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Diane MacFarlane

I liked the predictability of Winter Renewal and how simple it was to follow.

“Before starting Winter Renewal, I felt sluggish, way overweight, fatigued, and winded when doing too much. I had three surgeries last year and fought breast cancer in October with daily radiation. Add in that those who supported me with meals made high carb meals with desserts included, my health needed a detox.

I liked the predictability of the detox program, how simple it was to follow, and that the menus were for 1-2 servings. No one else was eating the same foods, so it was nice not to waste food.

My results:
7 lbs lost
Bright, clear, shiny skin
Better sleep – I remember my dreams. I have not remembered a dream in many, many months.
Better focus
Less bloated

Winter Renewal is easy to do if you really want to do it. Lisa is encouraging, approachable, and makes menus easy to follow.”

~ Stephanie Goldenberg

Diane MacFarlane

I felt full longer, ate less, and lost about 5 pounds.

What I loved about the Smoothie Challenge was getting new recipes and using more greens and other veggies. I am a smoothie person but enjoyed trying new versions. I felt full longer, ate less, and lost about 5 pounds. Yahoo! I also had more energy and less cravings.

Lisa really knows her nutrition! She is a wealth of knowledge and willing to share! I really appreciate the information from Lisa and the challenge. It wasn’t a difficult thing to do and the benefits are huge! I am game for anything that improves my overall wellness. I want to be around for my six grand kids!!

~ Diane MacFarlane

Deanna Taus

I didn’t feel as sluggish/tired as I normally do, and had energy to exercise.

What I loved about Raw Renewal is that I didn’t feel bloated anymore and had extra energy. I also loved the URAWK cereal! I ended up losing 5 pounds and 2% body fat, didn’t feel as sluggish/tired as I normally do, and had energy to exercise.

The Facebook group is a great place to get ideas when stuck, support (give and receive), get questions answered by Lisa and the group. General “we’re in it together’ ness.

~ Deanna Taus

Erin Murray

What I liked most about the detox was the food and online support. Plus I’m down 6 pounds!

I signed up for Fall Renewal because I wanted to lose some weight. What I liked most about the detox was the food and online support. Plus I’m down 6 pounds!

It’s nice to have a team (the private Facebook group) to detox with. Great support!

Since I’ve been detoxing with Lisa I have gotten into the habit of having a smoothie everyday. It’s been years, I love it!

Lisa, I’ll be back for the next detox!

~ Erin Murray

Jen Martin

I started with Winter Renewal and then did Spring Renewal and have lost a total of 25 lbs.

A lot of it is because of what Lisa has taught me – water & ACV in the morning and eating whole healthy, clean foods. Thank you Lisa Consiglio Ryan! I love having these menus and the support and will continue to do this through the year.

~ Jen Martin

Kate Bellotte

I feel like Lisa taught me how to nourish and take care of my body but also includes a powerful message of really listening to your body and being nicer to yourself!

I love Lisa’s detoxes! I’ve been doing them for about 6 years. I love the simplicity of the meals but also how creative they are! You won’t go hungry!

Even more, I just love love Lisa! She has been an inspiration for me and also changed my life! I’m almost 37 years old and have been an athlete most of my life. I struggled with eating disorders throughout high school, college, and even after. I feel like Lisa taught me how to nourish and take care of my body but also includes a powerful message of really listening to your body and being nicer to yourself!

~ Kate Bellotte

Sandy Gendleman

I sleep better, have more energy during the day, and no longer crave sugar or caffeine.

I used to eat a lot of garbage; a lot of fast food, carbs, and sugar. Late at night I craved sugar and ate candy, cake and chips. I had trouble sleeping and would wake up at all hours of the night. I just felt sluggish and tired most of the time. “Tired” was my middle name!

Lisa’s (Raw Renewal) program was easy to follow and I loved the fabulous recipes! I enjoyed all the meals and looked forward to trying them. And I love the support from Lisa!

My BIG take aways: I sleep better, have more energy during the day, and no longer crave sugar or caffeine. I learned I need to drink more water, relax to take time for myself and family, and de-clutter my life. My spouse also started eating healthier and exercising. We even organized closets/rooms in our home!

As an added bonus, I lost 4 pounds and my skin looks better!

I also utilized the Facebook group and took away ideas and thoughts from the other participants. It was nice to know others were doing this too!

Anyone who tries this program will feel better, look better, and establish a more healthy lifestyle that they can stick with.

This was a great stepping stone to a healthier way of eating and living! Thank you for this wonderful program!

~ Sandy Gendleman

Jenifer Eden

I learned a lot about myself during Spring Renewal.

I learned a lot about myself during Spring Renewal and how much I have changed my relationship with food and days filled with stress. Thank you Lisa for your support and delicious recipes, you’re a rockstar!

~ Jenifer Eden

Allison Bohr

I can’t believe how quickly my body healed after only a few days on a clean eating/detox plan.

The recipes (in Spring Renewal) were so delicious and easy to make. I felt like my body was really benefiting from the healthy food I was eating.

I look forward to being a part of Lisa’s programs and spreading the word about how beneficial they are. Here’s to clean eating! Thank you, Lisa for your array of possibilities and support to women seeking more healthy eating and healing options!

~ Allison Bohr

Amy Lyon

You will be amazed at how eating clean, whole foods and eliminating extras like sugar, caffeine, and dairy, will make you feel, body mind and soul.

Before I started Spring Renewal, I felt sluggish, needed to lose a few pounds, I was not active, often felt down and stressed. Then I switched to eating super yummy, exceptionally healthy foods and never feeling deprived or hungry. Some days I couldn’t finish everything on the menu!

Allow yourself to escape on this most amazing journey to health and wellness. You will be amazed at how eating clean, whole foods and eliminating extras like sugar, caffeine, and dairy, will make you feel, body mind and soul. Thank you Lisa!

~ Amy Lyon

Wendy Bright

By the end, I had lost about 6 pounds!

Before Spring Renewal Detox, I wasn’t feeling great, either physically or mentally. I was eating all day long, and eating too many processed foods (pita chips, pretzels).

Luckily, the detox was easy to follow! I loved the recipes and the shopping lists. I especially liked the smoothies. I also liked knowing I was doing this with a group and reading their suggestions. This program is much easier then it sounds! There is lots of support, and accountability to keep your on track.

~ Wendy Bright

Katherine Mach

I’ve completed several detoxes with Lisa and look forward to the next one!

This detox (Spring Renewal) is amazing, with a good variety of recipes tailored to the season! It really helped to have the support from the whole group and Lisa. Lisa does not judge. She understands that we are not perfect, and when we have a slip, she is very supportive and encourages us to get back on track.

~ Lisa Auld

Katherine Mach

I found the plan very easy to follow, and I lost 8.4 lbs

Before the program, I felt like a balloon ready to pop. I was bloated, my joints hurt, and I felt depressed.

Lisa has the best interactive program I have ever tried. She does it with you, she shares the whole experience of detox, she does everything but cook the food for you. She even sent recipe cards! She is beyond helpful. She helps build your confidence. I just love her method of teaching.

I also checked the daily results of the group and it was helpful knowing I wasn’t alone on my journey to find something that works for me. I was encouraged by others to try new foods, this sharing of information helped me feel a part of the group.

I found the plan very easy to follow, and I lost 8.4 lbs! The inches melted away. My skin and hair look shiny. My attitude has been adjusted!

~ Katherine Mach

Cindy Sumner

Spring Renewal is a good reboot to get back in tune with your body!

Before Spring Renewal, my health was the worst it’s been in awhile! By the end, I’d lost 4.5 lbs, felt much better, had more energy, and was able to reset from my bad eating habits.

I found the program to be very doable. I love having it all prescribed for me. I especially enjoyed the recipes; several are in our regular rotation now!

~ Cindy Sumner

Connie G

I loved the shopping lists, meal plan, and the fact that it was flexible enough that I could switch out snacks and meals to suit what I was in the mood to eat.

I’d slowly put on weight and after losing and keeping 5 lbs. off in the spring, and I was wanting to see if I could kick start my body into losing a bit more. I really REALLY want to feel comfortable in my favorite jeans again. I was also really craving sugar hard and could not get it under control.

For me, the hardest part of clean eating is planning. I loved the shopping lists, meal plan, and the fact that it was flexible enough that I could switch out snacks and meals to suit what I was in the mood to eat. I was spending more time in the kitchen throughout the day but it actually felt much easier and less stressful because I had a plan. It was much easier to keep on top of and follow than I’d anticipated. There is also plenty of support and enthusiasm through Lisa and the group that it really feels like more of a treat than a chore!

On the cleanse, I never got any nausea or tiredness and I generally felt really good! I was also surprised on day 1 that I felt full all day. I’d expected I’d be a little hangry… not so!

All together, I lost about 4-5 pounds. I felt great! And I’m not feeling like I need to buy chocolate almond bark every time I go to the grocery store.

~ Connie Groah

Katie and Amy L

Our lives have changed- permanently. I lost 40 pounds, and we ran a 5K for the first time! 

I firmly believe that if we had taken a different route, that if we had not found Lisa, Katie would not be where she is today. Lisa’s constant support and belief in her made all the difference when everyone else around her didn’t believe in her and our chosen method. If we had taken the traditional route of psychologists, etc, I believe Katie would be just like others who struggle with anorexia – in and out of treatment, with no real cure. We have found, through Lisa, not only a solution, but a new way to live our lives. In five short months we achieved what can take others a lifetime. Katie is doing beautifully. She has gained over 30 pounds and is now at a healthy weight. She made honors for the first time in her high school career and was awarded conference honorable mention for softball. We ran a 5K for the first time, and I even lost 40 pounds during the program. Our family is continuing on our healthy path. .So, while THANK YOU doesn’t adequately express our appreciation, the changes Lisa helped us make may very well have saved a life (or two). Thank you Lisa!

~ Amy Lozupone

Carrie Sadowski

“I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks for my cruise!”

As a whole, I have a more positive outlook on my health and nutritional needs. I have also allowed myself to take time out of my busy day for some high quality “Carrie” time. It was easy to use the “grab and go” system and not think twice about what I was actually fueling my body with and then providing my body with no rest. Fitness and exercise has always been important to me, but for some reason I never really felt satisfied after a workout and I was so incredibly hungry! After working with Lisa, I now have a better understanding of how to fuel my body and what to fuel it with, so that I can actually feel satisfied throughout the day.

One of my goals was to lose 10lbs in 6 weeks for this cruise. Lisa taught me how to nourish my body with greens, exercise, sleep and a more positive inner self energy. And the 10lbs came off without me even blinking an eye! I feel great and now I am ready for the next 10!

~ Carrie Sadowski

Carrie and Joe

I lost weight, got off my high cholesterol l medication, and knocked 11 minutes off my half marathon race time. Plus my husband’s blood pressure is down!

After working with Lisa, I realized how important it is to take time for myself everyday and do something that I enjoy or that helps me relax. I do not always think about food-what I am going to eat and when i am going to eat it; measuring the the right amount for a serving size. No more of that! I have learned to listen to my body because it will tell me what it needs. I also realized the importance of sleep and how I need good sleep in order to keep moving and stay happy everyday. An occasional nap does wonders! I am more aware of chemicals and toxins that I used to put in my body and on my body. The best hair and skin products are all natural products like coconut oil and dry brushing with rosemary oil.

I have been getting compliments from everyone about how good I look. Everyone wants to know if i have been tanning or on vacation. I have been told that I am glowing-to the point that I that I thought I might be pregnant! I have dropped a few pounds and for the first time in a long time I feel good about my body and appearance. I also have stopped taking my high cholesterol medication. I am faster when I run and go go longer distances. I knocked 11 mins off my race time from last year. i have more energy and feel like I have better focus and memory. My food choices are certainly different. My body now craves healthy food. I try to eat as clean as possible. I have found new loves in juicing and cooking with different grains and veggies/greens.

Lisa has a very positive energy that is contagious to everyone you meet. You have a wonderful passion and love for coaching and counseling people and helping them achieve their goals. Lisa did not try to sway us to conform to healthy eating habits but worked with us in teaching us how to eat what WE liked but in a more healthy, more clean manner.

I think everyone would benefit from nutritional counseling. I thought I was very knowledgeable about health and wellness (little did I know) but now I have a passion for more. I realized all the things I thought I was doing to be healthy and slim down were just working against me. It’s not about food, it’s about changing your life.

~ Carrie and Joe Hemmer, Nurse, Entreprenuer, and husband-wife team from West River, MD.


I have tons of energy and completed my first marathon!

As a runner, I knew that nutrition played an important part in the training process, but I did not know HOW to make sure I was properly fueling my body. Well, Lisa changed all that! She taught me what I should be eating pre and post workouts. I am eating a greater variety of healthier options such as quinoa, kale and other greens. I have increased my energy level, and I am cooking more and trying new recipes. Lisa is very positive and motivating. She is so easy to talk to!

~ Frankie Lamb, veterinarian from Dunkirk, MD

Jodi Roberts

I was surprised that my picky children and “meat and potatoes” husband embraced healthy foods!

Lisa’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for what she does make her so easy to work with. During our initial meeting, she spent a lot of time determining my family’s needs and developing a program that would be right for us. What I liked best about the program was that she didn’t ask us to give up any of our favorite foods. The focus was on learning about a healthy, balanced diet. We were able to make small changes and incorporate new foods. The most surprising thing was the way my picky children and “meat & potatoes” husband embraced the changes. It was easy because they were able to make their own choices about what to eat. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone wants to learn to eat better and feel better.

~ Jodi Roberts, artist and owner of Off The Wall Painting from Severna Park, MD

Kristin King

I felt energized during my marathon training and was able to easily transition to vegetarianism with Lisa’s help.

As a newbie to the world of vegetarianism, I had been searching for a nutritional advisor to assist me in developing a healthy and balanced diet. Also I  had an upcoming marathon to train for.  The best part about my program with Lisa was that she was very flexible and diverse in her meal plans.  She really listened to what I liked and tailored her sessions with me.  Lisa really focuses on each client individually and what their particular situation is, but her involvement doesn’t stop there. Life as a whole is a giant balancing act and she focuses on all areas of her clients’ lives. Throughout my program, I could really see a change in my energy level, and I just felt better overall! When I first started with Lisa she told me this was going to happen, but I had to feel and see the changes myself to appreciate the work.  I am still very surprised at how food affects our bodies and daily life; what goes into our bodies is so vital and now I don’t take that for granted anymore. Lisa is a great listener, very in -tune to each individual needs and as long as you follow her advice, it will help you change your life for the better.

~Kristin King, paralegal from Odenton, MD


Lisa’s done-for-you approach was perfect. All I had to do was buy the ingredients, follow the recipes and show up.

Moving my body and putting clean food into my mouth is part of my job. In fact, it is the foundation for the work I do with women and their body image issues. However, even I need help once in awhile. Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, and overindulging a bit too much, I knew Lisa’s program would not disappoint. And I was right!

Lisa’ detox program was just the jump-start I needed. I wanted to increase my energy, get rid of those pesky sinus issues I was having and most importantly I didn’t want to have to design any of it. It was fantastic. I highly recommend Lisa’s detox to anyone who needs a good ole fashioned health boost but doesn’t want to forgo real food!

Lisa is inspiring, helpful and just so darn cute! You will love her programs!

~ Kimberly Riggins

kellyinnesI lost weight, have clearer skin, more energy, a clear mind and best of all, more patience!

I liked trying all the new foods I was introduced to over the past 10 day detox. Vegetables that I would have passed over in the produce section are now some of my favorites! The 10 day detox is just the beginning. For me it was the beginning of a new outlook on life, on health. I am transforming the way my entire family eats and lives. This was a great experience, and I can’t wait for another cleanse. I’ve learned so much over these 10 days.

~ Kelly Innes

scottkerberI love this program. It has changed my life. Its changed the way I look at myself, my body, what I eat, how I eat.

Have had so much fun cooking these new colorful recipes. I now pause when I go to grab a handful of junk food, or pause when I go to put a package of processed food in my shopping cart. Two months ago I didn’t even know what a collard green was, now it’s the the 1st thing in my weekly shopping cart. My son keeps asking when I cam going to make beans and greens again. He is making salads and taking fruit to lunch at school. It has affected everyone around me.

Thank you ladies for all the support, suggestions, and recipes. I couldn’t get thru the tough detox without your support. Thanks Lisa for providing this healthy program to us all!

~ Scott Kerber


Oh, wow, my energy level is great and I lost 7 pounds! I feel stronger inside and out! After the first 3 days, I am sleeping soundly and not having hot flashes! Thank you Lisa!!!

Lisa’s detox is an all encompassing approach to wellness–yes, foods, but also water, movement, meditation and oh, so important–encouragement and support! Also, easy to follow shopping list, daily menu and recipes.

Well, I could go on and on. Lisa is the BEST cheerleader you want on your team! I say that, but her knowledge and gentle approach to every question and concern was such a blessing. I can’t wait to detox with Lisa again!

~ Cindy Borchelt


At the beginning of the 10 day detox, my family was totally against anything to do with it. I was really worried about it – I felt like a lone soldier! By day 2, they were all in – tasting my food, talking it up to their friends, asking questions, etc. It became a family program. I am so excited!

Lisa’s pure joy for healthy living is clear and contagious!

Lisa’s detox left me with confidence, mental clarity, more energy, healthier hair and a 10.5 pound weight loss….I know – can you believe it? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Following this plan is very do-able. It’s a step-by-step guide to starting a health focused life. It not only changed my life, it began the process for my entire family.

Thank you for everything – your passion for healthy living, the great recipes, the coaching and for believing that people can change. Thanks for making this do-able and welcome to the family!

~ Betsy Baugh


Ahhh, I felt so clean and light. I was told that my skin looked great and this was only after Day 4! And I lost 4lbs!

I was surprised how easy Lisa’s detox is to follow. That’s not to say that detoxing is easy (days 6-7 were hard for me, I wanted to give up). It’s the way Lisa lays it out compete with shopping list, that makes it doable for a mom of two with a part-time job.

I love everything about Lisa’s detox! The simplicity of the meals; all ingredients were easy to find; and it was all virtual. Lisa’s daily encouraging emails with little tidbits kept you thinking and interested. This was a fantastic experience!

~ Britt Grotheer


I liked so much about the detox. The recipes were very flavorful, easy to put together, and budget friendly. I liked the support of the community on the blog. Lisa responded very quickly to any comments or questions we had. The education was great, too. Each day there was a new “thing” to try or learn. It was a great experience, and I would definitely do it again!

ANYONE can do this detox. Lisa gives you all the tools you need, and it is SO good for you! She has tons of knowledge, and the best part is the fact that she cares so much, and it shows.

~ Nicole Jeffers

Meghan Walker

“I lost 9 lbs. My skin is clearer. I have more focus and more energy. I am sleeping soundly all the way through the night. And my cravings are all but gone!”

During Winter Renewal I learned how easy it is to eat “clean” healthy meals and how delicious and satisfying they are. I learned more on this plan than on any diet or cleanse ever–real, usable things I will take with me always. I was surprised that the meals were so easy to prepare, so satisfying, and gave me so much energy. I thought I would feel depleted but it was the opposite. It is a pleasant surprise to have so many take-aways from this including amazing recipes and a new outlook on how to eat more whole foods all the time. You will not feel deprived. It is not agony. There is not one thing that you would not eat in your “real life” and even be proud to prepare and serve to company. Lisa was like our Zen master. She is chilled out and glowing which was an encouragement to go on because I was neither of those things at the start of this! I truly enjoyed Winter Renewal!

~ Meghan Walker

Jen Best

“The scale says I lost 11 pounds and my pants agree! My workouts are more enjoyable, I can get up easier in the morning! And I have started craving whole foods!”

I’m also journaling again and smiling more! What I liked most about the detox was the overall support from Lisa. In the days before the detox, I was excited about the prospect of learning to listen to my body again and Lisa never let that excitement leave. Through facebook posts and twitter conversations, I could really feel the leadership and support. The blog entries and videos were wonderful as well as the quick responses to emails and tweets!

During Winter Renewal I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to stay on track. The recipes were fantastic and eating GOOD foods didn’t make me feel like I was depriving myself of anything at all. I love food so without great recipes, I think I would have strayed after a few days (or meals)! I learned a lot this week about myself and my relationship with food. The details of the program manual, journals and post-detox information are amazing, too. I loved feeling so ready to begin before the first day was even here.

~ Jen Best

Jen Barrett

“The recipes and meal planning were key for me. Plus the shopping list was a real treat. This took so much work and stress out of my life for not having to plan my own meals. I lost weight, gained more energy, have a happier disposition, and a renewed energy for life!”

I was so pleasantly surprised at how quickly my body turned around. I felt so amazingly good. I never knew that what I was eating would slow me down so much. I was also pleasantly surprised that my wine cravings decreased. I think the renewed energy allowed me to give up a vice I thought was such a part of me. I am no longer alternating between coffee to wake up and wine to relax. My whole being is just better! I never thought I would be able to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and NOT drink a delicious margarita or eat chips and cheese dip (a once a week “treat”). It was easy not to eat those things because I just loved the way I felt and didn’t want to un-do any of what I had worked for. If Lisa told me that in the beginning (and I think she did) I would not have believed her! Amazing! Lisa’s detox is do-able, delicious and so worth it. Lisa spreads love and joy wherever she goes, and that’s truly refreshing! I loved it!

~ Jen Barrett

Hitelia Castellanos

The results are amazing! You feel great, very healthy, and you lose weight as a bonus. What more you can ask for? My husband lost 8 lbs, and I lost 5.5 lbs, and for the first time it was easy for me.

This is a healthy detox. There are not powders, or pills to take. Anyone can do it because Lisa is with you all the way motivating and encouraging you. I also liked the daily emails; they made feel that someone out there was interested in me being successful and completing the 10 days detox. Thanks Lisa, you are a very caring person. Fall Renewal was amazing!

~ Hitelia Castellanos

Amy Liles

I feel better, look better, am sleeping better, and cannot imagine going back to my old ways! I do not like to weigh myself, but I did lose bloat and am rockin’ my skinnies!

I just love Lisa and the energy and enthusiasm she brings to the experience! Fall Renewal is worth it! By the end I felt great, and I was inspired to carry new habits forward.

~ Amy Liles

Dr. Marissa Wallie

My cells are singing! I lost 5 pounds and enjoyed being able to focus on ME!

It is surprising to find out that detox can be easy and really fun. And the food is yummy, too! Lisa’s guest experts were such a nice bonus to the program. They really made the detox about body, mind, and spirit.

Lisa, I praise you for teaching me how to cook healthy, for introducing me to new vibrant foods and recipes, for supporting and loving me, for encouraging me to look inward and focus on ME. I haven’t done that in 5yrs (having children changes everything!). I am excited to move forward with life. And to celebrate the big 4-0! Thank you Coach Lisa!

~ Dr. Marissa Wallie

Dawn DeMeo

I really like that the recipes are mostly really simple to make. I am a three step cook and the majority of these recipes can be done in a few steps without a lot of extra skills needed.

It is worth it to have Lisa’s guidance and the Facebook group. Even if I didn’t post, I liked hearing what everyone else was going through; made me feel part of something. Also, I really love Lisa’s energy and encouragements. I felt very “taken care of” and that is something I don’t do for myself, so it is nice to have it from someone else. I Love the food, love the enthusiasms, and I really appreciate Lisa’s generosity with all the bonuses!

~ Dawn DeMeo

Jennifer Vo

People need to know that eating right can taste GOOD and be diverse too! I love that there are recipes for burgers and burritos in KIC; it bucks the notion that clean eating is just salads all day every day.

KIC is very friendly to beginner cooks in terms of prep, equipment needed, and cooking technique, so people really ought to have no excuses about trying KIC. I just wanted to say: thank YOU, Lisa, for motivating me to get over my “fear” of cooking. I’ve wanted to learn how to cook for a while, but I was always intimidated by lengthy recipes and disheartened by not even knowing if the food would be healthy for me! KIC gave me a path to follow and that helped to dispel all these mental barriers I had around eating right and cooking my meals. I knew I could follow your meal plan and trust the quality and nutrition of the outcome, and that was mentally liberating. Thank you; you’re a food angel!

~ Jennifer Vo

Lisa Kinney

This is not a restriction program. It is a way to become familiar and experiment with whole fresh, beautiful foods.

Lisa’s support was the impetus. I needed to get back on track with my diet, and I feel a whole lot better for it (or, I did, until I had that restaurant meal last night and realize how awful that kind of food makes me feel, even on a short-term basis!). I have more energy (even began to wake up in the morning with positive plans for the day, rather than dragging myself out of bed as had been the case), and more focus, especially for my kids! It’s amazing! Also, I more recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking. Invaluable!

~ Lisa Kinney

Kim Johnson

An added bonus was that my husband and children enjoyed the recipes so I did not have to make separate meals for everyone while I was eating cleaner. It even made an impact on my husband who is far from a healthy eater.

He now craves healthy food and wants to continue eating this way. Yea!! (This makes my life so much easier plus I am excited he has a desire to eat healthier). I felt stronger, healthier and more grounded during the program. I also had more energy and an innate desire to eat healthier (which I don’t normally experience! I loved the recipes, and I especially liked how Lisa makes eating healthy and cleaner so easy.

~ Kim Johnson

Colleen Hindsley

Before Kickin’ It Clean, I’d often default to cold cereal for dinner. Now I have a fridge full of ready-to-go options.

Kickin’ It Clean is not a fad diet or an extreme program. It’s a really simple way to plan ahead. Also, Lisa introduces a few need foods every week- so you can try new things without getting overwhelmed.
Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling great due to eating fabulous whole foods, I was less anxious about what to eat and how I would find time to make it. I loved having a week’s worth of menu ideas in one place, complete with shopping lists. Kickin’ It Clean made it really easy to plan ahead. I also liked that the recipes used some of the same ingredients over the course of the week, so food waste was almost eliminated. Love your programs, Lisa!

~ Colleen Hindsley

Danielle Faulkner

During Lisa’s detox, I lost 4 1/2 pounds and had more energy and focus. I felt less stressed and healthy from the inside out. I really enjoyed preparing meals again for myself and my family, too. The food was beautiful and so delicious plus it was a great bonding experience for us.

I was surprised that I could give up caffeine and sugar for 10 days. I love sugar and sweets and I haven’t cheated once. It makes such a difference on your overall well being that giving up something you feel you have to have is just not true. You eat well and will be full. This is a program to jumpstart your way to healthy living, and I think everyone can benefit.

I am so thrilled that this was such an eye opening experience. I’m an athlete who runs a lot and thought I was taking care of myself. Not! I vow to continue eating greens, vegetables and fruits. I am a true believer in this and so thankful I joined the 10 day detox!

~Danielle Faulkner

Susan Thaxton
I found that during the detox my skin really changed. I lost 3 pounds, and I broke the sugar cycle, which was the biggest thing for me -no more soda (HUGE goal accomplished — whole reason I did the detox), no more honey in the oatmeal, etc. I was surprised by the fact that I was not crazy tired after the first couple of days!

Lisa’s detox program is not 7 days of torture and crazy self-denial. It’s a chance to find new foods that you may not normally eat, or eat in combination, and find out that they are actually good and do not require a lot of time and effort to make.

I will definitely take many of the recipes with me going forward. They were so easy and tasty. I’m a big fan of the smoothies, and I would never have put kale in a smoothie prior to this. I did the detox to get the sugar out of my life. I have been an avid soda drinker for YEARS — no coffee, just soda. It used to be full-throttle Coke, then Coke Zero. I have been in denial, knowingly so, about needing to end this habit as I justified it by it being my only real vice (I eat pretty well, I’m pretty fit, so why can’t I drink soda?). I finally could not deny it any longer and needed to make some changes, and it was a chance to get other sugars out of my diet. I don’t eat a lot of ‘junk’ food and don’t keep treats in the house, but there was sugar creeping in other things — honey in the oatmeal, energy bars, etc. This gave me a chance to break the cycle of wanting the sweets. I completely recommend Lisa’s program!

~ Susan Thaxton

Susan McCabe
“I was amazed how good the food was! I loved the meals! I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I was able to stay on track during the detox. Giving up my coffee wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!”

I suffered from chronic heartburn that was never “cured” with prescription medication. By the end of the 3rd detox day I was heartburn free! I lost weight, and I slept like a baby! Also I loved Lisa’s daily blogs and videos where we would hear about her experiences with the detox. A group of us did Lisa’s detox together and we enjoyed emailing, texting each other our thoughts on the meals, how we felt, etc… Doing with the group made it so much fun, and even though I said “no” to joining Lisa’s detox at first (I thought I couldn’t give up coffee!), I’m glad I changed my mind. It was an amazing experience!

~Susan McCabe

Susan Noble
“I went into the detox with quite a bit of skepticism and was convinced I would bail by the middle of the week. After detox, I have never felt better, more energetic, or more clear headed in my life! And I lost 5 pounds!”

Not only did I stick with the program, but I have become a huge cheerleader. It was an amazing experience, and I discovered things about myself that took me by surprise. I never felt deprived. Lisa provides you with complete menus of real food. Nothing too out of the ordinary, well, I don’t normally drink smoothies with spinach, but definitely food you find in your grocery store. I will keep most of the recipes and put them in my regular rotation. Looking for a way to kick start yourself out of the winter rut? This is a great way to do it. (The spinach smoothie sounded awful but it is one of my new favorite things!)

~ Susan Noble

Amber McCue
“Honestly, the weight I lost surprised me! Loved that! I was doing Winter Renewal for general health benefits and got the bonus of losing all but the last three pounds of my pregnancy weight.”

Lisa is so well organized, and her products are top notch. Everything was perfectly outlined. I loved the structure of Winter Renewal. I knew exactly what to plan for each day. I didn’t have to think about what to eat. It’s all spelled out. As someone with a busy schedule who wants to implement a big change in my diet like this, Lisa made it pure Bliss.
I lost 5 pounds, have more focus, better sleep, more energy. After doing the detox, I feel better all around. Just a balance in life in general.

~ Amber McCue

Ylonda Founterloy
My blood sugar is stable, and I’ve been able to drastically reduce the amount of medication I’m taking. I just feel good. Lisa, thank you for doing this. You have done the hard part. Now I can just follow the map.

Kickin’ It Clean is so easy to incorporate into your life. No matter how badly you might have been eating before, you can do this without feeling like you are sacrificing taste for being healthy.

Plus I didn’t have to think too much about what we were eating. I could just decide which days we were KIC and which days we were doing something else. The meal plans allowed flexibility, and the family could still have their “fun” foods. We now have so many recipes to choose from that we’re not eating the same old thing over and over.

~ Ylonda Founterloy

Courtney Cahill
“I lost 7 pounds…bye bye love handles! And everything was organized for me. Since I’m super busy, I liked that this program was virtual to fit into my schedule.”

During Lisa’s cleanse, I felt good when I wake each morning. I no longer feel weighed down by unhealthy eating habits. My skin, body and hair all feel different in a very good way. My hair is softer and shinier, and my skin is much clearer and healthier looking. Plus I’m not falling asleep with the TV on!

I loved that I was able to share anything about my experience without judgment with Lisa and the group. The support made the detox much easier for me. It will change your life!

~ Courtney Cahill

Missy Bedell
I lost 7.5 pounds, have clear skin, more focus, more energy and no afternoon energy dip!

I couldn’t believe all the the energy I felt. How much BETTER my brain and body felt. I could think so much better! Losing 7.5 pounds wasn’t too shabby either! And I sleep better and it’s easier to get up early. Lisa is sooooooo positive, so committed to her program. I was slightly annoyed that she didn’t say, “Ok, 1 soda a day is fine,” at the beginning, but that’s what she needed to do – stick to her program. I am MUCH better off for not having any caffeine during this time.

I loved the daily emails and all the support. It was surprising that I felt great along with losing weight. Sometimes you think you need to feel bad to lose weight, but I’ve truly felt wonderful.

~ Missy Bedell

Devon Jackson
“It was a really fun experience, and I didn’t expect that! Plus I started sleeping through the night!”

I had increased energy, and I started sleeping through the night for the first time in a long time. It feels magical to wake up and it’s actually morning! There’s a new awareness of what’s good for me and how important it is to take care of myself. Timing is important in order to have the most positive experience, because you might have a really hard time focusing during the first couple of days in a cleanse. It’s a great time to do other extra self-care, like the dry-brushing, meditation, massage, naps, etc. I LOVED being connected with a community of other cleanse champions. I learned so much from their questions. And hearing the variety of challenges, the optimism and commitment, and Lisa’s positive, helpful and wise presence through it all, helped me stay strong and actually made it FUN!

~ Devon Jackson

Angela Fridley
“I have lost 7lbs total and have been able to keep it off. I feel great and have tons of energy!”

My body ‘fits’ again and feels good and I am keeping the momentum going even after detox. I can’t think of a single recipe from the detox that I don’t like! The meals are easy to make and very grab-n-go. Since I travel a lot for work, the detox fit into my life perfectly. My face is happy with less breakouts, too! I have found many gluten free alternatives to the things I love and have been enjoying them in moderation. I think it is the path of the future for me! I’ve picked up some great habits these last ten days and plan to implement a lot of these recipes in my daily diet. Btw- I absolutely LOVE the lentil bowl. Perfect meal! Thanks for putting together an amazing detox program!

~ Angie Fridley Shellem

Brie Land

I lost 4 lbs and I noticed more energy!

I was skeptical at first about the energy but by day 4, I didn’t need the coffee for my 3:30 am departure! Lisa’s detox programs are a great reminder of how to eat healthy and control your portions. For a busy mom, the schedule of meals and snacks helped me to stay focused and organized,but with the flexibility to shift around as my schedule or tastebuds changed. Trying new recipes with fruits and vegetables helped me to look forward to the meals. Not only were they healthy, but yummy too. I will continue to use these recipes in my meals and look forward to experimenting with them for new fruits and vegetables.

~ Brie Lang

Jenni Arnold
The menus were easy to follow and the food was delicious! Plus the detox was a good influence on my 8 year old daughter!

I had more energy, lost several pounds, craved the greens and loved all the healthy foods! I also loved having the support of the group, and Lisa’s emails were a big help. I didn’t feel “alone” while I was doing the detox. And you still get to EAT during Lisa’s detoxes! I loved the whole process…thank you!

~ Jenni Arnold

Liz Angevine
“I absolutely love Lisa’s programs and her recipes! Not only are they super delicious but, they’re easy to make and some are perfect for on-the-go eating!”

The first change I noticed was a decrease in bloating. I felt full but, I didn’t have to put on my stretchy yoga pants on after a meal. As time went on, I had less cravings and I didn’t hit my normal 3 p.m. no-energy rut. As a matter of fact, I was seeing an increase in my energy. Lisa is truly an inspiration and with the support she provides I know I’ll be looking great by the time my wedding rolls around!

~ Liz Angevine

Ann Lassiter
Planning is the key, and Lisa has done all the planning for you. Plus doing it with a group makes the detox so much easier.

My group was full of amazingly creative people and amazingly good people to lean on during the detox. I lost weight and wasn’t hungry all day. I had better focus because my usual approach to food is to get too busy to eat. So I don’t eat for most of the day, then I eat a large meal late. Lisa’s menus were helpful, especially that we didn’t have to follow them religiously. They allowed some flexibility. AND oh, the recipes were delicious! It wasn’t so much that I was glad to see the end of detox, it was more “how can I make parts of this continue to work”. I will definitely keep most of the recipes in constant use. Thanks Lisa!

~ Ann Lassiter

Stephanie Kubiczki Christnagel
I lost 5 lbs., I was energized and in a great mood! I felt balanced and there was no “2pm” sluggish feeling or sugar crashes.

I felt really great after day 2 and had so much energy even without all the caffeine! I lost 5 lbs and just feel really healthy! My head was clear and I was more focused. I loved the group support and had it not been apart of the program I would have failed. Lisa was a great motivator and was also very helpful with any questions I had. All of the recipes were fantastic, too! I’m so glad I participated in Lisa’s detox!

~ Stephanie Kubiczki Christnagel

Claire McClelland
“During Winter Renewal, I lost 7 pounds, slept well, and found that I was able to think more clearly. I also noticed a positive effect on my mood and my ability to deal with stressful situations. Plus my husband lost 16 pounds!”

I loved that the menu was all planned out for you in advance and that there was a shopping list as well. It made it so easy prepare ahead of time. The recipes were simple and delicious. Lisa provided such enthusiastic and positive personal support and a forum for us to receive encouragement from other ‘detoxers’ as well. I looked forward to her video chats and her replies to comments/questions on the blog. I found that it was a great opportunity to assess my eating habits and to try some new foods that I will now add to my repertoire. I also noticed a positive effect on my mood and my ability to deal with stressful situations. The weight loss was a pleasant surprise and the amount of food (per serving)that we could consume was generous and tasted great!

~ Claire McLellan

Melanie Matthews
I feel like Lisa’s detox programs have been life altering. I’ve been struggling for the last five years to lose those lingering pounds from two pregnancies. Since my first cleanse with Lisa, I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I am almost to my goal weight!

I never felt hungry while doing the cleanses and have taken the recipes and the ingredients to become my staples during the week, while still enjoying my weekends. I thought I was eating healthy before, but this was truly eye-opening. Lisa, thank you for a great program!

~ Melanie Matthews

Jean Compton
During the Lisa’s detox I definitely had clearer skin. Glowing skin! And I didn’t have that bloated feeling anymore. I loved having Lisa’s support with emails and check ins. She throws in bonuses, too!

Something I loved about the detox was committing to the program. I put my mind to it and did it! The recipes were delicious, and I never felt hungry. People should know that the detox is an important thing to do for yourself periodically and on a regular basis. I like the idea of doing it seasonally. You learn new things, check in with yourself–see what’s working with your diet, lifestyle, etc. and what isn’t. And, it improves the quality of your life!

~ Jean Compton

Amy Tobias

During Lisa’s detox, I really did develop the need to eat a lot of greens during the day. My body just felt like it needed the leafy wonders! Plus I noticed clear skin and lost 4 pounds!

There was so much I loved about my experience. I especially enjoyed the daily, informative affirmations. I loved the fact that Lisa was so positive. I always looked forward to my daily emails. Since I feel so good, I want to continue to eat well and keep the glow going!

~ Amy Tobias

Julie Hussey

Lisa’s detox made my skin brighter and less puffy. My bloated belly disappeared! I lost 4 lbs, and I just loved eating healthy and waking up the next day without guilt.

I just FELT GOOD on the detox. Also, I discovered some new foods I didn’t know I’d like. Beets! And fennel! I developed some habits, too. The water with lemon in the detox was a super easy addition to my morning. The recipes were easy to make, and I had many favorites like the hummus, juices and the salads.
The detox goes by so fast! And you feel so amazing that you don’t want to go back to old habits!

~ Julie Hussey

Katie Shewbridge

I’m not intimidated by the grocery store anymore!

I love trying new foods and recipes now. My skin glows. I have more energy, and as a Bikram yoga instructor, I feel strong and balanced. The internal results of clean eating are indescribable.

~ Katie Shewbridge

Cindy Shea

I enjoyed the clean foods and thinking about food in a new way.

I don’t turn to those goldfish or cookies for an afternoon pick me up now. I would rather have an apple or cucumber. I have a new rebooted desire for whole foods. I was really skeptical and didn’t think I would like it or be able to do it, but I was wrong!! Not only did I enjoy eating clean but there are some recipes that will stay with me forever!

~ Cindy Shea

Sara Streeter
The KIC program is a great resource for home chefs of any experience level.

The healthy meal plans gave me inspiration to cook more at home. Loved the meal plans! The recipes tasted great and were fun to make and eat! The recipes helped inspire me in the kitchen and gave me motivation to cook more at home.

~ Sara Streeter

Courtney C

Kickin’ It Clean with Lisa rocks! I lost weight, got tons of new meal ideas, and I made changes that became second nature, not “diet-y.”

My hubby had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol before we signed up, and this really helped us get a kick start to correcting those health issues.

During Kickin’ It Clean, someone at work randomly told me one day how healthy I looked which was the best compliment ever. And ingredients that I would never think to purchase are now staples in our home…Thank you Lisa! Your program is awesome…fun…no pressure and important for healthy living.

~ Courtney C.

Ally Tierney
I loved EVERYTHING about Kickin’ It Clean! All of the recipes were delicious, and I really loved that a shopping list was included ~ really helped me stay organized!

During the month, I realized that is was really simple to eat clean; not nearly as daunting as I had imagined. Plus the recipes are amazing…I didn’t feel like I was making any sacrifices. AND I had a lot more energy throughout the day. I just adore you, Lisa, and really love how passionate you are about clean eating and your business. You are such a wonderful role model and are truly an inspiration.

~ Ally Tierny

Jennifer Pollite
I LOVED this program. I received so many recipes that I should not need to go hunting for anything new to cook for months to come. And so healthy!!

Kickin’ It clean is flexible, non-restrictive and easy. I have more energy, and I feel like my energy stays even throughout the day. I can’t believe that I don’t have that afternoon lull. I enjoyed all the recipes…super easy to make and so yummy!

~ Jennifer Pollite

Christine Schuette

The Kickin’ It Clean menu does not leave one feeling hungry or unsatisfied. The menu offers variety, and I was encouraged to try new foods. I put all of the recipes in a binder as Lisa suggested, and the recipes will be my new “go to” foods.

I have never tried to be gluten free, but during the month, I noticed how much better I felt when I didn’t eat gluten. I also noticed that I suffered from fewer headaches when I ate clean.
People are often leery of diets and diet programs but Kickin’ It Clean isn’t a diet approach. It is a guide to healthy eating. I will pass on the information about KIC to friends and family so that others can join and reap the benefits!

~Christine Schuette

Jamie DuBose

Incorporating green juice into our daily diet and routine has been one of the best decisions we ever made.

There’s all kinds of buzz going on about the health benefits of green juicing, and after trying Lisa’s recipes, my whole family is hooked on green juice – even my 2 year old daughter!

I thought it would be more time consuming to make my own juice, but I’ve found that it’s much easier and more cost effective to run a few carrots, cucumbers, and apples through the juicer rather than buy it from the store. I was always concerned about the ridiculous amounts of sugars that are hidden in manufactured “healthy” juice. Now I can confidently give my daughter a healthy, filling snack any time she asks for a cup! It’s also a lot of fun to try new flavor combinations to find something the whole family enjoys.
Thank you, Lisa, for turning us on to the wonders and awesomeness of juicing!

~ Jamie DuBose

Susan Williams

I lost 5 pounds, and that is hard for me to do, since weight is hard to get off when you are 51 years old. I had on a whole just felt better, and I could not get over how good my skin on my face looked. My cravings were less, too. My mind was also clear and focused.

Loved this detox! Detox is a good way to keep in touch with your body and inner health. You will lose weight but it is definitely not like a diet. You are never hungry, whereas on diets you are always hungry. The recipes were awesome and I can’t wait to detox again!

~ Susan Williams

Susan Williams
“I just finished my Winter Renewal Detox and it was A-MAZ-ING! I’m fully re-energized and sleeping like a baby!”

Ten days ago I was foggy brained, plagued with low energy and insomnia. That’s no way to live. After doing Lisa’s detox, my husband and I (yes — he did it with me) are so excited about the way we feel, we are keeping sugar, caffeine and gluten out of our diets permanently and keeping dairy to a minimum. I’m already looking forward to Lisa’s next detox! Thanks so much Lisa. This was exactly what we needed to correct our eating habits. If you are reading this and thinking of jumping in, do it!

~ Victoria Prozan

Christine Gresham

“I lost 9 ½ pounds, and I’m feeling energized and clean!”

During Winter Renewal, I woke up earlier than normal without feeling exhausted. I realized as much as I love coffee and wine, I am able to cut them out of my daily diet. I also learned how easy it is to eat clean and be healthy. I encourage everyone to try Lisa’s detox; it has changed how we shop for food and we now eat more at home.

~ Christine Gresham

Cassia Douglass

“I was so surprised how good I felt. I was never hungry. I lost 10 pounds and my skin and hair look amazing!”

I also really liked the online support and your positive attitude and encouragement. I may have a whole posse of fellow teachers ready to do the next detox with me!!!! I feel hope that I haven’t felt in a long time – I can get and stay healthy. Lisa is awesomely supportive, and you will NOT be hungry, ever! I am a convert for life. Lisa saved my life with this detox, and I am forever grateful

~ Cassia Douglass

Susanne Brooks

“Lisa’s renewals makes healthy living feasible, easy, and increases love for ourselves and others.”

Before the detox, I felt bloated, lost, and full of self doubt, but Lisa’s motivation is contagious! The program is easy to follow thanks to clear instructions, easy-to-follow recipes, and an extremely supportive group of beautiful people sharing their incredible journey. I felt very supported, and Lisa provided almost immediate feedback to questions.

Now I’m thinking much more clearly, and I experience less bloating. My clothes feel looser! I’m also taking time for myself nurturing and nourishing my body.

I enjoy the commitment and evolution each session. Thank you Whole Heath Designs team!

~ Susanne Brooks

Jennifer Smyth

“The program is laid out so well and the food is easy and delicious.”

I came into Winter Renewal feeling over-saturated with holiday food. My stomach was sore and bloated, and I was binging on sugar.

I had read every book about healthy eating and had tried many crazy fad programs when I saw an ad for Whole Health Designs. I originally signed up for Winter Renewal and it was the best!! I then immediately joined for the year!

The detox really helped me get back on track. I felt less bloated and sick each night. I think about what I eat and strive for the healthiest option. I love that the recipes are all laid out and easy to make. There are no strange ingredients; just healthy whole foods. The open group chat is amazing. It really helps to hear about challenges and successes of others.

I guess for me, the most important thing is that Lisa will be there with you every step of the way!! Lisa is amazing and so personable. She really cares about her clients.

And the group is amazing! I keep coming back to the detoxes for the group because it keeps me accountable and offers support.

Looking forward to the next detox!

~ Jennifer Smyth

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