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Go Clean, Sexy You is a best-seller and award winning cookbook!

2016 International Book Awards: Cookbooks: General Finalist

2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Food Finalist

2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Health/Wellness Finalist

2015 USA Book Awards: Cookbooks: General Finalist

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Amazon has the book on sale right now (32% off!) so it’s a great time to score your copy. The eBook is only $5.39, too!

I’m freakin’ excited to share, Go Clean, Sexy You. I wrote this book for YOU! Go Clean, Sexy You is a collection of my favorite seasonal recipes all wrapped up in a nice little package so you can use it time and time again. It’s also a look beyond the recipes… I offer practical lifestyle strategies that address a holistic approach to clean and sexy living. Besides yummy recipes, what you’ll find in this book is a whole philosophy on how to live a life healthy, happy and overall free of numbers. Our culture is obsessed with weighing, calorie counting, and other negative ways to treat our bodies. It’s time to stop, and with Go Clean, Sexy You, I’ll show you how.


Seasonal recipes (over 100!) that are not only delicious, they are super easy to make, are plant-based and gluten-free. Most recipes have 5 main ingredients or less, take 5 steps or less, and only take minutes to prepare. I added bonus dessert recipes, too!
Four seasonal clean eating programs including menu plans, planning charts, recipes and shopping lists for spring, summer, fall and winter. These plans are for everyone, especially for beginners. There is no guesswork involved on your part and the ingredients aren’t crazy expensive things you never heard of and need to Google. You can do the programs anytime you need to clean out after holidays, vacations, and months of neglecting yourself with not-so-healthy foods and stress.
Clean eating basics with pH balance, why you need to detox safely, what to expect during your year, what toxins to skip during your detox and your Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen produce list.
A Kitchen Gear list of your six must-have tools for the Go Clean, Sexy You menus. PLUS a Pantry list of items you need stocked for your clean and sexy experience.
A comprehensive FAQ guide so you are prepared and ready for your clean and sexy year. In addition, there are Pre and Post-cleanse action plans you can implement each season.
Daily instructions (ex. drinking water with lemon in the mornings, stretching, breathing…)to enhance your glow and tips on getting your family on board with clean eating.

AND here’s what makes Go Clean, Sexy You different from other cookbooks: In addition to recipes, plans, menus, lists, tips and guidance, you become a part of a movement… the Go Clean, Sexy You one! Our community is made up of Clean + Sexy beasts from all over the world, connecting to our bodies, using Go Clean, Sexy You as the ground work to change how we view food and how it relates to our confidence and living a full life. As you learn how to connect to your body during the year, you’ll certainly feel clean and sexy and not give into the diet mentality or quick fix buzz. Plus you’ll plant seeds and inspire others to take care of themselves. What a wonderful world it will be when we all nourish ourselves from the inside out and truly live the lives we are meant to live. I invite you to join the Go Clean, Sexy You movement!

Every day we make the decision to respect our bodies and lavish them in delicious clean, whole foods. And because we cheerfully tote our water bottles and healthy habits out into the world, OTHERS also reap the benefits. I was reminded of this when a coworker mentioned that she notices my meals for lunch and she has begun to rethink the way she eats. She even challenged herself to switching from soda to water this week! There’s no telling how many "secret admirers" you have, but even if they don’t join the revolution immediately, one thing is for sure - you are planting a seed. ~ Michelle Stanback, Clean + Sexy Beast Go Clean Sexy You Bonus


Want signed copies for gifts? Sure!

Order your SIGNED print copies (1 for $15, 2 for $25 ($12.50 ea.), 5 for $60 ($12 ea.), 10 for $115 ($11.50 ea.))


Purchase in bulk for teachers, friends, family members and receive the Green Shake recyclable shopping/beach tote FREE (value $15, while supplies last).

I use mine all the time at the grocery store and beach!

Praise for Go Clean, Sexy You

"Go Clean, Sexy You is the ultimate guide in how to balance and detox your body with easy-to-follow meal plans that are filled with delicious and nourishing whole food recipes. Lisa Consiglio Ryan explains how we can shed excess weight, achieve maximum health, and prepare seasonal meals in this inspiring, personal, and powerful book. Lisa tells of her own early struggles and how she was able to regain balance and wellness. This book is brimming with tips, expert advice, and mouth-watering photos and recipes that serve as your roadmap to wellness and optimum health." ― Debbie Adler, award-winning author of Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats: Allergy-free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery “Lisa Consiglio Ryan brings together two of her most extraordinary attributes in this book: her gentle, encouraging spirit and her fierce desire to help her clients be the best they can be, inside and out. This combination is particularly evident in her holistic approach to health and nutrition. Notably, she rejects diets and instead embraces our innermost sparkle. She offers a clear path toward wellness, but perhaps more importantly to renewed self awareness and self confidence. What is impressive to me as a writer and editor are her step-by-step instructions that make the dreaded D word (detox) seem within the realm of possibility." ―Diana Love, Food and Travel Writer for Tribune Newspaper and blogger at "Go Clean, Sexy You is a must-read for anyone wanting to live healthy, feel their best, and love what they cook and eat. The recipes in Lisa's cookbook are simple, yet full of tasty ingredients that are both healthy and satisfying. She even includes seasonal dishes, plus shopping lists, which make the entire process so easy to follow. I am so grateful to have this book as a resource! Lisa's recipes, tips, and suggestions in her book will inspire you to cook at home, eat clean, and live a healthy, happy lifestyle from now on!" ― Melissa Mayer, Editorial Assistant for Style Within Reach "Navigating towards a healthier lifestyle can sometimes be confusing, challenging, and flavorless. Go Clean, Sexy You made understanding clean eating and detoxing not only easy, but also enjoyable." ― Cara Mckenrick, Owner and Publisher, Annapolis "This book will heal your body and change your relationship with food. Lisa’s straightforward and approachable guide to detoxifying your body and mind is compelling and informative.” ― Liza Cannata, Founder, Three Hungry Boys


I know first-hand how it feels to be overwhelmed with all the diets, quick fix plans out there in the world. I obsessed about my weight, and wrote endless to-do lists. I counted calories and carbs, took all kinds of vitamins, and worked out until I nearly keeled over. All the while, I dreamed of the day I’d be lean and fit and full of energy and confidence – the day I’d finally feel like I was "good enough". Nothing worked though. I’d start off well, and then a few weeks later, I’d go straight back to my old ways. Each time I dieted, it made me feel more and more exhausted, depressed and out of shape, as I beat myself up for not having the willpower to make it work. And even though I was trying so hard to be healthier, the reality was that I was getting sicker. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rosacea, chronic cystitis, candida, thyroid issues and IBS… all before I was 30! I didn’t want to take meds, so I tried holistic therapies, got certified in holistic nutrition and my world changed. I developed my own detox programs that I based on anti-inflammatory foods (fruits, veggies, and dark leafy greens), and started limiting inflammatory foods (dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and processed sugar). And for the first time in life, I started to see the results I’d dreamed of. I lost weight, felt lean and light, and had pep in my step. But best of all, I started feeling at ease around food. Instead of looking for quick fixes and diet programs, I started listening to my body, and letting it tell me what it needed. For years, I used food as an enemy and after stepping back and truly listening to my body, I am now free of letting bad habits and twisted views of food run my life. I want you to experience the same freedom… and I’m here to guide you every step of the way with Go Clean, Sexy You. Plus I want you to feel AMAZING! Based on the results of the thousands of women (and super cool dudes) AND my own experience, here’s what you can expect: all-day energy that starts the moment you wake up and doesn’t quit

the best sleep of your life: deep, blissful, uninterrupted rest the whole night long

clothes that look – and feel – better on you than they have done in years

a 4-10 pound weight loss (on average); could be more depending on your specific body and lifestyle

a happier gut: bloating and bowel problems become a thing of the past

no more cravings: the longing for sugar, caffeine and all the other nasties disappears

a clearer mind: that frustrating brain fog melts away, and you can finally focus again

increased sex drive (oh yeah!)

a radiant, natural beauty emerges: you’re suddenly awash in compliments about your clear, dewy skin; bright sparkling eyes; and soft, shiny hair

better immunity: getting rid of the toxins takes a load off your immune system, so you’re less likely to catch any of the bugs going around

renewed confidence in yourself: you can’t even remember when you last felt this sexy, vibrant and alive AND being a part of something bigger than just recipes… a movement where we stand up for our health and truly tap into our bodies wisdom so that our loved ones can join us and be healthy too.


I lost weight, got off my high cholesterol l medication, and knocked 11 minutes off my half marathon race time. Plus my husband’s blood pressure is down!

After working with Lisa, I realized how important it is to take time for myself everyday and do something that I enjoy or that helps me relax. I do not always think about food-what I am going to eat and when i am going to eat it; measuring the the right amount for a serving size. No more of that! I have learned to listen to my body because it will tell me what it needs. I also realized the importance of sleep and how I need good sleep in order to keep moving and stay happy everyday. An occasional nap does wonders! I am more aware of chemicals and toxins that I used to put in my body and on my body. The best hair and skin products are all natural products like coconut oil and dry brushing with rosemary oil.

I have been getting compliments from everyone about how good I look. Everyone wants to know if i have been tanning or on vacation. I have been told that I am glowing-to the point that I that I thought I might be pregnant! I have dropped a few pounds and for the first time in a long time I feel good about my body and appearance. I also have stopped taking my high cholesterol medication. I am faster when I run and go go longer distances. I knocked 11 mins off my race time from last year. i have more energy and feel like I have better focus and memory. My food choices are certainly different. My body now craves healthy food. I try to eat as clean as possible. I have found new loves in juicing and cooking with different grains and veggies/greens.

Lisa has a very positive energy that is contagious to everyone she meets. She has a wonderful passion and love for coaching and counseling people and helping them achieve their goals. Lisa did not try to sway me to conform to healthy eating habits, but worked with me in teaching me how to eat what I liked but in a more healthy, more clean manner.

I thought I was very knowledgeable about health and wellness (little did I know) but now I have a passion for more. I realized all the things I thought I was doing to be healthy and slim down were just working against me. It’s not about food, it’s about changing your life. ~ Carrie Hemmer

My wonderful daughter Michele Stanback Hooper offered me a serious life line to a healthier way of living. I have always been a healthy conscious person however, age factors hit, metabolism changes, caused my weight to go far left quickly.

I lost my father and sister to diabetic related illnesses and when I was diagnosed as a borderline diabetic I decided I wanted to live.

At 60 years of age I changed my diet eliminating unnecessary carbs, sugars and I took a smarter approach to what I consumed. I was persistent and lost 47 pounds and drop down 3 dress sizes within a year. In addition, my glucose levels are well in the normal range and I arrived at this state without ever taking a pill. I gave away all of my plus size clothing and just recently I am now wearing a size 10 -12.

I have been a Clean and Sexy Beast since the holidays and I noticed significant body changes. I have become curvy and my energy level is similar to my younger years.

I have no desire to return to my old habits and I am convinced that this life style is vital! My Mom is 90 years of age and is writing a book. She is my inspiration, role model and anchor. I hope to continue a new family tradition: listening to my body, taking immediate action and maintaining what works! I am discovering my sexy beast within. ~ JoAnne Stanback

I have worked with Lisa for over two years, more than eight detoxes, and I can’t think of anyone kinder and more committed than her. Lisa is an expert in clean recipes that are a joy to make. Some of my absolute favorite recipes to make are hers! I also love that she has perfected the art of eating with the seasons, and my body has responded so well.

What started off as an easy way to shed some pounds and learn how to eat better turned into a journey I was not anticipating. Lisa really encourages you to be who you are and she is always there to say “keep going!” or “go you!” when you need it. I fell in love with myself along the way and that’s truly the key to accomplishing your health goals.

I believe that it takes a brave and beautiful soul to devote your life to the success of others, and this is what Lisa is best at. This is why her program works.

I still have the core habits I learned from Lisa in place two years later! When she says clean and sexy beasts, she means it. You wouldn’t feel any other way when working with Lisa, and I am so grateful. ~ A very proud clean and sexy beast, Carrie Fockler

I have attempted and failed at many strictly “diet” plans. I simply didn’t understand until meeting Lisa, that “diet” plans are set up for failure. She taught me, in a very do-able, approachable, manageable program, that integrating heart, mind and body is the dynamic trio to better health, inside and out, regardless of your goal(s): weight loss, improving energy, improved sleep patterns, less aches and pains, etc.

When I first started researching Lisa’s business, Whole Health Designs, I was immediately struck by three imperatives she embraces:

1. Living a clean and healthy life is not just about food and definitely NOT about deprivation. It is about developing awareness for how all parts of our lives affect our well-being, happiness, health and…..yes, for some of us…our weight. This was my first positive “ah ha” moment – approaching my life holistically.

2. Food is love, not the enemy. This was a major paradigm shift in my thinking. For decades, food, which I love, was a love/hate relationship every time I opened the refrigerator door. Lisa’s program encourages and educates you to make healthy food choices, without requiring a PhD in nutrition.

3. Partnering & communication are essential to develop and maintain an effective clean eating lifestyle. Lisa’s commitment to her nutritional philosophy, her expertise and desire to be a life-long learner in her field, and her business plan, which is entirely and thoughtfully customer-oriented, have changed my life. As well, her program’s online accessibility, not only to her but to the entire clean lifestyle community she has created is key.

As with so many of us, my life is so hectic that I could feel overwhelmed by any nutrition plan requiring complicated organization and hours in the kitchen prepping food. Lisa’s recipes and meal plans are delicious, affordable, realistic and easy. Many in our on-line community have been hoping she would someday publish a cookbook for ourselves and to share with friends and family! And here it is! ~ Caroline Aras

I could not be happier with the results of Lisa’s Winter Renewal Detox featured in Go Clean, Sexy You!

I pre-ordered my copy and a copy for my sister in law for the yummy recipes and ideas on how to live a healthier, cleaner life with very little intention of actual detoxing. However, I was so inspired by Lisa’s drive to fulfill goals and live a happier, healthier life, that I attended her book signing in Annapolis and became even more motivated to try it. 

I was a lover of coffee and (still) am a lover of wine and food so I was hesitant to detox at all.  Once I committed I decided I was all in and knew I could do at least the 10 day detox.  However, I had no idea that the benefits would be this great!

In 10 days, I not only lost 8.6 lbs, but had more energy, patience, and the promised added bonus of glowing (yes, it actually is glowing!) skin!. I didn’t anticipate my husband wanting any part in my detoxing, but he became curious and started asking to share some of the meals as well. Even my 8 and 5 year olds loved a few of the meals and we all benefited from the experience in the long run!

Lisa’s recipes, menus, tips, tricks, and her life after detoxing chapter made this process easy and, I have to admit, enjoyable!  I detoxed back in January, afterwards continued to eat clean (80/20) and have lost another 3 lbs, still have not craved coffee, and have continued my apple cider vinegar and warm water with lemon morning ritual.  I had no idea my body was so full of toxins until after going through this process.

I have recommended Go Clean, Sexy You to so many friends and family members already and have had several try and fall in love with the clean lifestyle just as I did! As a matter of fact, I have just started Lisa’s Spring Renewal Detox today!  I can’t wait to see these results!

Go Clean, Sexy You is now a permanent part of who I am and how I prepare meals for my family and I!  Thank you, Lisa for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world! ~ Kari Di Francesca


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Amazon has the book on sale right now (32% off!) so it’s a great time to score your copy. The eBook is only $5.39, too!