Clean + Sexy Trial Cancellation Policy

You may request a cancellation of the trial anytime during 21 days from the start of the trial period. You may NOT request a refund or cancel the Clean + Sexy monthly payment plan after the end of the 21-day trial period. The cancellation of the trial terminates the requirement of future monthly payments as well as access to the Clean + Sexy Membership site.


Clean + Sexy Monthly Payment Plan

The Clean + Sexy monthly payment plan is NOT a subscription service. You need to pay in full (all 12 payments). You can NOT stop payment at anytime during the 12 month duration.

If you think this will be a problem for you, do not enroll. I’m trusting you to pay for your program in completion as you receive exclusive detox programs as well as special bonuses just for Clean + Sexy members. It’s good karma!


Clean + Sexy Pay in Full Plan

If for any reason within the first thirty days, you feel unsatisfied, I’ll gladly refund your purchase minus 10% processing charge PLUS costs of any programs acquired.

Just email my customer service team at within 30 days of purchase.


All Clean + Sexy Plans

Clean + Sexy Memberships are subject to automatic renewal at the end of each 12 month plan. You will be notified 2 weeks prior to renewal and have the option to opt-out by notifying