “Clean + Sexy” is an ongoing membership program that makes it super-simple for you to regain the energy, confidence and glowing health you long for. It combines:

  • Quarterly seasonal detoxes that rebalance your body and help you to naturally kick-start new, healthy eating habits
  • An easy-to-follow eating program and meal plan kits with a wide range of delicious (and simple!) recipes, menu plans and shopping lists to  keep you on track with healthy habits
  • A monthly group coaching call that helps you to make changes in your life and then ensures they stick long-term
  • A private community to connect with other people like you, and get the support, encouragement and accountability that will keep you on track

Clean and Sexy Goodies

Power Session (worth $325).  This is a personalized, one-on-one nutrition session with me where we will develop a wellness action plan per your health history and goals PLUS a customized meal plan you can start using immediately, so you can have the brain power as well as the fuel to keep your energy up while you are creating. A big part of creating the life you want (and making money!) requires extreme focus so I’m here to provide you the wellness goodies you need to keep going.

Well-preneur Business Coaching and Calls (worth $1,200). Getting started can be overwhelming; I’ve been there. So I will meet with you via Skype or phone (or if you are local to me, in person) once a week during your B-SCHOOL experience (8 business coaching calls total).  I’ll go over the modules with you each week so you have support, accountability and since I’m in the health and wellness field, I will be able to provide guidance for your particular service or product based on best-practices.

PLUS after B-School, you will get private quarterly calls with me for a full year! I want to make sure you have support ongoing after the program is over.

We’ll work specifically with:

  • how to set up your email marketing system
  • website  and opt- in development
  • growing your audience and subscribers
  • social media set up (marketing and management strategies)
  • newsletter and copywriting
  • how to publish an eBook
  • develop high quality webinars (that convert!)
  • tech set up (how to use Lead pages, GotoWebinar, Woocommerce,etc…)
  • life coaching

Most of all, I’ll be available to provide feedback, support and mentorship while you are building your business for a full year not to mention supporting you with your health! You really can’t move forward when you are unfocused, tired, and not properly fueling your brain and body.



B-SCHOOL Enroll Button

*If you click on any link on this page, including the ENROLL NOW button above, you will be tagged as my special BONUS MEMBER, and I’ll contact you on how to access all the goodies and get started immediately.


Thank the Universe for Marie and B-SCHOOL!

Now I get to do what I care about all the time; creating a life that supports my mama role as well as health coach. I still get to teach, but I now teach what I truly believe in. I have a beautiful community (thank you for being with me!), and I’m making money to support my family, take trips, and just enjoy life.

A win win!

Marie is the real deal, and she’s a really excellent teacher which I admire most about her. She had a huge role in helping me transform my business and life, and I’m excited for you, for your new adventure.  Can’t wait to see you in class and continue to support you during your journey!

Click here to sign up for Marie’s B-School and get my WELL-preneur bonuses, extra coaching, and training.

Have some questions that still need answers? Then contact me personally so I can take all of your questions on B-SCHOOL and my bonuses.  I’m happy to help! Email me: We can set up a phone call or facetime to go over your q’s.


Need even more info about B-School? Absolutely! 

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