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Farmer’s Veggie Skewers with Rosemary


I’ve been searching for a way to take advantage of all the summer time veggies and herbs, and I think I hit the jack pot! And the rosemary vinaigrette poured over the skewers enhances the flavor of the seasonal veggies.  Savory. Delightful. Heavenly. Come with me and make these amazing cookout kabobs: Farmer’s Veggie Skewers […]
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Summer Recipe Round Up


August is about tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini…and berries, too.   My favorite past time is trekking to the local farmer’s market in Baltimore,  sampling the summertime treats, and then experimenting in my kitchen with all the goodies I bought. Summer is full of color, flavor, and even the smells of the sunflowers…ahhhh.  My senses come alive! […]
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End of Summer Recipes

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For those of us living in the US, we will be celebrating Labor Day on Monday.  Crazy, I know! Anyone having that New Year’s Day to Labor Day blur???  I sure am.  My kids are now back at school, and I can’t help but think of all we did for fun this summer. Beach, baseball […]
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