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FaceBook Group

  1. Link to join: Clean + Sexy Tribe

  1. When you get there, please respond to the question I have for you. This will set the tone and get us started connecting.

  1. Make sure to participate. I will be there, popping in and out, sharing info, thoughts, tips and such, but in order to have a dynamic group, please post, share your ideas, what’s going on with you, etc… so that we can support you as much as possible this year.

  1. Our group will be based on positivity, caring, support, cheerleading, as well as being authentic and honest. There will be some times during our year where you will need extra love and a place to share so please make sure you rely on us.

  1. The community group is private and closed. If you have a fun-loving, cool friend just like you who wants to join, I would love it! They can contact me, and we can hook them up

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