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[sharethis] It’s the last day of 2014…what are you up to?

Maybe celebrating?

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It’s green juice, I swear!

So is your liver giving you the middle finger these days? All the sugar, alcohol (if you drink it), caffeine…the non-stop eating… the poor liver needs a good cleansing!

It’s about that time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. Possibly you are doing some reflecting on the year and deciding where you want to go in 2015 in regards to your health.

So after the ball drops, it will be time to get down to business.

I know you. You want to feel better and give your liver a break after all the eating you did during the holidays. And you want to be in the best health of your life, full of energy and to know what it feels like to feel good about your body.

So come January 1st (tomorrow!) who’s ready for the #healthyupgrade2015?

What is ONE simple healthy thing you can implement each day?

Eat organic…

Drink a smoothie for breakfast…

Add more fiber with a salad for lunch..

Drink water with lemon in the mornings…

Go to bed before 10 pm each night…

Write in your gratitude journal…

The key is to work on gradual change so your habits form for the long-term. And guess what? We are going to do that this year! Hells yes!

What simple healthy fix you add into your life for 2015? Tell me your #healthyupgrade2015 in the comments below.

Also, download your FREE 5 Day Recipe Guide>>>

I made this guide just for you because I know you are serious about upgrading your health and flushing the yuk from the holidays.

The guide includes:

• Calendar chart to put on your fridge
• Recipes for 5 days
• Grocery list so you can do one shop before you start.

The guide is a sneak peek into what I have in store for you during Clean + Sexy Membership and Detox so download immediately.

5 Day Clean Recipe Guide

Here’s to an AH-MAZING 2015! Here we come!

What is your #healthyupgrade2015 ? Share with me below!

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