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2020 Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox

Raw Renewal Detox

LIVE Virtual  Group Starts July 20!

How to Keep Your Body Looking Fit and Healthy This Summer

If you are struggling to keep healthy during the challenging summer months, I have the best idea for you! Let’s do an easy breezy summer cleanse together and go raw! Even though eating cooked real, whole foods is amazing for your body, there’s something about the raw foods that boosts the nutrition game for you.

  • Raw means that you eat foods like yummy seasonal fruits, veggies, leafy greens, nuts and seeds. You’ll also omit nasty artificial sugars, processed foods, and cheap vegetable oils when you eat raw.
  • Without the toll of extra enzyme production while cooking food, your body will work more efficiently and your digestive system will get a break.
  • Since raw food is more popular and accessible than ever, the health benefits are legendary. With raw foods, you’ll be able to soak up a lot more enzymes that promote better sleep, elevated energy levels, and the ever-famous raw glow.

lisa at summer market After my first time eating raw, I couldn’t believe the crazy energy I felt in only a couple of days. So I decided to keep it up for a week. My skin looked clear and dewy, my eyes glittered, I felt svelte (yes, svelte!) , light and lean.  And my energy was through the roof! From there on, I decided to go raw a few times during the year to get an extra body reset that is like no other.


Summer is the best time to take a break from cooking over the stove, washing pots and pans, and manipulating the energetics of food (who wants to eat soggy microwaved veggies, right?).


Summer also means laid back days, sunshine, and more play. It’s the time to get outside, soak up the sun, and take a break from life.  Summer is also the time for socializing. A lot. If you’re like me, your attending a cookout with hot dogs, beer and chips, happy hour with fruity frozen drinks or going on a trip (cruise food, all-inclusive… shall I say more?).

The extra glass of wine at the party or ice cream after dinner can weigh you down. You start to feel sluggish and when it’s time to put on a bathing suit, you get bummed out. It’s a time to slow down, but in reality being balanced is a challenge in summer! I totally get it!

By eating raw, you’ll lift your energy and your spirit, and drop a few pounds put on by partying too much with the excess processed foods (hot dogs, chips, beer, etc…). We’ll get a healthy body reboot before things get out of hand with all the summer debauchery. It’s not a good feeling to head into September full, heavy and just feeling blah. dots2

Kelly Innes jpeg

I lost weight, have clearer skin, more energy, a clear mind and best of all, more patience!

I liked trying all the new foods I was introduced to during the detox. Vegetables that I would have passed over in the produce section are now some of my favorites! This detox is just the beginning. For me it was the beginning of a new outlook on life, on health. I am transforming the way my entire family eats and lives. This was a great experience, and I can’t wait for another cleanse. I’ve learned so much! ~ Kelly Innes


Raw Renewal Detox is your ticket to the vitality you crave PLUS perfect for keeping things in check during summer play time.

Raw Renewal is a powerful, 7-day group detox program that combines seasonal whole food recipes with the accountability and support of awesome, like-minded people.


For 7 days, you’ll focus on eating simple, seasonal whole foods; and eliminate sugar, soy, gluten, grains dairy, processed foods, and alcohol. That means you’ll be eating lot of anti-inflammatory “normal” foods like veggies, fruits, soups, smoothies, hummus, etc… It’s designed specifically for busy women who juggle work, family, and social lives.


I spell out each and every day of the cleanse for you with a detailed shopping list, menus, recipes, etc. Net result: you can prepare all your meals and snacks in advance, then just grab and go. That takes out all the guesswork, and makes everything as easy as possible for you. But Raw Renewal Detox doesn’t just give you a plan and then send you away on your own.


You’ll also have the amazing support and encouragement of hundreds of other women who are going through the cleanse with you. You’ll be able to “ride high” on their detox energy – and if you do stumble along the way, they’ll be there to help you get back into it again. Plus you’ll get a live group coaching call, and daily emails from me too. Over 10 years of doing these detoxes myself (and guiding other women through them for more than half of that), I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. And I’ll be there the whole way – to provide lots of encouragement or a gentle “kick in the butt”, whichever you need most. dots2 In short, Raw Renewal Detox provides:

  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step clean eating program with a wide range of delicious (and simple!) recipes, menu plans and shopping lists
  • A recorded kick-off call plus daily email support to make sure you know exactly what you need to do when
  • A private community to connect with other women like you, and get the support, encouragement and accountability that will keep you on track

During Lisa’s raw detox, I really did develop the need to eat a lot of greens during the day. My body just felt like it needed the leafy wonders! Plus I noticed clear skin and lost 4 pounds!

There was so much I loved about my experience. I especially enjoyed the daily, informative affirmations. I loved the fact that Lisa was so positive. I always looked forward to my daily emails. Since I feel so good, I want to continue to eat well and keep the glow going! ~ Amy Tobias

Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox

Raw Renewal Buy Now

LIVE Virtual Group Starts July 20!

NEW! Catered detox meal delivery! (Annapolis/Baltimore/DC)

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There are TONS of amazing detox benefits you can reap especially by going raw in summer.

  • Summer is the best time of year to enjoy yummy raw foods. Delicious fruits and veggies are abundant right now. Don’t you just love how smart nature is?
  • Weight gain can sneak up during the summer. You are more active with  vacations, parties, picnics, and before you know it, a few pounds around your tummy might appear.  Eating a raw food diet will automatically assist with weight loss and keep things under control.
  • Our bodies are striving for balance with nature, so as the season shifts to summer, our bodies need support with cooling raw foods that support the small intestine and the heart (the central organs of summer).  It’s a very yang, fiery time of year so cooling off with delicious veggies and fruits makes sense PLUS tastes amazing!
  • You’ll purge toxins that accumulate from social activities like vacations, BBQ’s, and being out and about more. During summer, it is important to take it slow; nice and easy with simple raw foods that support your system.
  • Connect with your body and start to notice the difference between stress eating vs. real hunger.  You might be pleasantly surprised that by eating raw foods, your sugar monster might disappear.
  • Instead of quick fixes, detoxing with raw foods is a quick way to get clean from the inside-out.  Raw foods are light, and by eating that way during detox, you’ll be able to purge toxins that have accumulated for months, years.

Marcy McKay

Detox is about so much more than food. It really is about cleaning out the mind, body and spirit.

I really liked all the support during the detox. I loved that a video message came from Lisa every day with a special theme for that day. It was so helpful to read the message board to read how everyone else was doing, ESPECIALLY at times when I was struggling. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I loved this experience and I definitely want to do it again! ~Marcy McKay


Nervous about detoxing? Here’s what you can expect…

You might be thinking “Wait… isn’t a detox just another form of crash diet?” CleanSexy2014BackPhoto Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the pills-and-powder-drink-nothing-but-lemon-juice deprivation detoxes that make you feel like you want to die! This is a detox with a difference – where you actually eat real food and take exquisite care of yourself! It’ll help you discover what does and doesn’t work for you as a unique individual. Eventually, you’ll learn how to let your body guide the way, and realize that you already have all the answers you need within you. Until you’ve learned to connect with your own body’s wisdom, however, I’ll guide you EVERY step of the way. I take ALL of the decision-making out of the equation for you, the whole way through the program. You won’t need to worry about which ingredients to buy, how to prepare them, or how to cook them, because I’ll lay it all out for you at the beginning. That means you can just concentrate on eating delicious food, and taking care of yourself.

And just look at the goodness you could experience…

Based on the results of the thousands of women I’ve guided through similar detoxes over the past five years, here’s just a taste of what you might experience:

  • all-day energy that starts the moment you wake up and doesn’t quit

  • the best sleep of your life: deep, blissful, uninterrupted rest the whole night long

  • clothes that look – and feel – better on you than they have done in years

  • a 4-10 pound weight loss (on average); could be more depending on your specific body and lifestyle

  • a happier gut: bloating and bowel problems become a thing of the past

  • no more cravings: the longing for sugar, caffeine and all the other nasties disappears

  • a clearer mind: that frustrating brain fog melts away, and you can finally focus again

  • a radiant, natural beauty emerges: you’re suddenly awash in compliments about your clear, dewy skin; bright sparkling eyes; and soft, shiny hair

  • better immunity: getting rid of the toxins takes a load off your immune system, so you’re less likely to catch any of the bugs going around

  • renewed confidence in yourself: you can’t even remember when you last felt this sexy, vibrant and alive!


I found that during the detox my skin really changed. I lost 5 pounds, and I broke the sugar cycle, which was the biggest thing for me – no more soda (HUGE goal accomplished — whole reason I did the detox), no more honey in the oatmeal, etc. I was surprised by the fact that I was not crazy tired after the first couple of days!

Lisa’s detox program is not 7 days of torture and crazy self-denial. It’s a chance to find new foods that you may not normally eat, or eat in combination, and find out that they are actually good and do not require a lot of time and effort to make. I will definitely take many of the recipes with me going forward. They were so easy and tasty. I’m a big fan of the smoothies, and I would never have put kale in a smoothie prior to this. I did the detox to get the sugar out of my life. I have been an avid soda drinker for YEARS — no coffee, just soda. It used to be full-throttle Coke, then Coke Zero. I have been in denial, knowingly so, about needing to end this habit as I justified it by it being my only real vice (I eat pretty well, I’m pretty fit, so why can’t I drink soda?). I finally could not deny it any longer and needed to make some changes, and it was a chance to get other sugars out of my diet. I don’t eat a lot of ‘junk’ food and don’t keep treats in the house, but there was sugar creeping in other things — honey in the oatmeal, energy bars, etc. This gave me a chance to break the cycle of wanting the sweets. I completely recommend Lisa’s program! ~ Susan Thaxton


What do you get with your Raw Renewal Detox?

  • Detox Prep Guide. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a packet explaining how to prepare for your detox. Pre-cleansing instructions and daily detox practices are included. You’ll also receive delicious pre-detox recipes so you can get a jump-start on your cleanse. That way, on Day 1, you’ll be familiar with how things work, and ready to rock Raw Renewal.

  • Recorded coaching call to get you prepared for your detox adventure.  During the call, I’ll go over cleanse details plus answer questions about Raw Renewal.

  • A complete Detox Manual. This contains your step-by-step menu plan with all meals spelled out for you. Plus, it also has an ALL-NEW seasonal make-ahead menu and recipes, a pull-out shopping list, daily instructions and FAQs.

raw renewal materials

  • Daily email check-ins and unlimited daily support. I’ll email you each day, which will keep you motivated and inspired. Plus, if you have a private question, you can email me anytime during the cleanse. You have access to my full coaching 24/7 for 7 whole days!

  • Detox community support group. The private Facebook group allows you to give and receive support throughout the detox.

  • Daily Detox Journal. This PDF journal gives you space to record your experiences during the cleanse. You can either fill it out online, or download it to your computer, then print out to fill in.

  • Private Membership Area to grab important links to blog posts, videos, materials, and bonuses. Everything you need is in one spot, so you don’t waste time searching for emails, posts, and links.

PLUS you’ll also get these crazy awesome BONUSES:

  • Return to Life Instruction Packet. So what do you do after Day 7? This step-by-step system will help you slowly re-introduce eliminated foods like caffeine, sugar, etc… back into your diet without shocking your body. A personal post-detox checklist also helps you organize the foods and practices that you will keep in your diet and life.

  • Raw Recipe Cookbook with smoothie, salad, entree and dessert recipes for you to make after your detox. These recipes are clean, so you can ease back into “real life” while still feeling light and maintaining your glow. You’ll receive this bonus on Day 7.

  • EXTRA Menu Supplement Handbook. Extra detox recipes added to your menu plan for Raw Renewal. You can use these during the cleanse OR for your “return to life after detox.”

  • Recipe Cards to use in the kitchen while you whip up your detox meals. Perfect for your recipe box!


Summer Special Program Bundle

28 Days of Clean Eating!


ONLY $118 $99

Signing up for Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox is easy.

Click on the BUY NOW button above and make your payment.

You’ll receive a confirmation email from me with the Detox Prep Guide, kick-off call details, plus instructions for joining the private community and program deatils.

Start detoxing on the July 29!


Questions you might be asking right now…

Q: Who are you and what qualifies you to run the Raw Renewal Detox? LisaHi there, I’m Lisa Consiglio Ryan – and for most of my adult life I struggled to find “the perfect formula” to keep me skinny and healthy. I obsessed about my weight, and wrote endless to-do lists. I counted calories and carbs, took all kinds of vitamins, and worked out until I nearly keeled over. All the while, I dreamed of the day I’d be lean and fit and full of energy and confidence – the day I’d finally feel like I was “good enough”. Nothing worked though. I’d start off well, and then a few weeks later, I’d go straight back to my old ways. Each time made me feel more and more exhausted, depressed and out of shape, as I beat myself up for not having the willpower to make it work. And even though I was trying so hard to be healthier, the reality was that I was getting sicker. I had chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rosacea, chronic cystitis, candida, and IBS… all before I was 30! I didn’t want to take meds, so I tried holistic therapies… and one day my acupuncturist suggested a detox. It was one of those godawful ones with the powders that tasted like mud… so I didn’t make it past Day 3. But something clicked in my brain, and I knew I needed to find out more. I did a ton of research, got certified in holistic nutrition and studied detoxification with experts in the field. I developed my own detox programs that I based on anti-inflammatory foods (fruits, veggies, and dark leafy greens), and started limiting inflammatory foods (dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and processed sugar). And for the first time in life, I started to see the results I’d dreamed of. I lost weight, felt lean and light, and had pep in my step. But best of all, I started feeling at ease around food. Instead of looking for quick fixes and diet programs, I started listening to my body, and letting it tell me what it needed. I know my detoxes work because I’ve successfully used them myself – and so have thousands of other women.

Q: My friend had a really “bad detox” experience and felt miserable. How do I know I won’t go through the same thing? I won’t lie to you. If you’ve been eating a lot of sugar or drinking a lot of caffeine, you won’t want to dive straight into a full detox. (And if you do, you’ll probably want to kill me during the first three days!) However, I include a “Detox Prep” period in my program where I guide you through weaning yourself off the bad stuff before the cleanse. Assuming you do this gradual wean, here’s what you’re likely to experience:

  • Days 1 – 3: You might want to kill me, especially if you drink a lot of caffeine and eat a lot of sugar. (Don’t worry, though, I will give you instructions on how to wean before the cleanse!). I have to be honest about that. It’s different for everyone, but you might feel a headache or be a bit tired. This is completely normal!

  • Days 4 – 5: As you shift away from foods that are typically hard to digest, allergenic or addictive, you will notice positive changes in your body, energy levels, and mood. You will be thinking, “Yeah baby, I got this! Feelin’ good!”

  • Days 6 – 7: Bingo! You are feeling on top of the world. You will have the momentum to continue living clean. You will feel that balance within your body. Also, watch your friends and family because you might notice that they will change, too. They will want what you have!


During the Lisa’s detox I definitely had clearer skin. Glowing skin! And I didn’t have that bloated feeling anymore. I loved having Lisa’s support with emails and check ins. She throws in bonuses, too!

Something I loved about the detox was committing to the program. I put my mind to it and did it! The recipes were delicious, and I never felt hungry. People should know that the detox is an important thing to do for yourself periodically and on a regular basis. I like the idea of doing it seasonally. You learn new things, check in with yourself–see what’s working with your diet, lifestyle, etc. and what isn’t. And, it improves the quality of your life! ~Jean Compton

dots2 Q: I’m a picky eater. What if I don’t like the food? There’s a formula in the nutrition world: give new foods at least 5-10 tries before deciding you don’t like them. Keep an open mind and try new things. You never know. Some of them might end up being your favorites. Plus, I’m Italian so the food is delicious. Bland food simply will not fly in my family!

Here’s just a few examples of delicious detox meals:



For the first time ever in my life, I consciously recognized that my blood sugar stabilized for entire days. That was a huge win for me!

The recipes are very good, you won’t go hungry! Plus, there are plenty of options and the support and accountability from the group is all the motivation you need to keep going when you hit rough spots. Thank you, Lisa, for all the hard work you’ve put in! ~Ashley Herzberger

Lisa Kinney

I feel lighter, more energetic, have greater clarity.

There’s plenty of tasty, filling food! And it just may set us all on a path to more consistent healthy food habits – at least I hope! The overriding theme of self-care is important. This is not about starvation or deprivation – it is about abundance, in food and in body and mind. Lisa, your work has been incredibly helpful, thank you! ~Lisa Kinney

dots2 Q: What if I want to do more than just one seasonal detox with you? So glad you asked! Raw Renewal is perfect if you just want to “dip a toe into the water” of clean, healthy eating. It only requires you to commit to following one plan for 7 days. However, I’m willing to bet that, once you’ve discovered how wonderful detoxing makes you feel, you’ll want to repeat the experience. If you’re already thinking beyond the end of the 7 days, I invite you to check out my Clean + Sexy membership program. Clean + Sexy gives you access to FOUR seasonal detoxes throughout the year for a fraction of the cost you’d pay to buy them separately. Plus, you’ll also get clean recipes for in between detoxes, monthly coaching calls from me, and support from the community. If you know you want to do more than one detox, I strongly recommend checking that out instead: you’ll find it’s much better value for your needs.

Q: I travel for work a lot. Will I be able to stick to a plan for 7 days? Yes, no problem: many of my clients have traveled during their detoxes. You’ll have a step-by-step menu plan, so you can prepare ahead of time and pack, or plan for what you need on your travels. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, you can plan your snacks and your meals. The key is planning: as long as you plan, it’s doable.

NEW! Catered detox meal delivery (Annapolis/Baltimore/DC)

A big part of my  coaching deals with finding ways to get real, whole foods into your system. If you are traveling back and forth for work or have a crazy busy week during the cleanse, don’t worry. I want you to come with us for Raw Renewal, and if the roadblock to feeling your absolute best is cooking and all that goes with it, let’s solve that problem with having an experienced cook take over the stress for you.

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS>>> Raw Renewal Catering and Meal Delivery



“I liked so much about the detox. The recipes were very flavorful, easy to put together, and budget friendly.”

I liked the support of the community on the blog. Lisa responded very quickly to our comments or questions. The education was great, too. Each day there was a new “thing” to try or learn. It was a great experience, and I’d definitely do it again! ANYONE can do this detox. Lisa gives you all the tools you need, and it is SO good for you! She has tons of knowledge, and the best part is the fact that she cares so much, and it shows. ~Nicole Jeffers

dots2 Q: Can I work out while I’m detoxing? Absolutely. Renewal detoxes are geared toward active people. You can rid your body of toxins without putting your life on hold. Make sure to eat all your meals and snacks, and if you need extra protein, go for it. Listen to your body and keep in touch with me during the detox so we can monitor your workouts. If you feel as if you need to back off on intensity, do so. Your body might like the break.

Q: I’m training for a marathon. Will I have enough energy for the long runs? Surely. Detoxes can be a great way to reduce inflammation, which can help prevent injuries and pain. Also, many past detoxers mentioned shorter recovery time and becoming faster as a result of detox. Those who participate in triathlons and run ultra marathons, marathons, half-marathons can detox…just make sure it is done 2-3 weeks out from your race day. I am coaching during the detox so we’ll keep an eye on how things are going for you and adjust with meals if needed. AND if not, you can snatch up your detox plan anyway and do it after the race (or at least after you eat that big treat you promised yourself at the finish line!). dots2

Jen Barrett

“I’m healthier, leaner, and a stronger, faster runner. I love this way of life!”

I was surprised at how quickly my body turned around during my first cleanse. I felt so amazingly good. I never realized how much my diet slowed me down. I was also surprised that my wine cravings decreased – I no longer rely on coffee to wake me up and wine to relax. I lost weight, gained energy and generally felt happier. I’m totally hooked on Lisa’s recipes – they made everything easier – and the meal planning took so much stress out of my life. Oh, and the shopping lists are a huge treat too. I’ve worked with Lisa for almost two years and her programs are do-able, delicious, and so worth it. ~Jen Barrett

dots2 Q: What if I’m on vacation during the group cleanse? Can I still sign up? Yes, go for it! That way you’ll receive my daily emails, which you can file away until you’re ready. You’ll also be a part of our community, which is so crucial for detox success.

Q: Are your meals kid friendly? I don’t recommend detox for children, obvi, but if they will eat dinners, snacks, etc… with you, it’s really just eating real, whole foods. Usually moms (including myself) will make Renewal meals for whole family and usually the food is so yummy, kids don’t mind. Dipping their food helps (with hummus, dips, salsas etc…) helps, too. All the meals are normal foods so even a quickie substitution with a fruit, etc… will do the trick.

Q: Is Raw Renewal vegan-friendly, sugar-free, grain-free and gluten-free? Yes. There is no animal protein, sugar, dairy and gluten (wheat) for 7 days. These items are acidic so we are avoiding all foods that cause inflammation for our cleanse. As for grains, these foods are not part of the raw routine as we aren’t cooking with heat. dots2

Carleen Birnes

“I was shocked how cut my abs looked after going gluten-free for just 5 days. The gluten bloat is for realzs!”

The detox helped me become more conscious about my snacking habits. I used to mindlessly open the pantry door, looking for a carb fix. It was a wake up call that my eating habits weren’t as healthy as I thought. I also loved the ritual of preparing meals during the detox. I’d fallen into the trap of buying pre-packaged dinners at Trader Joes, thinking, well at least it’s from TJ’s. The detox brought me back to the basics of cooking meals from real ingredients. I also discovered that with Lisa’s recipes, I’m a pretty good cook. Lisa’s support and guidance really is key to enjoying the detox experience. She made herself available and provided continuous feedback. I felt like I had private coach, even though we did it as a group. And I was surprised how good the food tasted! ~Carleen Birnes

dots2 Q: Can I detox while I’m pregnant or nursing? While all the Raw Renewal detox food is healthy, clean, and nutrient-dense, you’re still ridding your body of toxins. Those toxins can pass through your bloodstream to the baby while you’re pregnant; and through your breast milk while you’re nursing. So, to play it safe, I’d recommend avoiding a detox during these times time. However, you could still sign up for Raw Renewal to get healthy recipes you can make while you’re growing and then feeding your beautiful baby. If so, I recommend approaching the plan as one to make healthy, yummy meals; rather than doing a full-on detox.

Q: Will I be in the kitchen all day making my meals? No. In fact, most recipes have approximately 5 ingredients plus 5 steps or less. All snacks are easy to grab, like nuts, fruit, and veggies. To guarantee you’re eating the best possible cleansing foods for your body, you’ll need to know what goes into your meals. That means you’ll need to do a little prepping and cooking, which you might find enjoyable. You might even get your family might get involved and eating the meals with you. This happens a lot! dots2

Kimberly Riggins jpeg

Lisa’s done-for-you approach was perfect. All I had to do was buy the ingredients, follow the recipes and show up.

Moving my body and putting clean food into my mouth is part of my job. In fact, it is the foundation for the work I do with women and their body image issues. However, even I need help once in awhile. Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, and overindulging a bit too much, I knew Lisa’s program would not disappoint. And I was right! Lisa’ detox program was just the jump-start I needed. I wanted to increase my energy, get rid of those pesky sinus issues I was having and most importantly I didn’t want to have to design any of it. It was fantastic. I highly recommend Lisa’s detox to anyone who needs a good ole-fashioned health boost but doesn’t want to forgo real food! Lisa is inspiring, helpful and just so darn cute! You will love her programs! ~Kimberly Riggins

dots2 Q: I’m a busy person. I mean, really busy? Can I still detox? Absolutely. I can relate to you big time. As a mom of two kids, wife, business owner who travels (not to mention my chauffeur duties getting kids to sports and activities), I can understand the busy epidemic. But detoxing for only 7 days is doable. You will need to review your detox plan and take time before Day 1 to prep. Since I spell everything out for you with the menu, shopping list and recipes, all you have to do is organize when you will shop and prep a few meals. I want you to start on a good note so planning = success.

Q: How much weight will I lose during Raw Renewal? Honestly, that will vary for each person. Typically, detoxers lose between 4-10 pounds during my programs. But weight loss is different for each person. You will need to look at your stress level, sleep, water intake, hormones, genetics, and exercise. It will all depend on the whole picture. Raw Renewal isn’t a quick fix, weight loss gimmick. There’s so much more to detoxing than just losing weight. Most of the time, it’s a given that you will lose weight even if it is a few pounds, but think of Raw Renewal as a reboot, a jump-start to healthy, clean living. If you are consistent and follow the menu, recipes, etc… you will see results. dots2

I feel like Lisa’s detox programs have been life altering. I’ve been struggling for the last five years to lose those lingering pounds from two pregnancies. Since my first cleanse with Lisa, I’ve lost 15 pounds, and  I am almost to my goal weight!

I never felt hungry while doing the cleanses and have taken the recipes and the ingredients to become my staples during the week, while still enjoying my weekends. I thought I was eating healthy before, but this was truly eye-opening. Lisa, thank you for a great program! ~Melanie Matthews

Cindy Borchelt jpeg

Oh, wow, my energy level is great and I lost 7 pounds! I feel stronger inside and out! After the first 3 days, I am sleeping soundly and not having hot flashes! Thank you Lisa!!!

<Lisa’s detox is an all encompassing approach to wellness–yes, foods, but also water, movement, meditation and oh, so important–encouragement and support! Also, easy to follow shopping list, daily menu and recipes.Well, I could go on and on. Lisa is the BEST cheerleader you want on your team! I say that, but her knowledge and gentle approach to every question and concern was such a blessing. I can’t wait to detox again! ~Cindy Borchelt

dots2 Q: I usually eat Paleo. Will this detox fit into my lifestyle? Of course. I’m not into advocating for any type of diet, but the recipes are sugar-free, dairy-free, and the only grains are quinoa (which is actually a pseudo-grain and the only complete protein in the plant world) so really the plan is also grain-free. I might add a gluten-free rolled oatmeal breakfast from time to time, but mainly we are looking at seasonal meals with tons of veggies, dark leafy greens, fruit, and other anti-inflammatory foods.

Q: Why do we detox for 7 days, not 10? Will I see results? Since we are not manipulating the food by heating and cooking, you’ll feel the amazing effects of detox a lot quicker than a longer detox. Usually by Day 4, you’ll begin to feel bright, clear, and energized because the food is live, real, and all enzymes are in tact.

Q: I have a question you haven’t answered here. Help? No problem! Contact my customer services team at info@wholehealthdesigns.comand they’ll help in any way they can. dots2

Julie Hussey

Lisa’s detox made my skin brighter and less puffy. My bloated belly disappeared! I lost 4 lbs, and I just loved eating healthy and waking up the next day without guilt.

I just FELT GOOD on the detox. Also, I discovered some new foods I didn’t know I’d like. I developed some habits, too. The water with lemon in the detox was a super easy addition to my morning. The recipes were easy to make, and I had many favorites like the hummus, juices and the salads. The detox goes by so fast! And you feel so amazing that you don’t want to go back to old habits! ~Julie Hussey

photo (2)

I lost four pounds and just feel healthier…I don’t “crave” processed foods any longer. Plus no more migraines!

The support and community, along with Lisa’s support when my resolve was low was very very helpful! I learned it is important to make the investment in yourself….take time for you! Detox is such a positive experience…I certainly plan on doing another detox in the future! ~Jennifer Lotti


Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox

Raw Renewal Buy Now

LIVE Virtual Group Starts July 20!

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Lisa Consiglio RyanRemember… Raw Renewal is about SO much more than getting a flat belly or dropping weight! It’s a way to connect with that gorgeous body of yours. It’s a way to get more in balance within your body, with the season, and ultimately with others. That’s why I created this Raw Renewal 7 Day Detox, and I’m so excited to share it with you. In just 7 days, you’ll feel lighter, energized, and glowing inside and out. You’ll feel better about yourself, confident in your clothes, and generally great from the inside out. The best part is that you won’t be alone. I’ve detoxed with thousands of people, and I’d love to share this experience with you. I can’t wait to have you in my program!

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