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RASA Rei-keys

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Charged for Good Health and Positive Well-Being by reiki master, Gilded Trees.

Hang them, wear them, hold them to stimulate being WELL.  The keys are found in vintage antique shops and paired with mala beads for nourishing your soul.


Chain – 25 inch nickel-free silver plated

Crystal Bead – Fancy Jasper

Intention – Reiki charged for Good Health


Each necklace comes on a 25 inch nickel-free, silver plated chain.

Vintage keys are smudged with white sage to clear past energy from the key, then laid to rest in a bed of Epsom salt and lavender buds overnight to infuse with loving energy. Each key is adorned with a fancy jasper crystal bead to aid with digestion. Keys are then charged with healing Reiki energy for good health.

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