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Self-Love Challenge (and prizes!)

Self-Love Challenge

Digging deep, really digging deep to live your truth; what makes feel you happy,outrageous joy, ease and peace.

When someone mentions Self-Love, the above thoughts come to my mind immediately.

When you take time to be with yourself, sit still, breathe, and create something that makes you feel loved, the unconditional love that only YOU have for yourself, now that is self-love.

No one else can replace the self- love you can tap into all day, everyday, all the time.

But unfortunately life can sweep you away from yourself.

You always feel that there isn’t enough time, and you’re so busy.

Busy-ness is a painful epidemic sweeping over the world leading us farther and farther away from ourselves.

You’re too busy to:

  • make breakfast in the mornings;
  • get your butt to yoga;
  • sign up for that photography class you’ve been dying to take;
  • eat dinner with your family; and
  • listen to your partner without looking at your smartphone.

All kinds of self-care practices go out the window especially if you aren’t being mindful and aware of what is happening.

And when you’re not taking care of yourself, you aren’t truly loving yourself.

So it’s time to take a break. A BIG break. Just for three days. Just one little “lovin’ yourself up” thing each day to help you connect to your deep self again.


The 3 Day Self-Love Challenge

Let’s do a challenge…a love yourself up, gimme all your lovin’ challenge!

Why Self-Love?

When it comes right down to it, only YOU can give yourself the love you need, the love you strive for in order to feel alive, free, and overall happy.

Therefore, you will need to make an effort to spend some time doing something just for YOU. It might feel weird or uncomfortable at first because you are used to running around and not really tuning into what’s going on inside you.

But practicing  self-love comes with tons of benefits. It’s a chance for you to get back to yourself, nourish, and finally makes space for what truly lights you up.

Self-Love benefits include:

  • releasing anxiety and pressure to be everywhere and everything to everyone;
  • calming nerves so you can truly relax in your bones, your cells;
  • balanced pH level in your cells because you are not participating in inflammatory (stressful) situations as well as fueling your body with tons of healthy food;
  • better, sound sleep at night due to freeing your brain of worry and fear;
  • enhanced energy to keep you going through your day because you actually did something delightful, filled your soul;
  • developing a bright and shiny outlook (sparkle in eyes); and
  • feeling an over all sense of joyful happiness.


Here’s how the challenge works:

Sign up by clicking on the button below. You will receive your Self-Love Challenge welcome email from me.

In the welcome email, I will invite you to join the Instagram #WHDselflove to tag pics of any inspiration during our time together. You can start tagging right away.  I’ll also let you in on how to win the prizes!

The challenge starts as soon as you are ready.  You will be lovin’ yourself up for 3 days, just one self-love act a day. You will receive daily encouraging emails from me plus a special soul-driven activity to try. You will continue on with your regular life ( job, family, friends, etc…) and just adding some alone time to the mix with fun activities and recipes to nourish your body and soul. I will also include tips and  resources for each aspect of the challenge for an extra boost of support.

Self-love alert! You’ll be adding self-care practices like moving your body, eating your greens, veggies and fruits, exploring  different ways to ignite energy. Make sure you carve out at least 1 hour a day to participate in any self-love activities.  You don’t need to buy anything or go anywhere. Think relaxing in a hammock with a good book (I love to do that!), sipping a delicious drink, eating a well-balanced nutritious meal, getting to know yourself again.


Here’s the schedule:

Sign up: You will automatically receive your welcome email including all the info you need to get started.

Feb. 25th:  You’ll receive the Kick-Off letter with all sorts of goodies and directions for the Self-Love Challenge.

Feb. 26th – Feb. 28th:  You will receive daily emails to keep you motivated and inspired. In each email I will give you a focus (such as moving your body, cleansing with a tea,etc…) to try. You are encouraged to explore the focus of the day in a way that inspires you.

BONUS: You will receive the  BONUS Self-Love Resource Guide full of my favorite ways to love yourself up. I want us to continue well-beyond the challenge. We need to love ourselves up every day, forever!

I will be available for questions during the challenge, and the challenge is virtual so you can access the materials, emails, posts and the group anytime.


Ready to sign up? Here’s how:

You can sign up by entering your info below.
Next you will will get a welcome email from me to get you pumped and ready.
As soon as you are ready, you  will be starting your self-love journey!

Join me and a group of gorgeous souls for The 3 Day Self-Love Challenge!

It’s FREE!


You can win prizes each day!


Lotus Earrings from Crab Shack Design




Mermaid Shower Butter, Body Scrub, and Soy Candle from Twinkle




Your Messy Brilliance book by Kelly McNelis





GRAND PRIZE:  1 Winter Renewal 10 Day Detox Package

Paula Dworek

Lisa gets it!

Days can be hectic and family life gets in the way. Lisa focuses on more than just the food because it is so much more than that. She’s inspiring! ~ Paula Dworek

Abby Nance

Taking care of yourself isn’t just having a food plan. It is about moving and breathing and thinking.

By being with Lisa,  I feel empowered to make small changes to reduce stress and  I feel more content with my life. Lisa is super generous with her time, her knowledge, and her recipes for healthy meals are incredible! ~ Abby Nance

7 Day Lisa If you are ready to start some healthy habits the easy way, The 3 Day Self-Love Challenge is perfect for you.  And the best part, it’s free.  You know, adding in one little healthy thing each day can help you connect to that gorgeous body of yours. You’ll notice less stress, glowing skin, a sparkle in your eye, and feeling lighter without even trying. How sweet is that? Let’s get ready for some self-lovin’! Know someone who would benefit from this challenge? Please share!

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