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Detox FAQs

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Questions About Detox …

So you got some questions? I got answers, my friend. Detox can be an amazing experience, but knowing the ins and outs of the process is so beneficial to a successful cleanse.

These questions have been compiled during my work with hundreds of clients. You might be asking yourself some of these questions as you embark on this clean living adventure.

Q: Are your meals kid friendly? We have 3 kids under 6.

A: First of all, God bless you… 3 kids under 6! I don’t recommend detox for children, but if they will eat dinners, snacks, etc… with you, it’s really just eating real, whole foods. I don’t know your children and how they eat, so I can’t say. Usually moms (including myself) will make meals for whole family and usually the food is so yummy, kids don’t mind. Dipping their food helps (with hummus, dips, salsas etc…), too. All the meals are normal foods so even a quickie substitution with a fruit, etc… will do the trick.

Q: I workout for 20-30 minutes on a bike in the morning (5:00 am) and then lift weights for about 30 minutes. How can I prepare so I have something in the morning to eat before the gym? I also take a whey protein shake following. What substitute would you recommend if I were not allowed to take the protein shake?

A: Before your workout, we can either do a smoothie, juice or snack. Usually it is a protein. As for after, I suggest Vega (plant-based) protein or hemp or anything not acidic like whey or soy. Easy substitutions for the smoothie.

Q: As a male, all I saw were females and comments from women. Is this something that is also geared toward men?

A: Husbands and partners join in all the time, and I have many male clients. Eating clean, real, whole foods is for everyone. Don’t let the pink throw you off.

Q: Do you have a sample day I can see?

A: I have TONS of detox recipes on my site. In fact, some are the exact recipes from my cleanse programs. Here’s a sample of what you will be eating:

Day One
Breakfast: Pear, Kale and Almond Smoothie
Mid-morning snack: 1 apple with 1 Tbsp. raw almond butter
Lunch: Oh So Good Spinach Salad
Mid-Afternoon snack: carrots and red peppers with White Bean Dip
Dinner: Sweater Season Soup (with sweet potato, pumpkin, nutmeg, ginger…)

Yep. I spell everything out for you so you don’t have to think. And since I’m coaching, I’ll be able to adjust the menu for you based on your needs during the cleanse.

Q: Can you detox while breastfeeding?

A: As you detox, the toxins will be released into breast milk. Many nursing moms still, however, join Fall Renewal for the recipes and meals to supplement their diet as a new mama. The food is so full of nutrients and the plan is so easy that nursing moms have a lot of success with this cleanse.


Q: I feel so nauseous. Am I doing something wrong?

A: You are not doing anything wrong at all. This is just your body’s way of getting rid of the yuck (toxins). Usually by the 3rd or 4th day things get better. It all depends on your body. Try to drink ½ your body weight in ounces (water of course!). Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep? Limiting stress? Eating every 3 hours? Please look at the whole picture. I promise things get better.


Q: Do I have to follow the detox menu and plan? Do I need to stick to the list?

A: You can either follow the detox plan to a T or use it as a guide. You can mix and match the meals, substitute a dinner for a lunch, etc… You can mix and match the meals if you want. Such as if you make 2 servings of a meal, you can freeze the extras and eat it for lunch the next day. This is all about saving time so you are welcome to do that. Since the detox is only for 10 days, you need to stick to your shopping list, however. Just refer to the foods on the list. Do not add any extras like natural/artificial sugars, processed oils, etc…


Q: I see juice on the menu. Do I need a juicer for this detox?

A: That depends. You want this to be as simple as possible, so think about your lifestyle. If this is your first time making juice or even being exposed to juicing, I wouldn’t buy one. Either use your blender to see if you like the consistency or go to a juice bar. They will make your creations for you.
If you have a juicer, good deal. Use your juicer as you see fit. (Please refer to Juices in the Detox Plan for more info).


Q: Where do I get the foods on the shopping list?

A: You can find most of the foods at any grocery store. Check the organic section, especially for the produce. Whole Foods will have most of what you are looking for, too. Ask someone if you need to find a product. Don’t spend a lot of time looking for an item. Just ask for help if you need it.


Q: I have a baby shower (birthday dinner, family brunch, etc…). What should I do?

A: Make sure you planned ahead of time for your week. If you know that you are going to be out for a social event, either bring your yummy detox meals OR order a dark leafy green salad with tons of fresh veggies. If you need a little somethin’ somethin’ on your salad, try extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Add some lemon juice, too. Also remember to be gentle with yourself. If you have a slip, get back on the horse right after.


Q: I’m tired of water? What else can I drink? Can I drink green tea?

A: You can jazz up your water by adding lemon, lime, cucumbers or even frozen fruit. You can try adding an herbal tea bag to a pitcher of water in the fridge. You can drink any herbal tea. Green tea has caffeine so stick to caffeine-free teas.


Q: I can’t find watercress (kale,etc…). What can I use instead?

A: Sometimes grocery stores might not carry certain greens. No worries. Just substitute with any dark leafy green for the recipe. Most will work. Try spinach, kale, collards, Swiss chard, dandelion greens…
the list goes on.


Q: What kitchen items do I need for the cleanse?

A: For this cleanse, you really only need a blender, cutting board, and a good knife. As for a juicer, don’t invest unless you plan on juicing on a regular basis.


Q: I work out a lot. Can I do this detox?

A: Absolutely. Renewal detoxes are geared towards active people. You can cleanse, rid your body of toxins without putting your life on hold. Make sure to eat all your meals and snacks and if you need extra protein or fat, go for it. Listen to your body. Also, if you feel as if you need to back off on intensity, do so.


Q: Do I need to stick by a toilet for the 10 days?

A: No. Don’t get me wrong, you might be constipated or go to the bathroom a little more often than usual. This is natural as your body expels toxins especially at the beginning of the cleanse. You are eating normal food. In fact, real food. Therefore, you body will begin to balance itself out and become regular. However, see your doctor if you have blood in your stools.


Q: How do I wean off the caffeine and sugar so my first detox days aren’t miserable?

A: At least a week before your cleanse, start the weaning process. If you are drinking caffeine, try 2 cups of coffee a day instead of 4. Begin to limit so that the day before your cleanse you are either not drinking coffee or at least doing 1 cup (½ decaf and ½ caf). Same goes for sugar. Begin to limit, step by step. Also switch out any artificial sugar with natural sugar such as stevia. By the time Day 1 rolls around, you shouldn’t be using added sugar or processed foods (since they are full of sugar!) in your diet. Do your best. These two substances are very addictive. Take it easy, be gentle on yourself, and try to limit as much as you can before your first day of detox.


Q: How many calories are in this detox?

A: The estimated caloric intake ranges from 1200 – 1500 a day. This is approximate and will depend on servings of meals and portions.


Q: What if I have a food allergy?

A: Most allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy are eliminated during these 10 days. If you have a allergies, you can always omit the ingredients that will aggravate your condition.


Q: How should I prepare?

A: Let’s be honest. Planning = Success. The best advice is to first decide on your start date. Go shopping at least 1-2 days before your detox day, cut and chop any veggies and bag them for snacks the night before, and make a few meals ahead of time. That way you can freeze or refrigerate the meals and save for nights you get home late or an emergency comes up.


Q: How often can I do a detox?

A: It is suggested to do a food-based cleanse during each season. Renewal detox programs are geared toward seasonal foods that nourish specific organs. Also, as humans we strive for balance with the seasons so it’s safe to cleanse at least 4 times a year.


Q: I’m a picky eater. What if I don’t like the food?

A: There is a formula in the nutrition world: Give new foods at least 5-10 tries before you say you don’t like something. Remember, have an open-mind to try new things. You never know. Some of these foods might end up being your favorites. Plus, I’m Italian so the food is delicious. Bland food will not fly in my family!


Q: I travel for work a lot. Will I be able to stick to a plan for 10 days?

A: Yes, no problem. Since you get a step by step menu plan, you can prepare ahead of time and pack or plan for what you need on your travels. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, you can plan your snacks and your meals. The key is planning. Planning leads to success as they say. I had many clients travel for work on their 10 day detox. As long as you make a plan, it is doable.


Q: Will I be in the kitchen all day making the detox meals?

A: No. In fact, most recipes have approximately 5 ingredients plus 5 steps or less. All snacks are easy to grab, like nuts, fruit, veggies. To guarantee you are eating the best possible cleansing foods for your body, you will need to make sure you know what is going into your meals. Therefore, a little prepping and cooking is needed which you might find enjoyable. Even your family might get involved by eating your meals with you. This happens a lot!


Q: Can I work out while I’m detoxing?

A: Absolutely. Renewal detoxes are geared toward active people. You can rid your body of toxins without putting your life on hold. Make sure to eat all your meals and snacks, and if you need extra protein, go for it. Listen to your body and keep in touch with me during the detox so we can monitor your workouts. If you feel as if you need to back off on intensity, do so. Your body might like the break.


Q: I’m training for a marathon. Will I have enough energy for the long runs?

A: Surely. Detox can be an extremely beneficial way to lesson inflammation which can help prevent injuries. Also, many past detoxers mentioned shorter recovery time and becoming faster as a result of detox. Those who participate in triathlons and run ultra marathons, marathons,half-marathons can detox…just make sure it is done 2-3 weeks out from your race day. AND if not, you can snatch up your detox plan anyway and do it after the race (or at least after you eat that big treat you promised yourself at the finish line!).


Q: What if I am on vacation during the group cleanse?

A: Should I still sign up? Yes! That way you will receive my daily emails which you can file away until you are ready. You’ll also be a part of our community which is so crucial for detox success. I say “Go for it!”


Q: Is  Renewal detox vegan-friendly and gluten-free?

A: Yes. There is no animal protein, dairy and gluten (wheat) for 10 days. These items are acidic so we are avoiding all foods that cause inflammation for our cleanse.


Q: Can I detox while pregnant?

A: While all the  detox food is healthy, clean and nutrient dense, you are ridding your body of toxins. Toxins can pass through your bloodstream to the baby so to play it safe, I say no do detox at this time UNLESS you want healthy recipes to make while you are growing a beautiful baby. If so, I would approach the plan by making yummy meals and not necessarily detoxing full on.


Q: I’m a busy person. I mean, really busy. Can I still detox?

A: Absolutely. I can relate to you big time. As a mom of two kids, wife, business owner who travels (not to mention my chauffeur duties getting kids to sports and activities), I can understand the busy epidemic. But detoxing for only 10 days is doable. You will need to review your detox plan and take time before Day 1 to prep. Since I spell everything out for you with the menu, shopping list and recipes, all you have to do is organize when you will shop and prep a few meals. I want you to start on a good note so planning = success.


Q: How much weight will I lose during your Renewal detox?

A: I have to be honest and tell you the truth. Typically there is a 4-10 pound weight loss during my detox programs. But weight loss is different for each person. You will need to look at your stress level, sleep, water intake, hormones, genetics, and exercise. It will all depend on the whole picture.  Renewal detox isn’t a quick fix, weight loss gimmick. There’s so much more to detoxing than just losing weight. Most of the time, it’s a given that you will lose weight even if it is a few pounds, but think of Renewal detox as a reboot, a jump-start to healthy, clean living. If you are consistent and follow the menu, recipes, etc… you will see results.


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