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Kickin It Clean

Tired of resorting to last minute takeout?

Making the same old boring meals night after night?

Racking your brain with meal planning?

I totally get it!

There was a time when  I made beans and rice at least 3 times a week for dinner.  My family (including me) was sick of it!

We also ran up a big hefty bill with the local Papa John’s  because pizza was our desperate last minute “I’m starving but there’s nothing to eat!” solution.

It came to a point when I just didn’t know what to make for dinner anymore or even how to be creative with lunches so I didn’t get bored.

Boredom = Unhealthy Food Choices

Fed up with always being unprepared (which lead to chaos in the household as well as in my life), I developed a system that changed my life.

My family and I are now healthier, happier, and I don’t have that guilty mom feeling.  I felt horrible when my kids ate crap food so I decided to get a plan.

Planning = Success

I developed Kickin’ It Clean and haven’t looked back since.  I planned a whole month of weekly menus with whole, real foods, and I want to share this amazing system with you.

Before Kickin’ It Clean, I’d often default to cold cereal for dinner. Now I have a fridge full of ready-to-go options.

Kickin’ It Clean is not a fad diet or an extreme program. It’s a really simple way to plan ahead. Also, Lisa introduces a few need foods every week- so you can try new things without getting overwhelmed.

Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling great due to eating fabulous whole foods, I was less anxious about what to eat and how I would find time to make it. I loved having a week’s worth of menu ideas in one place, complete with shopping lists. Kickin’ It Clean made it really easy to plan ahead. I also liked that the recipes used some of the same ingredients over the course of the week, so food waste was almost eliminated. Love your programs, Lisa! ~ Colleen Hindsley



    • A 4 week program which is purposely structured for someone who likes to have a set plan. You will receive detailed weekly meal plans that include easy recipes and shopping lists; all spelled out for you.  There will be 15 planned meals per week.  I even tell you how many bananas to buy on the shopping list!

    • Meals are plant-based and gluten-free.  They are also easy to make with mainly 5 ingredients and 5 steps or less.

    • This program is designed for someone who has either participated in a detox and doesn’t want to slip back into bad habits OR someone who eats pretty healthy but wants to kick it up a notch with variety and consistency.

    • It’s perfect for busy women who are on the go with work, family, and life. Everything is planned for you!  I took away the stress of making decisions so you can avoid last minute  take out and fast food .

    • It is virtual which means you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Kickin’ It Clean is a practical program that is great for everyone which includes those with specialty diets (i.e. gluten-free, dairy –free, diabetic, and vegetarian/vegan) and allergies. You can be young, old, pregnant or nursing, or even have grand kids. Kickin’ It Clean loves everyone!



Clean doesn’t mean you can’t have wine with your girlfriends or cake at that party. That would be boring.  Clean consists of eating real, whole foods, more plants, and gluten-free products. And for the sweet stuff, natural sweeteners are the bomb!

You may experience:

    • weight loss

    • feeling less bloated and even you might have to tighten a new belt loop

    • more energy

    • looking younger (yep, eating clean will do that!)

    • excitement  about being the  kitchen

    • feeling relieved because you have a stash of recipes you can use over and over

    • less guilt; eating clean allows you to ditch the takeout so you can  cook nourishing foods for you and your loved ones

    • the  GLOW…the more plants, whole foods, and cooking at home you do, the more you shine!


I’m not intimidated by the grocery store anymore! 

I love trying new foods and recipes now. My skin glows. I have more energy, and as a Bikram yoga instructor, I feel strong and balanced. The internal results of clean eating are indescribable. ~ Katie Shewbridge



Once you sign up via the Buy Now button, you will receive your confirmation ticket and welcome email from me.

You will be sent a link to automatically download your 4 weeks of menu plans, shopping lists, meal planner charts, snack guide and bonuses.

Two days after purchase, I will send you a check in to see how it’s going. Expect 1 email a week for a month with my meal planning tips, tricks, and coaching support.

Here is the email schedule:

Week 1: Planing meals and shopping

Week 2: Prepping for the week

Week 3: Cooking and storing all those scrumptious foods

Week 4: Super Bowls and Soups; how to put together fast-n-easy, delicious soups and bowls such as Mexican, stir-fry, veggie, quinoa and more.

*I’ll reveal all my quickie secrets to help you get organized in the kitchen.



Each Kickin’ It Clean meal plan kit includes:

    • 4 weeks of complete downloadable meal plans for breakfasts, lunches, dinners (120 recipes in all). This also includes your meal planner and shopping list for the week.  The format is spelled out with the exact meals to make each day. You can follow that to a T or mix and match. Do what works best for you.

    • My secret Snack Handout of all the clean snacks to add into your day.

    • My expert support to guide you through the recipes and menu planning. I will send you weekly emails for a month to make sure you are on track with tons of coaching advice and meal planning tips.

    • I’m giving you meal plans! For 4 weeks! Yes, since you like a plan, I got you covered. I planned it all; menu for the week, shopping list to go with it, and meal planning chart so you can glance at it on your fridge. Hot damn!


And you’ll also get these amazing BONUSES:

    • Pantry makeover exercises so you have all you need to enjoy the “clean” life without those chips or cookies calling your name!

    • Menu planner guide to keep you on track and help you get a system in place.  You will get my secret system to planning easy, quick meals for you and the one’s you love.

    • Kickin’ It Clean Cookbook with extra soup, salad, and clean food recipes.

    • Recipe Cards for easy access to recipes while you’re in the kitchen or to store in your recipe box.



You can sign up for your Kickin’ It Clean Menu Kit  via the BUY NOW button.

Next you will get a confirmation email from me with a welcome letter and link to download your Kickin’ It Clean Menu Kit which includes:

          • 4 weeks of menu plans with shopping lists and charts to put on your fridge;

          • my secret Snack guide with recipes;

          • prep guide with pantry makeover packet; and

          • BONUS Kickin’ It Clean Cookbook

Two days after your purchase, you will receive your first coaching email from me.  Expect to get my loving check- ins once a week for a whole month.  That way you’ll get support while you are “kickin’ it clean.”

*You’ll automatically get your Kickin’ It Clean Menu Kit plus extras; there’s no waiting here!

Kickin’ It Clean is an amazing value.





I’m a picky eater. Will I like the food?  Kickin’ It Clean meals are meant to feed the whole family.   The traditional pizza, taco, even burger recipes are included.  Have an open mind and  give new foods at least 5-10 tries before you say you don’t like something.  You never know.  Some of these foods might end up being your favorites.

Will I be in the kitchen all day? I don’t have time for that!  I am with you!  All meals are 5 ingredients or less with 5 steps or less.  The recipes are designed to be tasty as well as easy to make.  You don’t need a culinary background to make these tasty dishes.

What does eating clean mean?  All recipes are gluten-free and plant-based.  Natural sweeteners are also added for some fun.  All clean ingredients are anti-inflammatory. The goal of Kickin’ It Clean  is to prevent inflammation which leads to chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, cancer, heart disease…).

I really like that the recipes are mostly really simple to make. I am a three step cook and the majority of these recipes can be done in a few steps without a lot of extra skills needed.

I Love the food and I really appreciate Lisa’s generosity with all the bonuses! ~ Dawn DeMeo


This is not a restriction program. It is a way to become familiar and experiment with whole fresh, beautiful foods.

Lisa’s support was the impetus. I needed to get back on track with my diet, and I feel a whole lot better for it (or, I did, until I had that restaurant meal last night and realize how awful that kind of food makes me feel, even on a short-term basis!). I have more energy (even began to wake up in the morning with positive plans for the day, rather than dragging myself out of bed as had been the case), and more focus, especially for my kids! It’s amazing! Also, I more recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. Invaluable! ~ Lisa Kinney

People need to know that eating right can taste GOOD and be diverse too! I love that there are recipes for burgers and burritos in KIC; it bucks the notion that clean eating is just salads all day every day. 

KIC is very friendly to beginner cooks in terms of prep, equipment needed, and cooking technique, so people really ought to have no excuses about trying KIC.   I just wanted to say: thank YOU, Lisa, for motivating me to get over my “fear” of cooking. I’ve wanted to learn how to cook for a while, but I was always intimidated by lengthy recipes and disheartened by not even knowing if the food would be healthy for me! KIC gave me a path to follow and that helped to dispel all these mental barriers I had around eating right and cooking my meals. I knew I could follow your meal plan and trust the quality and nutrition of the outcome, and that was mentally liberating. Thank you; you’re a food angel! ~ Jennifer Vo

An added bonus was that my husband and children enjoyed the recipes so I did not have to make separate meals for everyone while I was eating cleaner. It even made an impact on my husband who is far from a healthy eater.

He now craves healthy food and wants to continue eating this way. Yea!! (This makes my life so much easier plus I am excited he has a desire to eat healthier). I felt stronger, healthier and more grounded during the program. I also had more energy and an innate desire to eat healthier (which I don’t normally experience!) I loved the recipes, and I especially liked how Lisa makes eating healthy and cleaner so easy. ~ Kim Johnson

The KIC program is a great resource for home chefs of any experience level.

The healthy meal plans gave me inspiration to cook more at home. Loved the meal plans! The recipes tasted great and were fun to make and eat! The recipes helped inspire me in the kitchen and gave me motivation to cook more at home. ~ Sara Streeter

Kickin’ It Clean with Lisa rocks! I lost weight, got tons of new meal ideas, and I made changes that became second nature, not “diet-y.”

My hubby had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol before we signed up, and this really helped us get a kick start to correcting those health issues.

During Kickin’ It Clean, someone at work randomly told me one day how healthy I looked which was the best compliment ever. And ingredients that I would never think to purchase are now staples in our home…Thank you Lisa! Your program is awesome…fun…no pressure and important for healthy living. ~ Courtney Cober

I loved EVERYTHING about Kickin’ It Clean! All of the recipes were delicious, and I really loved that a shopping list was included ~ really helped me stay organized!

During the month, I realized that is was really simple to eat clean; not nearly as daunting as I had imagined. Plus the recipes are amazing…I didn’t feel like I was making any sacrifices. AND I had a lot more energy throughout the day. I just adore you, Lisa, and really love how passionate you are about clean eating and your business. You are such a wonderful role model and are truly an inspiration. ~ Ally Tierny

My blood sugar is stable, and I’ve been able to drastically reduce the amount of medication I’m taking. I just feel good. Lisa, thank you for doing this. You have done the hard part. Now I can just follow the map.

Kickin’ It Clean is so easy to incorporate into your life. No matter how badly you might have been eating before, you can do this without feeling like you are sacrificing taste for being healthy.

Plus I didn’t have to think too much about what we were eating. I could just decide which days we were KIC and which days we were doing something else. The meal plans allowed flexibility, and the family could still have their “fun” foods. We now have so many recipes to choose from that we’re not eating the same old thing over and over. ~ Ylonda Founterloy

I LOVED this program. I received so many recipes that I should not need to go hunting for anything new to cook for months to come. And so healthy!!

Kickin’ It clean is flexible, non-restrictive and easy. I have more energy, and I feel like my energy stays even throughout the day. I can’t believe that I don’t have that afternoon lull. I enjoyed all the recipes…super easy to make and so yummy! ~ Jennifer Pollite

The Kickin’ It Clean menu does not leave one feeling hungry or unsatisfied. The menu offers variety, and I was encouraged to try new foods. I put all of the recipes in a binder as Lisa suggested, and the recipes will be my new “go to” foods.

I have never tried to be gluten free, but during the month, I noticed how much better I felt when I didn’t eat gluten. I also noticed that I suffered from fewer headaches when I ate clean.

People are often leery of diets and diet programs but Kickin’ It Clean isn’t a diet approach. It is a guide to healthy eating. I will pass on the information about KIC to friends and family so that others can join and reap the benefits! ~ Christine Schuette


Kickin’ it Clean is an amazing value!



If you are ready to ditch the take out and up your nutrition game, Kickin’ It Clean is perfect for you.  Learn how to plan fast, easy, and “clean” meals and best of all, get all the meal plans done for you! 

Eating and living “clean” helps you to  connect with that gorgeous body of yours.  That way you can maintain all your hotness without worrying about gaining weight, feeling tired, and resorting to bad habits. The Kickin’ It Clean program will help you create more balance within your body, plus I did all the work for you. Done. All meal plans with support. How sweet is that? Kick it!

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