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 “Momma, when does school start? I can’t wait to use pencils again!”

Is that crazy pants or what? 

I’ve never seen two kids so excited to get back to school.  I told them to savor summer, rest, have fun, but all they wanted to talk about was buying new outfits for the first day (well, that was just Kate, Jack could wear the same clothes everyday and not care), finding out when the school kits with supplies arrive, and wondering if the bus schedule was posted online yet.

They love to admire all the supplies in their school kits and stash all the goodies in their back packs for the first day.

Back to School Happy!

Back to School Happy!

Crayons have the nice sharp points.  Notebooks are organized.  All is brand, shiny new…never used.

(Um, like, wow, I guess I can relate. I get a sort of tingling inside when I  buy a new planner or a wall calendar…ready to be played with).

I love messing up my calendars!

I love messing up my calendars!

It’s something about this time of year that get’s you motivated, and I think my kids can even feel it.

Fall is actually, in my opinion, a better time of year to make those New Year’s Resolutions.

September is the NEW New Year,” states Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.

 I’m filled with inspiration to act upon my goals and ideas.  I’m ready to follow through and make things happen so that I’m not bummed on Dec. 31st realizing that I let the year slip by.

How about you?  Feeling the same way?

One thing I’m working on in my personal life is making sure I eat lunch. I can get in the habit of pounding away at the computer and before I know it, it’s 3 pm and time to get the kids off the bus.   My intention is to make a well-balanced, fueling lunch each day during the week so I can concentrate (my mind turns to mush when I’m hungry) and keep my energy up.

So when I pack the lunches for the kids, I follow the same guideline for myself:

Each meal should have a healthy fat (ex. extra virgin olive oil, avocado), protein (ex. quinoa, beans), and carb (veggie and fruit) combination with a little somethin’ somethin’ (ex. coconut flakes, cacao nibs, even chocolate chips-vegan of course!)

Example:  I made this today with ingredients from my pantry.  It was quick and easy.

Quinoa with chopped cucumbers and carrots and dressing (red vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil) with a fruit salad (strawberries and blueberries topped with raw almond slices and coconut flakes).

Protein:  Quinoa, nuts

Carb:  fruit and veggies

Fat:  nuts and extra virgin olive oil

Somethin’ Somethin’:  coconut flakes

*I meant to add avocado slices for extra fat and but I didn’t have any on hand but I highly suggest  you do this.  I’m an avocado freak!

Yum and Yum!

Yum and Yum!

I made this handy chart to post on your fridge so you can make delicious and clean lunches, too.  Hip hip!

Click to get your copy!

Click to get your copy!

How about you…feeling the energy of the season, too?  Download your goodies and tell me one goal you want to accomplish before the year is over. Leave your note below in the comments. 

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