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Clean + Sexy w/ option table


Your everything-included ticket to that radiant, “just left the spa” feeling – every single day



10 Day Detox

$129 $99

Early bird pricing
Until Jan. 1st




$347 $299

Early bird pricing
Until Jan. 1st



Detox Dive-In




+ Go Clean, Sexy You Kindle Book

+ Winter Detox

+ Spring Detox


+ Summer Detox


+ Fall Detox


+ LIVE Group
coaching calls (12)


+ Ongoing group
accountability + support


+ Kickin’ It Clean
Meal Plan Kits


+ Discounts on
LIVE events


+ Monthly Freebies
(webinars, kits, recipes, etc.)


+ Private consultation with Lisa
(includes 3 coaching calls and customized meal plans)




You’re sick of feeling tired, heavy and unhealthy; but nothing you try ever lasts

The year began like so many other years for you: with the resolution that THIS year, you’d finally start looking after yourself.

It’s not that you’re a total health slob right now, of course. You work out when you have time. You try to stay hydrated. And you kinda-sorta-mostly eat healthy (except when you don’t). But you know it’s not enough, which is probably why you find yourself:

  • Tossing and turning through the night, and then struggling to think – let alone move – before you get your morning caffeine fix
  • Beating yourself up about having to lose that same “last 10 pounds” over and over again
  • Shelling out yet more money for beauty products to fix blemished skin; dull, lifeless hair; and weak, brittle nails
  • Caught repeatedly by the “mid-afternoon energy slump” that saps your enthusiasm and ruins your productivity
  • Almost forgetting what it was like to feel confident, alive and sexy in your own skin

So this year, you’ve sworn to yourself that it’s time. You’re going to once-and-for-all cut the crap out of your diet, work out regularly, and make this the year you feel amazing in your body.

There’s just one problem.

You’re drowning in a deluge of conflicting information about how, exactly, you’re supposed to go about doing it. One celebrity doctor says you need to go Paleo… the next insists you eat vegan. Experts shill an endless stream of (obscenely expensive) miracle ingredients. Every second magazine cover hawks a “Drop-a-dress-size-in-7-days” diet plan.

What you need is someone trustworthy to make it simple for you, and show you step-by-step EXACTLY what to do.

Lisa…sigh…you are an absolute angel and have saved my life by continuing to educate me on true nutrition, teaching me the importance of planning, providing countless delicious clean meals, self love and for being such a positive cheerleader and for creating this awesome group of amazing beasts!!!

The trust, inspiration, motivation, love and just plain old fun we have here is priceless. I could go on and on, but I just truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such positive influences here in this group.Pamtastic Testimonial Whether you know it or not, you’ve all helped me stay on track with truly sticking to our 80/20 clean eating during 2015. I had been a bit, ok a LOT, of a roller coaster for 2014…thought I could just do the seasonal detoxing and eat (and drink) whatever the rest of the time. Boy was I wrong.

Last January, when our Winter detox started, I 100% committed to getting healthier and giving it my all for the rest of the year. As a result, I’m in such a better place this year than I was last year at this time. I focused on consistency in my healthy eating and fitness. Im fairly certain that was my stated goal for the Winter detox too…consistency.

Well, I am proud to say I’m 42 pounds lighter as of today. It’s just amazing what an entire year of eating clean can do!!!! I’ve definitely broken bad habits (kicked them to the curb!!!) and created some rewarding new habits. I’m constantly faced with choices everyday and just choosing healthy. Period. I choose a healthy lifestyle and that’s what I’m creating with every choice. ~Pam Williams


“Clean + Sexy” is your ticket to getting EVERYTHING you need to feel amazing in your skin again

“Clean + Sexy” is an ongoing monthly membership program that makes it super-simple for you to regain the energy, confidence and glowing health you long for. It combines:

  • Quarterly seasonal detoxes that rebalance your body and help you to naturally kick-start new, healthy eating habits
  • An easy-to-follow eating program with a wide range of delicious (and simple!) recipes, menu plans and shopping lists
  • A monthly coaching call that helps you to make changes in your life and then ensures they stick long-term
  • A private community to connect with other women like you, and get the support, encouragement and accountability that will keep you on track


Pay in full and receive an EXTRA month free!

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Nervous about detoxing? Here’s what you can expect…

You might be thinking, “Wait… isn’t a detox just a crash diet?”

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the pills-and-powder-drink-nothing-but-lemon-juice deprivation thing that makes you feel like you want to die!

These are detoxes with a difference – where you actually eat real food and take exquisite care of yourself! They’ll help you discover what does and doesn’t work for you as a unique individual. You’ll learn how to let your body guide the way, and realize that you already have all the answers you need within you.

I’ve done these types of detoxes regularly myself over the past 10 years – and I’ve guided thousands of other women through doing them with me for half of that.

Based on the results we’ve seen, here’s just a taste of what you might experience:

  • all-day energy that starts the moment you wake up and doesn’t quit

  • the best sleep of your life: deep, blissful, uninterrupted rest the whole night long

  • clothes that look – and feel – better on you than they have done in years

  • a healthy weight (whatever that might mean for you) that feels easy to maintain

  • a happier gut: bloating and bowel problems become a thing of the past

  • no more cravings: the longing for sugar, caffeine and all the other nasties disappears

  • a clearer mind: that frustrating brain fog melts away, and you can finally focus again

  • a radiant, natural beauty emerges: you’re suddenly awash in compliments about your clear, dewy skin; bright sparkling eyes; and soft, shiny hair

  • better immunity: getting rid of the toxins takes a load off your immune system, so you’re less likely to catch any of the bugs going around

  • renewed confidence in yourself: you can’t even remember when you last felt this sexy, vibrant and alive!

And the best part? You can have fun, and still have chocolate and wine too! There’s NO DEPRIVATION: just strategies for moderation and building long-term habits.


“My body literally couldn’t take my existing diet anymore – after 4 hospital trips in 1 year, I knew Things. MUST. Change.”

Before I worked with Lisa, I was bloated, chronically constipated (IBS), and was always in a funk. I knew things had to change, but I needed direction.

Lisa helped me develop sustainable habits that helped me lose 24 pounds of toxic waste, increased my metabolism, and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Plus, my family benefited! My mother joined me in some of Lisa’s fun challenges, and developed cleaner habits that helped her lose 45 pounds and reduce her diabetes medication. She’s joining me in the Clean and Sexy community this year – I’m so proud! ~Michele Stanback


“I was definitely a “detox newbie”, but Lisa made it fun and easy. She really believes in what she does, and makes it do-able (and even fun!)”

I actually didn’t have a bad stage on the detox. I took two weeks to wean myself off caffeine before my first detox and that was the worst bit.

Once I was on the detox, I felt great, and I couldn’t get over how good my skin looked! Plus, I still regularly make many of the tasty recipes from it for my family now – that’s been a lasting effect for me.

I loved how much I learned with Lisa. I discovered new foods, learned what my body needs, and found I could really enjoy eating healthy! ~Leslie Peters


Here’s what you get when you sign up to Clean + Sexy

Four Seasonal Detox Programs


  • Winter Renewal 10 Day Detox (Jan 11, 2016 start date)

  • Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox (April 2016 start date)

  • Raw (Summer) Renewal 7 Day Detox (July 2016 start date)

  • Fall Renewal 10 Day Detox (October 2016 start date)

You can choose to participate in the LIVE group or do the detoxes on your own. You’ll have me, your coach, to guide you no matter which way you choose. You’ll also have the Clean + Sexy community to cheer you on and support you anytime.

Each detox program includes:

  • Detox Prep Guide. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive your detox preparation packet. It includes pre-cleansing instructions and daily detox practices too.

  • A complete Detox Manual. This contains your step-by-step menu plan with all meals spelled out for you. Plus, it also has an ALL-NEW seasonal make-ahead menu and recipes, pull-out shopping list, daily instructions and FAQs.

  • Daily Detox Journal. This PDF journal gives you space to record your experiences during the cleanse. You can either fill it out online, or download it to your computer, then print out to fill in.

  • Return to Life Instruction Packet. Wondering what you’ll do after Day 10 of your detox? This step-by-step system will help you slowly re-introduce eliminated foods like caffeine, sugar, etc. back into your diet without shocking your body. You’ll also get a personal post-detox checklist to help you organize the foods and practices you want to keep in your diet and life.

  • Seasonal Recipe Cookbook. 25 smoothie, soup, and salad recipes for you to make after each seasonal detox. These recipes are all clean, so you can ease back into your “real life” while still feeling light and maintaining your glow.

  • EXTRA Menu Supplement Handbook. Receive 10 extra detox recipes added to the menu plan for each cleanse. You can use these during the cleanse OR afterwards to keep the glow going.

  • Recipe Cards to use in the kitchen while you whip up your detox meals. Perfect for your recipe box.

  • Daily email check-ins and unlimited daily support.

  • Private Membership Area to grab important links to detox posts, videos, materials, and bonuses.

Ongoing support to ensure your success:

lisa and friends

  • Monthly LIVE coaching call with Lisa: Join me LIVE each month for a personalized group coaching call, where we’ll cover the latest strategies for the season.You’ll get my support and feedback, along with advice from guest experts on subjects like fitness, mindset, meditation, beauty, etc. Plus, you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have. I record all calls, and store them in your membership area for you to listen to again and again at your leisure.

  • Group accountability and community: Connect with your fellow members to ask questions and support one another inside this private group.You’ll be a part of a community of smart, passionate, like-minded women who are ready to make changes step-by-step for long-term results. Benefit from hanging out with people who are taking responsibility for their health, and know where you’re coming from when you say kale is your favorite food!

And you’ll also get these crazy awesome BONUSES:

  • Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 1.0 – 4 weeks of complete downloadable meal plans for breakfasts, lunches, dinners (60 recipes in all). This includes your meal planner andcosta rica retreat shopping list for each week. Everything’s spelled out with the exact meals you need to make each day. You can follow the plan to a T or mix and match. For Week 4, the main focus is on smoothies and juices.

  • Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 2.0 – 4 weeks of complete downloadable meal plans for breakfasts, lunches, dinners (60 recipes in all). Again, this includes your meal planner and shopping list for each week. For Week 4, the main focus is on super bowls and soups. You’ll learn how to put together delicious, fast-n-easy soups and bowls such as Mexican, stir-fry, veggie, quinoa and more.

  • My “Little Black Book” of tools and resources of how to stay the course after a trip, during holidays and more. You’ll get a list of all my go-to items for keeping sexy all year, plus guides and special tactics to use if you need a quick reboot.

  • AND first dibs on discounted tickets for LIVE retreats and events.

  • NEW BONUS!I included a brand NEW addition to the materials you will receive with every detox.  It’s called the 3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan and it’s mainly used to help you transition after detox. You are feeling amazing, light, energized after detox so I want you to keep the glow going with transitional meals to ease you back into life. You can also use this plan before your detox to pre-cleanse. All meals are seasonal and set up just like my detox programs with Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner menu, recipes and the shopping list to boot!


“I’m super busy, so I love that that everything was organized for me on a virtual program. And the results? Bye bye love handles – I lost 7 pounds!”

I’ve been working with Lisa for a long time, and I’ve done many detoxes with her. My last one was the easiest – probably because of the healthier habits I’ve maintained from previous detoxes (I’ve never gone back to caffeine and gluten!)

I love that during Lisa’s cleanses, I always feel good when I wake up each morning. I no longer feel weighed down by unhealthy eating habits. My hair is softer and shinier, and my skin is much clearer and healthier looking. Plus I’m not falling asleep with the TV on!

I also love that I’m able to share anything about my experiences with Lisa and the group without judgment. The support makes things so much easier for me! ~Courtney Cahill


“My blood sugar is stable and I’ve drastically reduced how much medication I’m taking. Lisa, you’ve done the hard part. Now I can just follow the map!”

Lisa’s programs are so easy to incorporate into your life! No matter how badly you might have been eating before, you can bounce back without sacrificing taste. Lisa’s programs allow flexibility: we now have so many recipes to choose from!

The thing I like most is that having a plan saves me from myself. Doughnuts at work? Sorry, I’m detoxing. Leftovers in the work kitchen? Oh, none of those things are included in my meal plan. Crappy carb-loaded meals at a workshop? Thanks, but I packed food. It helps me stick to the 80/20 guideline.

Thanks for the barrier to crazy eating habits, Lisa! ~Ylonda F.


Here’s what the individual pieces of your Clean + Sexy membership are worth

Here’s what I’d typically charge you if you bought each individual component of your membership piecemeal:

Winter, Spring and Fall 10 Day Detox Programs: ($129 each) $387
Summer “Raw” 7 Day Detox Program: ($99 each) $99
Live monthly coaching calls with me: ($325 for a 1-hour consultation) $3900
2 Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kits: ($149 each) $348
On-going loving community to support you endlessly with your healthy efforts: (Priceless)
Impact on your life … think family, work, your relationships with yourself and others, living a healthy, clean and sexy life: (Crazy OUT-OF-THIS WORLD priceless)

That’s how much it’s all WORTH. But you can get all this for $347 for a whole year (that’s less than $7 per week or 95¢ a day!)

I truly want to help you get the results you dream of without forcing yourself onto the next fad diet. (Diets just lead to health problems, hurt egos, guilt and low self-esteem).

I also want you to get them at a price you can afford. I’ve freed myself from a life of counting calories, weighing, watching carbs, and restricting what I eat. Now I want you to feel the same liberation!

I can’t even begin to explain how free you could feel. It’s awesome stuff, and I want you to reach your health goals while feeling it.

There’s no such thing as overnight success, but you don’t have to wait years either. I want to save you time and frustration as well as showing you a direct route to establishing a healthy plan that can sustain you for years to come.


“I’m healthier, leaner, and a stronger, faster runner. I love this way of life!”

I was surprised at how quickly my body turned around during my first cleanse. I felt so amazingly good. I never realized how much my diet slowed me down.

I was also surprised that my wine cravings decreased – I no longer rely on coffee to wake me up and wine to relax. I lost weight, gained energy and generally felt happier.

I’m totally hooked on Lisa’s recipes – they made everything easier – and the meal planning took so much stress out of my life. Oh and the shopping lists are a huge treat too. I’ve worked with Lisa for three years and her programs are do-able, delicious, and so worth it. ~Jen Barrett


“Lisa knows how to work with people from all walks of life — not just people who are already fit and healthy.”

Each time I’ve done detoxes with Lisa, I’ve found myself looking forward to the next meal instead of longing for the whole thing to be over.

I’ve done other plans before, and they’re often grimly bland and precious. [Bland = no flavor. Precious = do it exactly this way or everything will be ruined.]

Working with Lisa is different: her recipes are TRULY tasty, and they work for the average person without fancy, odd ingredients. The most luscious result for me was that I slept better after my cleanses, and even started drinking delicious green smoothies with her loving support and guidance. Lisa is real and kind. ~Maggie Kolkena



Pay in full and receive an EXTRA month free!

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Joining the Clean + Sexy program is easy

Click the button above, and you’ll be directed to a payment screen.

Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll receive an email welcoming you, and outlining your next steps.

You’ll also receive instructions for joining the private community.

Clean + Sexy begins immediately after you enroll.

Clean + Sexy is for you if…

  • You’re sick of feeling tired, fuzzy and unhealthy, and you’re finally ready to feel amazing in your own skin.
  • You’re willing to stop making excuses, but you’re committed to taking things step by step.
  • You know that it takes work to see changes happen, and you’re willing to take responsibility for establishing healthy long-term routines.
  • You’re fun, super cool, loving, and like to have a good time.
  • You’d love to work with a coach for support during your year. You know how valuable coaching is to your overall wellness. Accountability is key!

Clean + Sexy is NOT for you if…

  • You give up easily and blame others for not making progress.
  • You want to count calories, grams, and numbers.
  • You aren’t willing to experiment with new foods and self-care strategies.
  • You’re not in a place to commit and make changes to your current health.


Here’s what other Clean + Sexy members have to say


“My mind is clearer, I’m sleeping better, and my energy has increased substantially!”


Helping people get healthy is my job, but I was finding myself reaching for “healthy” convenience foods instead of truly healthy whole foods. And I was starting to feel the effects!

I loved getting back in touch with real, whole food by focusing on clean eating and preparing meals from scratch. Lisa’s program made it super easy with simple, delicious recipes using foods I’ll continue to eat after the cleanse.

I lost 5 lbs. during the detox and have been able to maintain healthy habits. I will recommend Lisa to my clients for sure! ~Rachel Anzalone


“As a working mother of two, I wanted to eat healthier and cleaner but didn’t have the time or energy to research how to do it.”

Lisa made the process of integrating “clean, real” food into my diet so easy by providing me with everything I could possibly need to start the process.

Not only did I enjoy many of the tasty recipes that Lisa provided during the cleanses, but so did my husband and kids!

About midway through the first week of my detoxes, I felt clearer headed and more focused. My husband noticed I was calmer and seemed less stressed. I definitely had increased energy levels, too!

The detox doesn’t need to stop completely at the end of 2 weeks, so I try to incorporate many of the dishes from the cleanse into our regular family meal planning. Suddenly I am abiding by the 80/20 rule without even realizing it. ~Kim Johnson


“Oh, wow, my energy level is great, and I lost 7 pounds! I feel stronger inside and out. I am sleeping soundly and not having hot flashes!”

Lisa’s detoxes are an all-encompassing approach to wellness – yes, foods, but also hydrating, movement, meditation, and oh, so important–encouragement and support.

Lisa always provides easy-to-follow shopping lists, daily menus and recipes for each detox, which I still use in my regular routine. I’ve worked with Lisa for over a year, and can go on and on about how amazing I feel.

Lisa is the BEST cheerleader you want on your team! I say that, but her knowledge and gentle approach to every question and concern was such a blessing. I continue to seek out Lisa for support with nutrition and my overall wellness. ~Cindy Borchelt


“Thank-you Lisa! This last year has been amazing, and I’m looking forward to 2015.”


I’ve really enjoyed learning from you and being a part of something incredibly positive and uplifting.

The clean eating tips plus all the monthly group calls have really inspired me and kept me on track with my health and my learning.

You are inspiring, and it’s been such a pleasure watching your hard work and focus manifest into something so incredible for so many women. ~Connie Nimmon


Remember: EVERYTHING is included with your enrollment:

  • All seasonal Renewal Detox Programs
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching
  • Accountability and community FB group
  • “Little Black Book” of clean living tools and resources
  • 2 Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kits


Pay in full and receive an EXTRA month free!

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Have more Q’s? I’ve got the A’s for you!

Q: Who are you and what qualifies you to run Clean + Sexy?

LisaHi there, I’m Lisa Consiglio Ryan – and for most of my adult life I struggled to find “the perfect formula” to keep me skinny and healthy.

I obsessed about my weight, and wrote endless to-do lists. I counted calories and carbs, took all kinds of vitamins, and worked out until I nearly keeled over. All the while, I dreamed of the day I’d be lean and fit and full of energy and confidence – the day I’d finally feel like I was “good enough”.

Nothing worked though. I’d start off well, and then a few weeks later, I’d go straight back to my old ways. Each time made me feel more and more exhausted, depressed and out of shape, as I beat myself up for not having the willpower to make it work.

And even though I was trying so hard to be healthier, the reality was that I was getting sicker. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rosacea, chronic cystitis, candida, and IBS… all before I was 30! I didn’t want to take meds, so I tried holistic therapies… and one day my acupuncturist suggested a 10-day detox.

It was one of those godawful ones with the powders that tasted like mud… so I didn’t make it past Day 3. But something clicked in my brain, and I knew I needed to find out more.

I did a ton of research, got certified in holistic nutrition and studied detoxification with experts in the field. I developed my own detox programs that I based on anti-inflammatory foods (fruits, veggies, and dark leafy greens), and started limiting inflammatory foods (dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and processed sugar).

And for the first time in life, I started to see the results I’d dreamed of. I lost weight, felt lean and light, and had pep in my step. But best of all, I started feeling at ease around food. Instead of looking for quick fixes and diet programs, I started listening to my body, and letting it tell me what it needed.

I know my detoxes work because I’ve successfully used them myself – and so have thousands of other women.



“Lisa’s detoxes are like your very own Little Black Book of Insider Secrets to looking and feeling AMAZING!”


If you want to get your energy, confidence and health back on track easily, Lisa’s detox is the “skinny-jeans pocket guide” you need at your fingertips. It provides useful tips and sound advice in a condensed way that fits into your already busy life.

I keep referring to Lisa’s detoxes when I need to hit the reboot button, but they’ve also become a weekly resource for meal planning for my family. Lisa’s recipes are short, easy to make, super simple to shop for and deliver BIG on taste (my toddler loves them). Even my husband says they are easy to make and taste good (omnivore-dude-approved).

Lisa has an infectious personality, and I’m so excited to be with her this year and have on-going support. ~Nicholette Von Reiche


“It’s about so much more than just healthy eating.”


Lisa’s down-to-earth, accessible program is about more than healthy eating: it’s about living a healthy life and taking care of YOU!

She takes you through the whole detoxing process – from prep to detox to easing back into a regular routine. Her suggestions are easy to incorporate, even into the busiest life, and you WILL feel the difference, physically and mentally.

One of my favorite parts is that the recipes are super easy and TASTE REALLY GOOD!!! No starving or eating anything that tastes like cardboard here. That makes it so much easier to keep the healthy life going after the 10 days are over.

Lisa addresses the whole person, and I would recommend her program to anyone looking to improve their health and life. ~Jenn Pollite


Q: When does the Clean + Sexy membership start and end?

Our time together starts the moment you enroll, and ends one year later. For instance, if you join March 24, 2015, your last day is March 24, 2016.

Q: When you say “detox,” what kind of food will I eat?

All my seasonal detoxes contain real, whole foods. You’ll eliminate caffeine, sugar, soy, gluten, processed foods, and alcohol for the 10 days, but you’ll be able to eat a lot of “normal” foods like veggies, fruits, soups, smoothies, hummus, etc.

These foods are anti-inflammatory, plant-based and gluten-free. That way you can minimize inflammation (the #1 cause of chronic illness), and support your system each season.

Between detoxes, you’ll have your Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kits to keep you on track, as well as incorporating the 80/20 guideline (watch video above for more details). You won’t be detoxing the whole time – instead, you’ll be using detox as a tool to jump-start healthy habits, then maintain your results with consistent coaching and group support.



“I used to default to cold cereal for dinner. Now I have a fridge full of ready-to-go options, and I let my body make the best choices for ME.”

Lisa’s seasonal recipes are so delicious – the butternut squash soup and the pumpkin smoothie were a revelation!

It’s not just that eating whole foods makes me feel great – I actually feel less anxious about what to eat and when I’ll find time to make it. And the advice to “listen to my body” has helped to keep me sane.

I’ve been with Lisa for more than a year and a half and I’m in awe of not just the amazing programs, but the support and encouragement that participants get. Love your programs, Lisa! ~Colleen Hindsley


Q: I’m in Australia / New Zealand / South Africa / the-Southern-Hemisphere-generally and my seasons are opposite yours. Can I still do the seasonal detoxes?

At this point, for logistical reasons, I’m only running the group seasonal detoxes for Northern Hemisphere seasons.

However, your Clean + Sexy membership gives you access to everything you need to know for ALL FOUR seasonal detoxes. So if you’d like to go through the Fall detox on your own while we’re doing the Spring one, or the Winter one while we’re doing Summer, you absolutely can.

Plus, if you’d like to create a small group with other Southern Hemisphere members and all support each other through Southern-season detoxes, you’re very welcome to. That’s the kind of support that the membership community is there for, after all!

Q: What if I can’t make the group cleanse dates?

No worries. You have unlimited, lifetime access to all materials and programs as a Clean + Sexy clean living community member. So you can cleanse when it fits your schedule. Most people like to be in a group for accountability, but you’re lucky. You can lean on us anytime.

Q: You mentioned the clean life? What does that mean?

Check out my video above for all the clean living details



“I’m clearer about what nourishes me, I have better habits, and Lisa’s self-care practices make me glow!”

I’d been drawn to seasonal eating and detoxing, but I kept making it too complicated and not following through. Lisa’s program has given me the benefits of eating whole foods, simply prepared.

I feel clearer about which food choices nourish my body. I’ve gradually developed new habits without pushing myself, and learned self-care practices that make me glow.

I love the Clean + Sexy online community too – I feel supported, encouraged and welcome to be myself there; and look forward to continuing on in the New Year. ~Lori Tempestini


Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. I want this to be an amazing, life-changing experience for you. I’m confident you’ll love Clean + Sexy. But if for any reason within the first thirty days, you feel unsatisfied, I’ll gladly refund your purchase minus 10% processing charge (plus costs of any programs acquired).

Just email my customer service team at within 30 days of purchase. Think about this very hard before joining though… At Clean + Sexy, we’re about consistency and making long-term changes: we know that quick fixes just won’t work.

Also if you choose to do the $29 monthly payment plan, please note that this isn’t a subscription service. You need to pay in full (all 12 payments). You can not stop payment at anytime during the 12 month duration.  If you think this will be a problem for you, do not enroll.  I’m trusting you to pay for your program in completion as you receive exclusive detox programs as well as special bonuses just for Clean + Sexy members.

Q: I just want to be a part of a group. Do I have to do the detoxes?

Nope. Detox is the main tool we’ll be using to jump-start healthy habits and build routines. But you can make some of the seasonal meals from the plans and go at your own pace if you prefer. There’s no “HAVE TO’S” with Clean + Sexy. You’ll get a lot of support, practical information and strategies just through being part of the community.

Q: I’m not much of a group person. Can I just do the detox programs with you and opt out of the group component?

I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re more of a self-sufficient, DIY person, it would be cheaper for you to join Clean + Sexy rather than paying full price for each detox. You can decide how involved you want to be with our group and take it from there. Who knows? You might change your mind during the year, so it’s nice to have the option.

Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Email my customer service team at and they’ll be happy to help!



Pay in full and receive an EXTRA month free!

earlybirdbutton    OR    earlybirdbutton


Lisa-17P.S. I want you to have the opportunity to get consistent accountability and results, instead of the “I’m not sure what to do or where to start” feelings that keep you stuck, unmotivated, and spinning your wheels. I know in my heart that you’ll learn to establish habits and rituals that will last a lifetime. Plus you’ll feel more confident, happy, and amazing in your skin.

Join me and together we can do this, step-by-step!

As Seen In