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Cheat, Guilt, Listen


I have something to tell you. I cheated.

Well, actually, cheating might not be the right word. As I don’t believe in diets, don’t diet, and absolutely despise diets, I guess I could say I did something my body didn’t approve of.

I want you to know that I am bearing my soul because as a health coach some see me as living a perfect healthy life. I used to worry if I didn’t eat the “right” foods all the time, I was a bad coach. “What if a client sees me at the movie theater with a big tub of popcorn?”  I’ve gotten better with this, but still that feeling of “yikes!” comes up, so writing this post is kinda like therapy for me.  I am coming out.

So here’s the story.

A few weeks ago, I was out to dinner with my girl, Heather of Naptown Studios (she is the one who makes me look good in my photos!).  She suggested going to a cool, trendy place that serves veg dishes.  Kale, quinoa, and tofu graced the menu. I was in heaven.

So I ordered the crispy eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sandwich.  I must have forgot my old stand-by “Please, can I have a green leafy salad for the side?” because when the plate was delivered, I didn’t see that salad.  French fries.

I mentioned to the waiter that I should have asked for a salad, and he immediately apologized and brought one minutes later.

A little background info:   french fries, especially McDonald’s, was my weakness.  If you would put a chocolate cake and a pile of fries in front of me, I would go for the fries. Hands down.

(sorry, I just had to show you a picture of these things!)

In the past, I would usually order the fries, eat them, feel guilty and vow to run an extra 5 miles the next day to burn off the fat and calories. I would worry all night about my “cheating” and how I should go back on my diet first thing in the morning.  I would tell myself “I suck!” and then repeat all of this the next day.  It seemed like an endless cycle.

Since those days are long gone, I actually ate the fries. In fact, I couldn’t finish the plate, but I did eat a substantial amount. BUT the difference this time is that I enjoyed it. I ate one by one and savored them until my stomach got full.

What happened? How did I do this?

Well, the next day I woke up. I had a terrible stomach ache and felt like crap.  Literally, I had a fuzzy feeling in my head and my intestines felt like they were in knots.  Now, I don’t want to blame those little fried potatoes, but based on my experience, I know that my body didn’t like them.  She was not digging this feeling at all.

After pumping some green juices, salads, and that navy bean and leek soup I like, I felt tons better. My body was back in business, happy, and above all forgiving.

So do you want to eat those indulgent foods without guilt? Do you want to know my secret?

Listen.  It’s that simple.

I learned to listen to my body. This, of course, takes some time, but you can do it too.

As humans, we tend to let our minds control us. “Why did I eat that? That’s it, 100 more situps for you.” 

We forget about our poor bodies who love us, pump blood for us, breath for us. 

Your body has all the answers. All you have to do is listen.

Start trying to eat more greens, grains, and cut out all the packaged and fast foods.  Over time, you body will begin to crave all this good stuff and reject foods that don’t fuel you and give you nourishment.  Keep listening to your body. 

AND as for the guilt, try this.  I have a 80/20 guideline.  80% of the time I eat clean, whole  foods and try my best to fuel my body with the good stuff and 20% of the time, I eat foods (and drink my wine~shhh!)  that aren’t as nutritious.  You can let go of the guilt because you are not depriving yourself.  There is no punishment. 

Plus you can be damn sure that your body will set you straight  like mine did. 

Thanks for reading … I felt strongly about sharing this with you. No one is perfect when it comes to eating so please remember to give yourself a break and pay attention to your body.

Can you relate? How can you start listening to your body? Please share with me below.

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