Cheat, Guilt, Listen

I have something to tell you. I cheated. Well, actually, cheating might not be the right word. As I don’t believe in diets, don’t diet, and absolutely despise diets, I guess I could say I did something my body didn’t approve of. I want you to know that I am bearing my soul because as a health coach some see … Read More

3 Tips to Keep Your Produce Fresh

So you are buying your greens at the farmer’s markets and trying new recipes for the summer.  Yay! But what do you do when you get busy and days go by and your fridge if full of dying plants? Never fear! I have some simple tips you can try to prevent this from happening (and keeping your produce looking good). … Read More

Iced Coffee, Diet Coke, (and Nancy Botwin)

Monday, June 27th. I waited and waited for this day to come. The season premiere of Weeds was on June 27th. A big day for me because I am an huge fan of Nancy Botwin. She sure makes me look like Mom of the Year with all her crazy antics with some funny business, shady characters, and getting into trouble. … Read More