Cilantro Lemonade Green Smoothie


The 21 Day Green Up Smoothie Challenge

Day 7

We’ve been blending together  now for a whole week!

Our green smoothies help us to become stronger, healthier and more balanced each and every day!


#21daygreenup challenger Ellen

#21greenup challenger, Alexandra

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Ready to join in on the fun? Go ahead and make it!

Cilantro Lemonade Smoothie

Cilantro is packed with vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A (excellent for vision and healthy mucus membranes- protection from disease)
  • Vitamin K (great for your bones)
  • Vitamin C (boosts immunity)
  • Magnesium (relaxes muscles and promotes sleep)
  •  Iron (promotes strength)

A phyto-nutrient rich herb!

What do you say?

Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs to use in soups, salads and even in smoothies.  How about you? Any favorite herb that you love to cook or blend with?

Share in the comments below.


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#21DayGreenUp Smoothie Challenge

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