Lean Green Lassie Smoothie


The 21 Day Green Up Smoothie Challenge

Day 14

We are finishing up Week 2 of our challenge today!

And we’re feeling goooooood.

Our families are even getting on board our Green Up way of life.

Charlie's Green Mustache

Green smoothie ‘stache. I hardly got any this morning because my son drank almost my entire portion. I might have to raid my husband’s.,” says Stephanie Roth Fastoso, Green Up goddess.

Today’s smoothie is actually one I make for St. Patrick’s Day…it’s super green and the mint sure pumps it up.  Mint is excellent for tummy aches and aiding digestion.  And the cacao nibs are such a treat. Great source of magnesium, the raw pure chocolate enhance the YUM factor.

Go ahead and make it!


Lean Green Lassie Smoothie

Blend ingredients and drink up!

Makes 24 oz.

Serves 2

What do you say?

Have you tried cacao yet?

Share in the comments below.

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