Vegan and Gluten-Free Winter Minestrone

[sharethis] The other day I got one of those One Year Ago Face Book memory posts reminding me of the biggest snowstorm we had last year. We had sooooooo much fun during that snowstorm… Kate and Jack all smiles. With our buds. Girl down! Right now it’s been around 55 degrees, sunny, and I’m not even wearing a winter jacket. … Read More

Spicy Winter Soup

[sharethis] Winter… I have a love-hate relationship with it. Usually in December, I look forward to the first snowflake. I conjure up images of sipping hot vegan cocoa in front of the fireplace, all cuddled up with a cozy blanket and warm fuzzy socks. But by the end of February, fuhgeddaboudit. I’m done. There’s the other side of winter, the … Read More

Winter Renewal Red Lentil Soup Recipe

On cold winter days, I crave me some lentil soup. Think filling, warm, nourishing, soothing…ahhhhh. Plus the  Red Lentil Soup is packed with tons of protein and fiber. I slurped 2 bowls of the soup down for lunch. It’s really hard to work on portion size with this dish, but no worries.  It’s nutrient dense which means you can’t over … Read More