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Kickin’ It Clean 2.0 Meal Plan Kit


Kickin’ It Clean 2.0 Meal Plan Kit

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Kickin’ It Clean Meal Plan Kit 2.0:  4 weeks of meal plans, 80+ recipes, shopping lists and extra cookbook and snack cheat sheet (focus on fall and winter soups and bowls)


Before Kickin’ It Clean, I’d often default to cold cereal for dinner. Now I have a fridge full of ready-to-go options. Kickin’ It Clean is not a fad diet or an extreme program. It’s a really simple way to plan ahead. Also, Lisa introduces a few need foods every week- so you can try new things without getting overwhelmed. Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling great due to eating fabulous whole foods, I was less anxious about what to eat and how I would find time to make it. I loved having a week’s worth of menu ideas in one place, complete with shopping lists. Kickin’ It Clean made it really easy to plan ahead. I also liked that the recipes used some of the same ingredients over the course of the week, so food waste was almost eliminated. Love your programs, Lisa!  ~ Colleen Hindsley

The Kickin’ It Clean menu does not leave one feeling hungry or unsatisfied. The menu offers variety, and I was encouraged to try new foods. I put all of the recipes in a binder as Lisa suggested, and the recipes will be my new “go to” foods.  I have never tried to be gluten free, but during the month, I noticed how much better I felt when I didn’t eat gluten. I also noticed that I suffered from fewer headaches when I ate clean. People are often leery of diets and diet programs but Kickin’ It Clean isn’t a diet approach. It is a guide to healthy eating. I will pass on the information about KIC to friends and family so that others can join and reap the benefits!  ~Christine Schuette

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