End of Summer Recipe: Zucchini Lasagna

Oh, the end of summer is coming so fast! I just got back from a beach vacation and soaked up as much summer as I could. Now as I go  back-to-school shopping, I  feel like I need to cherish everything summer offers before the leaves start falling next month. That’s why I was so stoked when I found a summery … Read More

Three Steps to Overcome Obstacles (My Iron Girl Story)

“When you venture outside your comfort zone, wherever the starting point may be, it’s a big deal.” Chris Guillebeau’s  The Art of Non-Conformity This is so true for me and swimming.  You see, I never took swim lessons. Oh, wait, I am lying. I took a few lessons when I was in grade school and pretty much learned the doggie paddle … Read More

Cheat, Guilt, Listen

I have something to tell you. I cheated. Well, actually, cheating might not be the right word. As I don’t believe in diets, don’t diet, and absolutely despise diets, I guess I could say I did something my body didn’t approve of. I want you to know that I am bearing my soul because as a health coach some see … Read More

3 Tips to Keep Your Produce Fresh

So you are buying your greens at the farmer’s markets and trying new recipes for the summer.  Yay! But what do you do when you get busy and days go by and your fridge if full of dying plants? Never fear! I have some simple tips you can try to prevent this from happening (and keeping your produce looking good). … Read More

Iced Coffee, Diet Coke, (and Nancy Botwin)

Monday, June 27th. I waited and waited for this day to come. The season premiere of Weeds was on June 27th. A big day for me because I am an huge fan of Nancy Botwin. She sure makes me look like Mom of the Year with all her crazy antics with some funny business, shady characters, and getting into trouble. … Read More

Starbucks is Why You’re Fat

*** I updated this popular post with new research and FREE Sugar Busting Crash Course Guide!  Includes sugar cleanse! Sign up for the FREE boot camp webinar recording and receive goodies>>> I will get to the Starbucks part after I rant a bit. For this week’s blog, I am so inspired to talk about SUGAR because everywhere I go, I … Read More

Top 5 Energy Boosters

“I don’t have enough energy to get through my day.” “I crash around 3:00 every afternoon.” ” By the time I get home from work, there is NO way I have energy left to exercise.” “I wish I could keep up with the kids. I just don’t have the energy to play with them.” It seems that lack of energy … Read More

Do Salads Leave You Hungry?

“I’m so healthy–I eat a salad every day for lunch,” said Tracy, one of my newer clients. “But,” she quickly added, “I can’t stop snacking in the afternoon. At 4:00 I tend to inhale the leftover bagels from the breakfast meetings.” Salads are certainly healthy meals, especially if you can add some dark leafy greens such as spinach or kale. … Read More

Secrets to Eating Healthy in Restaurants

Last summer  my family and I  spent a week at the beach. I was with my husband and two children, Kate and Jack, the two cutest little things on this Earth! Yes, I am biased.:)  Although it was nice to get away and take a break from regular life, I noticed that is was rather hard to eat healthy at restaurants. Even … Read More

Making New Year’s Resolutions? SIMPLIFY

Well, only a few more days in 2010. I am in such a creative and productive mode this week; taking time to reflect on how grateful I am for all the wonderful people in my life and that I get to do my life’s work everyday. I am a lucky lady for sure! With all this reflection, I am also getting … Read More

Yuletide Recipe: Make Dessert Worth It

Dessert. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that it isn’t an essential part of life.  As humans, it is natural for us to have that desire for sweetness. Sugar can be wonderful at times.  It gives us that “feel good” experience that can bring us to Nirvana.   In general, it is easier to find a way to live with it … Read More

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday

Have you started getting into the holiday season yet? I went to my first holiday party on Saturday (such a good time!), and threw up a few decorations, but I am nowhere near ready to shop, wrap gifts, put up the tree, etc… With all I have to do, I am really trying to stay as balanced as possible this … Read More

3 Nourishing Thanksgiving Recipes

Planning your T-giving meal ? These recipes are the bomb-digity… Roasted Squash with Fennel and Asparagus (I made this last year for Thanksgiving dinner and it was so delicious). Serves 6-8 Ingredients: 1 large butternut squash, peeled, seeded, and diced 1 large fennel bulb, halved, cored and sliced 5 shallots, quartered 4 garlic cloves, peeled 1 lb. of asparagus, cut … Read More

Q & A With Jessica Seinfield

 I’m so excited to give away a copy of Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook, Double Delicious, and to share with you a fun Q&A with Jessica herself. Through my publicist, I was lucky enough to submit my specific questions to Jessica who took the time to answer them – and I love what she has to say. So read on for my fun Q&A with Jessica … Read More