Choco-Coconut Bars

I’m on this chocolate kick lately.  I’ve been pretty stressed and busy with the kids’ activities, developing new products for my site, and getting ready for a business trip to NYC.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m extra tired and feeling this way, I tend to go for the chocolate. I want something to soothe me. I WANT … Read More

Sexy Smoothie Recipe for Two

February…what a delicious month. Candied hearts, strawberries dipped in chocolate, red roses… With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I couldn’t resist writing a post about love and connecting it to food. I made this  silky chocolate treat, and let me tell you, it gets your juices flowing.  It’s indulgent and very fun to share. The Sexy Smoothie for Two … Read More

Snickerdoodle Recipe

PIN IT FOR LATER!   Ahhh, the cookie tray at parties!  How can anyone resist? The cookie tray is a big deal where I come from.  At every wedding, funeral, big event, the cookie tray is super important.  I’m not sure if this is local to the Pittsburgh area or that my lovely Aunt Rita and Aunt June just dig … Read More