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Juice It Up!

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It’s that time… for Juice It Up! 3 Day Virtual Juice Cleanse.

In order to prevent chronic illness, you need to pump a lot of anti-inflammatory foods into your body. Foods like veggies, dark leafy greens, and fruits. SO juicing is the #1 way to get your liquid nutrition to your cells-FAST.

You might have heard of the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, sampled fresh-pressed juices at your local farmer’s market, or maybe you even purchased a juicer (5 years ago!), but haven’t gotten the nerve to take it out of the box yet.

It’s time to up your nutrition game with juicing and get a Hollywood glow. The swimsuit season is right around the corner. In fact, summer starts NOW!

Join me for a FREE 3 Day Juice Cleanse + Clean Eating Challenge!

IF you are in the Baltimore-Annapolis, MD or Washington DC  areas,  go here if you need your juices made and delivered: RASA Juice Shop.  Use discount code, JUICY, at checkout to receive 10% off your order.

What is Juice It Up?

  • FREE, yep, FREE 3 days of juicing with my “done-for you” menu including easy juice recipes and handy shopping list. I am also adding 2 extra days for clean eating re-entry so you can make the transition from juicing to healthy, clean meals.
  • Juice It Up is specifically designed for someone who usually over-does it with the caffeine and sugar and wants to slim down for  bathing suit season. In fact, it’s easy to drop a few pounds quickly and jump start clean living.
  • This FREE 3 day cleanse is also perfect for someone who wants a good cleaning from the inside out and wants to give her digestive system a break. You will also have 2 days of clean eating to keep the momentum going.


  • Juice It Up includes a group component. You will be invited to join Whole Health Designs Instagram group page.  This is  where you can explore recipes, post juice creations, and give/receive support while you “juice it up.”
     I will do my coaching, posts, and giveaways (yes, prezzies are part of the program!) on  Whole Health Designs Instagram.
  • It is virtual which means you can access it anytime, anywhere. Your juicy handbook can be downloaded to your desktop to have on hand forever.
  • You will be using the following veggies and low-glycemic fruits for our juices: Kale, Swiss chard, spinach, cucumber, beet, celery, carrot, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, pear,  fresh ginger root, and mint. You will drink 4 16 oz. juices, coconut water, and a nut milk each day.
  • Juice It Up is a practical cleanse that is great for everyone which includes those with specialty diets (i.e. gluten-free, dairy–free, diabetic, and vegetarian/vegan) and allergies.  You can be young, old, pregnant or nursing, or even have grand kids. Juicing is for everyone!

Juicy Benefits that you may experience:


  • weight loss (will depend on your body, but it is pretty much a given)
  • decreased belly fat and bloating
  • feeling lighter
  • tons of energy  a more balanced pH level since you will be pumping anti-inflammatory foods into your system
  • almost no sugar cravings (they might even disappear!)
  • sound, deep sleep
  • glowing and clear skin
  • sharp focus especially during the late afternoon
  • being able to tolerate raw vegetables (those who have acid reflux or IBS notice huge improvements with their digestive system)
  • and a happier mood and attitude.

Incorporating green juice into our daily diet and routine has been one of the best decisions we ever made.

There’s all kinds of buzz going on about the health benefits of green juicing, and after trying Lisa’s recipes, my whole family is hooked on green juice – even my 2 year old daughter! I thought it would be more time consuming to make my own juice, but I’ve found that it’s much easier and more cost effective to run a few carrots, cucumbers, and apples through the juicer rather than buy it from the store. I was always concerned about the ridiculous amounts of sugars that are hidden in manufactured “healthy” juice. Now I can confidently give my daughter a healthy, filling snack any time she asks for a cup! It’s also a lot of fun to try new flavor combinations to find something the whole family enjoys. Thank you, Lisa, for turning us on to the wonders and awesomeness of juicing! ~ Jamie DuBose

Here’s how Juice It Up works:

If you want to dip your toe in and just have one juice a day, totally cool. Start with us and take it slow and easy. I just want you to get the liquid nutrition into your cells no matter what!

  • Sign up and receive your confirmation Juice It Up ticket and welcome email from me.  You’ll get a juice recipe to get you pumped up.


  • In the welcome email, I will invite you to join WHD  Instagram #juiceitupcleanse to tag any juicy creations and pics during our time together. PLUS you will get your Prep Guide to get things started!  You can start chatting with fellow participants and receive pre-cleasning support as well as cheer on your fellow juicing friends during the cleanse.
  • You will receive all your goodies (handbook, recipes, shopping list…) in your inbox so you can shop and prep for your start date.
  • You will be juicing for 3 days and then you will have 2 days of clean eating.  You will receive encouraging emails from me, your loving guide each day.

During Juice It Up you’ll get:

  • Pre-Cleanse Prep Guide Handout with my tried and true recipes for easing into your juice cleanse.
  • Recorded Juice It Up Q&A  to answer questions such as “What juicer do I buy, I don’t have a juicer so what is the best way to go about it where I am not choking down pulp, ” and
    “Is there ever a “wrong” combination and/or ratio of fruits/veggies when juicing.” 
  • A complete Juice It Up Handbook pdf. This handbook is downloaded to your laptop or phone. It includes your step-by-step juice menu plan, recipes, pull-out shopping list, daily instructions, and FAQ’s.
  • Daily email check-ins and unlimited daily coaching support.  I will send you an email each day with some juicy inspiration and support as your guide. These daily emails will keep you motivated during the cleanse plus if you have a private question, you can email me anytime.
  •  Community and  support group. The LIVE group support will start as soon as you sign up. I’ll be hanging out on Instagram for any support you need pre-cleanse, during, and post-cleanse.
  • IF you are in the Baltimore-Annapolis, MD or Washington DC  areas,  go here if you need your juices made and delivered: RASA Juice Shop.  Use discount code, JUICY, at checkout to receive 10% off your order.


All participants will receive BONUS GLOW ON MEAL PLAN so you don’t slip back to pizza and beer, ruin your juicy glow, and feel defeated.  You’ll get my favorite clean recipes to use after the cleanse to keep the momentum going.

Juicing gives my family hope!

After my father received a scary diagnosis, I finally ordered that juicer I always wanted. The next step was convincing my meat eating father that juicing would help heal him AND it was tasty too! I used a recipe from Lisa, and he drank his very first “greenie” as he calls them. He now willingly drinks two greenies per day and is leading a much healthier life. I never thought I’d see Mr. Steak and Fries downing green juice. Thank you Lisa for all of the beauty you bring into the world with your work. My family truly appreciates it! ~ Rhonda Raisor

Join me for a FREE 3 Day Juice Cleanse + Clean Eating Challenge!

IF you are in the Baltimore/Washington DC/Annapolis area, go here if you need your juices made and delivered: RASA Juice Shop. Use discount code to receive 10% off your order:  JUICY

It’s so much fun juicing it up together!

One mega incentive – 5 pounds less and my hubby starry eyes when he looks at me (well, he always has starry eyes looking at me, but he says I GLOW!). ~ Michal Alon

Just wanted to share that I went to Bikram Yoga today and had my first class in months without pain! Thanks Juice and Lisa! ~ Natasha Gray Hitchcock

Omgosh! I lost 4 pounds! I have reeeeally enjoyed your juices. My staff & patients were asking so many questions about “my juicing!” ~ Dr. Marissa Wallie

I feel great!I must say I’m surprised at how easy the whole experience has been! I even spotted a little one drinking my red juice. Kids are trying everything I consume, too! ~ Katya Barry

If you are ready to do some serious inside-out cleaning and up your nutrition game, Juice It Up is perfect for you.  And the best part, it’s FREE! 

Providing the free Juice It Up! is just my way of saying “Thank you!” for committing to eating and living “clean.”  Juice It Up will help you to connect with that gorgeous body of yours. Plus juicing is the best way to get more balance within your body quickly and efficiently. Sweeeeet! Can’t wait to Juice It Up with you!

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