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Black Bean Salad


So here we are…Memorial Day weekend. If you are in the States, I’m sure you will be finding your way to either the pool or to a cookout this weekend. I started celebrating early by watching the Blue Angels perform. It’s a tradition during commissioning week at the Naval Academy. We all played hooky (shhhhh) […]
This is Getting Juicy,

Pay what you can

Pay What You Can: SALE!


I look forward to May each year. The warmer weather… wearing flip flops… flowers blooming. Yes! We can dip our toes in! Everything is alive. Summer is a comin’. But May can also be crazy. My dear friend, Amy, wrote the following in an email and, whoa, she took the words out of my mouth. […]
This is Getting Juicy,

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Well, hello there!

Hi, I’m Lisa! Welcome to my virtual home! I’m a health and nutrition coach who loves green juice, hot yoga, triathlons, and hanging out with my cute little family. I’m also the founder of Whole Health Designs. Visit for cutting-edge wellness tips, delicious veg-friendly recipes and inspiration.

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