WELLness Pop Up Wrap Up

[sharethis] Three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of leading the very first the WELLness Pop Up Shop in Annapolis.  AND I must say, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude! Our health and well-being is EVERYTHING;  physical, mental, and spiritual.  What we are doing here together, learning how to eat clean and live healthy lives, have tons to do with prevention and … Read More

Plant-Based Protein Guide

[sharethis] This question gets me pretty fired up (I’m asked this almost daily): “If you’re not eating meat, where do you get your protein?” If you’ve been with me awhile or are savvy to the plant-based life, you know that there is protein in broccoli and spinach, but for the majority of the population, especially in North America, there’s a … Read More

Post-Workout Smoothie Recipe

March.  I thought I would be shedding my winter jacket, but lo and behold, we got some stormy weather in Annapolis. We had a “snow day” for rain. The kids were off of school in anticipation for snow but no luck. This never happened growing up in Pittsburgh. I remember going to school in 12 ft of snow. Well, maybe … Read More

Three Steps to Overcome Obstacles (My Iron Girl Story)

“When you venture outside your comfort zone, wherever the starting point may be, it’s a big deal.” Chris Guillebeau’s  The Art of Non-Conformity This is so true for me and swimming.  You see, I never took swim lessons. Oh, wait, I am lying. I took a few lessons when I was in grade school and pretty much learned the doggie paddle … Read More

Top 5 Energy Boosters

“I don’t have enough energy to get through my day.” “I crash around 3:00 every afternoon.” ” By the time I get home from work, there is NO way I have energy left to exercise.” “I wish I could keep up with the kids. I just don’t have the energy to play with them.” It seems that lack of energy … Read More