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Kickin’ It Clean 1.0 Meal Plan Kit


Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 1.0

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Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 1.0: 4 weeks of menu plans (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner for each day), 80+ recipes, shopping lists, extra cookbook and snack cheat sheet (focus on spring and summer months with smoothies and juices)


I LOVED this program. I received so many recipes that I should not need to go hunting for anything new to cook for months to come. And so healthy!!  Kickin’ It clean is flexible, non-restrictive and easy. I have more energy, and I feel like my energy stays even throughout the day. I can’t believe that I don’t have that afternoon lull. I enjoyed all the recipes…super easy to make and so yummy!   ~ Jennifer Pollite

People need to know that eating right can taste GOOD and be diverse too! I love that there are recipes for burgers and burritos in KIC; it bucks the notion that clean eating is just salads all day every day. KIC is very friendly to beginner cooks in terms of prep, equipment needed, and cooking technique, so people really ought to have no excuses about trying KIC.   I just wanted to say: thank YOU, Lisa, for motivating me to get over my “fear” of cooking. I’ve wanted to learn how to cook for a while, but I was always intimidated by lengthy recipes and disheartened by not even knowing if the food would be healthy for me! KIC gave me a path to follow and that helped to dispel all these mental barriers I had around eating right and cooking my meals. I knew I could follow your meal plan and trust the quality and nutrition of the outcome, and that was mentally liberating. Thank you; you’re a food angel!  ~Jennifer Vo



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