5 Signs You Need a Fall Detox

You body is so wise. In fact, your body loves you unconditionally and will do anything to keep you alive.


Pumping blood.

Loving you up , all without you paying any attention.

Your body also lets you know when it’s time to hit the reset button.

You know how it goes.

Too many late nights (watching Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, although he IS my new boyfriend, but …)

Skipping meals because you can’t tear yourself away from the computer…

Eating breakfast in the car on your way to work…

Feeling the  “have to have something” sweet after dinner, every night and going for the bowl of ice cream…

I’ve been guilty of some if not all of these sabotaging acts from time to time.

Letting go of your self-care practices can take a big toll on your body, though. You might not see or feel a difference right away, but your body is being taxed to the max.

Your body thrives on being balanced. On the physical level, your cells need to operate at a 7.365 pH level in order to achieve optimal health (i.e. pain-free life).


*You can test your pH by using pH strips.  You can get them on Amazon.com or at any natural food store.

photo (4)

Eating  inflammatory foods such as

  • processed sugar
  • caffeine
  • dairy
  • gluten
  • animal protein
  • alcohol

can tip us over to the acidic side. This might take a long time, but it can happen.

Acidity leads to inflammation. Inflammation is that silent killer which leads to chronic disease (cancer, heart disease, diabetes…).

Inflammation can come in the form of eczema, acne, tendonitis (or and -itis), yeast infections, too.

Since your body has “your back,” she gives you signals to let you know

“Hey there! I need a break! I’m inflamed!”

Here are the 5 most common signs of inflammation that signal you need a detox, a good cleaning out.  Plus I have remedies (found on hand at home) to implement immediately:

5 detox remedies

1. Bloating

Stress, fast eating, not chewing properly (I have a habit of doing this…my days as a 1st grade teacher are to blame!), too much high fat, high sugar, and processed foods means indigestion and bloating. Our gut is the center of our health, and if everything is working properly, you feel light, have more energy and absorb nutrients and enzymes from our food efficiently.

Remedies:  You need specific ways to absorb toxins in the gut and flush them out.

Always take a good probiotic…that’s a given. There’s good and bad bacteria, and probiotics help support the good bacteria.

I suggest Natures Way. You can grab this the next time you are at Whole Foods or order from Amazon.

But you might not know about my favorite remedy for bloating:  charcoal. Yep, charcoal. Not the kind you use for your old-fashioned grill, though. Let’s not get that mixed up (or you’ll be really feeling ill!).

Activated charcoal is known for cleansing and assisting the healing process of the body. Charcoal has proven to be very effective in preventing many intestinal infections, diarrhea and excess gas.

Taking charcoal at the first sign of bloating, nausea, or gas can be helpful, as the charcoal absorbs symptom-causing bacteria. Charcoal is suitable for occasional use only, though. Do not exceed ten capsules in a day or use the product more than two days per week, as the charcoal can also soak up good bacteria and minerals. Check the directions on the bottle just in case.

Bonus:  Activated charcoal also whitens teeth! Just open a capsule, mix it with water, and swish.  Might be a frightful smile until you rinse but well worth it.

2.  Mood swings or just plain irritability

You’re less able to cope with day to day stress when your body’s not in balance.   And stress itself produces toxins.  Stress is the #1 cause of inflammation.

In addition to managing your stress and busy life with meditation and breathing, I suggest a bath and not just any bath.

Remedy: An Epsom salt bath. Put a big scoop of salts in a warm bath and relax in it for 20 minutes. The warm bath relaxes tense muscles and the magnesium in the salts helps with pulling toxins from the body as well as calming you down. Usually after this type of bath, you have the best sleep and feel even and calm the next day.

Epsom Salt Bath

3.  Dry and Dull Skin

Most likely your moisturizer isn’t the reason for dry, flaky skin. If there’s too much toxicity and  your cells are inflamed, nutrients are not getting to your skin, the last stop for nutrient delivery in the body.  There’s no glowing going on when this happens.

Remedy: To help boost the circulation to the skin, the lymphatic system needs a huge boost.

Dry brushing is my recommendation for revving up the circulation and lymphatic system (the seat of immunity).  And the fastest way to glowing, soft skin.

Dry Brushing Steps:

  • Make sure the brush is completely clean. Starting with your right leg, place the body brush on the top of your right foot. Make small, very gentle, counterclockwise circular motions all over the foot before gradually moving up your right leg. Then repeat on left leg and foot.
  • Next start at your right hand, make small, counterclockwise circular motions all over your hand and fingers and all the way up (both on top and beneath) your right arm. Stop when you reach your right shoulder, then repeat on your left hand and arm as far as your shoulder.
  • Beginning on the lower left of your abdomen, make small, counterclockwise movements with the skin brush in a big counterclockwise circle around your belly button. Move up your abdomen to your chest, always making circular movements, and brush the whole of your chest, moving across and upward until you reach your neck.
  • When you have finished, rinse off the dead skin cells with a warm shower.

Bonus:  You can always treat yourself to a massage…another fantastic way to flush out toxins and get things moving along.

Recommended:  Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

4. Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can result when your liver and kidneys are overloaded. (Dang that 2nd glass of Merlot!)

Remedy: Supporting both these organs with dandelion will work wonders.
Dandelion leaves contain vitamins A, C, D, and B complex as well as iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper, chlorine, calcium, boron, and silicon. A trace mineral haven!

In almost every herbal healing tradition, the root of the dandelion has been used for the treatment of a variety of liver and gallbladder problems.

Sip a nice dandelion tea for two weeks, and you’ll notice symptoms will disappear.

5.  Brain Fog

Brain fog, you know it…the fuzziness, can’t remember one day to the next, can’t finish a task… an epidemic in modern life.

Inability to focus is the biggest sign that your body is stressed out and toxic.

Remedy: All the remedies I mentioned above will help tremendously but let me suggest a powerhouse herb that will boost your brain cells quickly.

Rhodiola will help you feel clear and focused. This herb grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia, and its root has been used in traditional medicine in Russia and the Scandinavian countries for centuries. Check out research on rhodiola and make sure to follow guidelines for use. Productivity here we come!

 *Make sure to check with your doctor if you are taking any current medications or supplements. Contraindications may occur so please get the okay from your doc.

These remedies will get you started on your way to feelin’ fine. Try one to start; I suggest the Epsom salt bath because you can get the salts at any grocery store and it’s cheap.  Then build your way, step by step.

I got a mac daddy Epsom salt package…I’ll have this for years, I tell ya!

Epsom Salt Bath for Detox

Remember, my dear, to pay close attention to your body. Listen up…she is wise and loves you very much. She has all the answers you need!

What do you say?

Do you have a natural remedy for dry skin? Puffy eyes? Bloating? Share your remedy below with me.  🙂

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4 Comments on “5 Signs You Need a Fall Detox”

  1. Water!! Water with a little lemon or cucumber cures all ails for me…it helps to flush my body and for me the lemon or cucumber in it just adds a little something extra!

    1. Heck ya, Jen! The water is a fantastic tip! AND the lemon and cucumber are perfect to spice it up a bit. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Thank you Lisa!! I really needed this post today! Feeling very acidic! I will certainly be back to detoxing with you when I’m done nursing.

    1. Cindy! Mama, so happy to see you here…and yes, we’ll do a good cleaning out after breastfeeding. Keep drinking tons of water and make sure you have the proper protein intake (our lovely nuts, seeds, beans, quinoa,etc…) each day. Sending you all my love!

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