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Day of Deals

Grab AMAZING discounts on detoxes, juices cleanses, meal plans and detox programs!




I want to make sure you have the chance to experience how going “clean” can really change the way you think about food, your body, and your overall health.  AND you’ll get amazing results! During the summer months, things can get out of control, so make sure you have a plan to avoid the extra pounds that can creep up quickly.

“People need to know that eating right can taste GOOD and be diverse too! I love that there are recipes for burgers and burritos in KIC; it bucks the notion that clean eating is just salads all day every day.”

KIC is very friendly to beginner cooks in terms of prep, equipment needed, and cooking technique, so people really ought to have no excuses about trying KIC. I just wanted to say: thank YOU, Lisa, for motivating me to get over my “fear” of cooking. I’ve wanted to learn how to cook for a while, but I was always intimidated by lengthy recipes and disheartened by not even knowing if the food would be healthy for me! KIC gave me a path to follow and that helped to dispel all these mental barriers I had around eating right and cooking my meals. I knew I could follow your meal plan and trust the quality and nutrition of the outcome, and that was mentally liberating. Thank you; you’re a food angel!” ~Jennifer Vo

My programs are geared to taking things step by step without the hardcore diet mentality.  Plus, I literally spell out everything so you don’t have to guess at what to do or when to do it.  I really know in my heart that you will benefit from these programs so I’m offering a whopping 40% discount on detoxes, juice cleanses, and meal plans!

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Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox

Keep Your Body Looking Fit and Healthy This Summer

If you are struggling to keep healthy during the challenging summer months, let’s do an easy breezy summer cleanse together and go raw!

Raw Renewal is a powerful, 7-day group detox program that combines seasonal whole food recipes with the accountability and support.

Get a healthy body reboot before things get out of hand with all the summer debauchery.


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Summer Program Bundle

Get Motivated & Feeling Good All Summer Long

Add Eat Clean 21 to your Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox to get the body reboot you crave.

Eat Clean 21 is a practical way to eat healthy food consistently with spelled-out, detailed menu plans, easy and quick recipes, and shopping lists for 21 days.


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“I was so pleasantly surprised at how quickly my body turned around. I felt so amazingly good.”

I never knew that what I was eating would slow me down so much. I was also pleasantly surprised that my wine cravings decreased. I think the renewed energy allowed me to give up a vice I thought was such a part of me. I am no longer alternating between coffee to wake up and wine to relax. My whole being is just better!  I never thought I would be able to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and NOT drink a delicious margarita or eat chips and cheese dip (a once a week “treat”). It was easy not to eat those things because I just loved the way I felt and didn’t want to un-do any of what I had worked for. If Lisa told me that in the beginning (and I think she did) I would not have believed her! Amazing!  Lisa’s detox is do-able, delicious and so worth it. Lisa spreads love and joy wherever she goes, and that’s truly refreshing! I loved it! ~Jen Barrett

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Cold-Pressed, Raw, Organic Juice

Add some JUICY benefits to your already healthy habits with a juice cleanse

We provide cold-pressed, nutritious juices to clients in the Baltimore-DC-Annapolis area.

Jen G Juicing Lost 100lbs

And the best part?

We do all the work! The shopping, prepping, juicing, cleaning up, packaging, and delivering…everything is done for you.
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“This is not a restriction program. It is a way to become familiar and experiment with whole fresh, beautiful foods.”

My body ‘fits’ again and feels good and I am keeping the momentum going even after detox. I can’t think of a single recipe from the detox that I don’t like! The meals are easy to make and very grab-n-go. Since I travel a lot for work, the detox fit into my life perfectly. My face is happy with less breakouts, too! I have found many gluten free alternatives to the things I love and have been enjoying them in moderation. I think it is the path of the future for me! I’ve picked up some great habits these last ten days and plan to implement a lot of these recipes in my daily diet. Btw- I absolutely LOVE the lentil bowl. Perfect meal! Thanks for putting together an amazing detox program! ~Lisa Kenney



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