Soaring Energy Juice Recipe

[sharethis] I’ve been asked many times in my life…

What do you believe?

I don’t have to even take time to think about my answer.  I know the truth instantly. I believe that the body knows EVERYTHING. It does. Absolutely. Have you ever gotten a feeling? Maybe in your body that tells you something is wrong or just not right? Or maybe your body gives you hints of unfailing happiness, joy and earth shattering love? The pit in your stomach when you find out you’ve been betrayed.  The flutter in your heart when you are about to do something that will change your life.

What is your body trying to tell you?

If we would stop giving so much power to the mind, the ego and just sit still, tap into our body’s wisdom, imagine a healing so strong that could prevent or reverse illness, disease, hate, self-loathing and perfectionism.

I’ve learned to listen closely to my lovely friend, my body.

In the past (although, it still comes up from time to time), I judged her, forced away any paid she tried to show me (signals for me to slow down, stop), even shunned self-love.  I beat her up with negativity, judgement and ridicule. For years. This went on for years and years until I started paying attention to how food, meditation, positive self-talk influenced my energetic being. I’m now closer to my body, and I’m learning how to let go more and more everyday.  I let her take care of me, keep me healthy, keep me dreaming big wonderful things, and keep me on the road to healing.  I’ve learned to love her and to listen very closely for guidance.

If I could pick only one thing to believe in, the body’s wisdom wins. Completely.

A big part in listening to my body is when I eat (and drink) real food.  There’s no covering up. No hiding. And I’m able to truly feel, be in my body, feel connected. The fasted way to feeling the truth, feeling peace and connectedness is with juicing. Juice changes your cells, and I witnessed this first hand. I began to name my juice creations on my feelings.  I named my Vibrancy drink after a Bikram yoga class one day.  I felt so light, alive! Beauty Remedy,  looking into the mirror after downing a green drink and seeing the glow, amazing glow across my face, bright eyes, beauty.  I wanted that every damn day, fo’ sho’!  So it’s my morning “coffee.” I named my carrot drink Immune Booster after having a sore throat for days and immediately feeling relief (and no sign of a cold). I have to have my juice everyday.  My juice connects me to my truth.  To that body wisdom I believe in. Juicing has really given me the chance to serve others my truth, too. I am leading the annual  community cleanse (it’s our fourth one!)  called Juice It Up! , so you, too, can  get the juicy liquid nutrition into your cells, to  feel that truth, that peace, and tap into what you believe in. The cleanse is for 3 days. Just enough time to reap the results of shiny hair, glowing skin, sparkling eyes as well as a flat tummy. I also added a twist this year… after the cleanse we will have a re-entry clean eating for 2 days.  I will give you 2 days worth of clean eating menu plans, recipes, etc… to help you transition after cleansing. Woo hoo! So let’s start with a juice that will give you loads of energy instantly (this creation was named after my excellent two hour bike ride…the juice gave me tons of power!): Soaring Energy Juice Recipe

Soaring Energy Cocktail


1/2-1  cup pineapple chunks (frozen) OR 1/2 a pineapple cored and chopped

1/2 lime, peeled

8 cherries, pitted

Juice ingredients.

Makes appr. 16 oz.

Pineapple is a super fat burner AND fights against free radicals (makes your skin look younger). Cherries, well, they are just divine for weight loss, de-bloating and better sleep. And lime is for fun plus a big vitamin C boost.

What do you say?

So, tell me, what do you believe? Share in the comments below and make sure to sip on Soaring Energy Cocktail. I hope you love it! PS. Join me and a group of super cool people for the brand NEW  Juice It Up! 3 Day Virtual Cleanse + Clean Eating Challenge . You’ll receive recipes, shopping lists, and prep guide to get you started and on your way to juicing bliss.  Contest alert: I’ll be giving away a prizes during the cleanse like the The Breville Juice Compact!  Enter to win and get down with juice! Click the pretty box to sign up:  Join-the-Challenge

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