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Pay What You Can Birthday SALE 2018


It’s May! AND it’s my birthday! I made it 49 years on this beautiful planet, and I want to celebrate with you! With the craziness of spring now in full swing… baseball double headers, dance recitals, weddings, graduations, field trips… I want to make sure we keep up with our clean and sexy selves. It […]
This is Getting Juicy,

Spring Carrot and Dill Hummus


Everything is connected: stress, sleep, water, relationships and nutrition keep your body operating at an optimal healthy level; that high-vibe living. When you eat high vibration foods (foods that aren’t manipulated by processing- raw veggies, fruits, quinoa, salads,etc…) you perform on a higher vibration. Your thoughts, actions and words align with your truth and your […]
This is Getting Juicy,

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Well, hello there!

Hi, I’m Lisa! Welcome to my virtual home! I’m a health and nutrition coach who loves green juice, hot yoga, triathlons, and hanging out with my cute little family. I’m also the founder of Whole Health Designs. Visit for cutting-edge wellness tips, delicious veg-friendly recipes and inspiration.

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