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Updated January 2019


Juice is dope, yo.

The benefits are endless:

• weight loss (will depend on your body, but it is pretty much a given)
• decreased belly fat and bloating
• feeling lighter
• tons of energy a more balanced pH level since you will be pumping anti-inflammatory foods into your system
• almost no sugar cravings (they might even disappear!)
• sound, deep sleep
• glowing and clear skin
• sharp focus especially during the late afternoon
• being able to tolerate raw vegetables (those who have acid reflux or IBS notice huge improvements with their digestive system)
• and a happier mood and attitude.

And the best thing is that juicing is no longer fringe.

“Not everything that is good for you makes it into the mainstream. Some fringe health trends take a little while to get there. Juicing is one of them.

The Juiceman Juicer was launched in the early ’90’s with Jay Kordich. Then in his 60’s, Jay was known for reversing his cancer and saving his life through juicing, and he wanted everyone to juice too. The only people juicing back then were body builders and cancer patients.  It’s an image that is hard to imagine now that everyone from Hollywood stars to New York’s fashion elite have made it cool to juice.”

~ Nancy Trent, owner of Trent & Co. , a NYC-based marketing communications firm. Thrive Magazine

Juicing is now a popular trend that is here to stay.  You don’t have to be a star or hipster to get the glow from juicing. In fact, juicing can become a habit if you have the right tools.

Speaking of tools, the #1 question I get asked the most when it comes to juicing is…

“What juicer should I buy?”

Getting your first juicer (or even switching to the next model) can be overwhelming. So that’s why I tested, researched, and tested again many juicer models to give you the informed scoop.

Before you click on BUY NOW on Amazon, I want you to ask yourself these 3 important questions:

1. How many times a week will you juice?

2. How much do you want to spend prepping veggies and cleaning up?

3. What is your lifestyle like?

If you are 100% sure that you want to add juicing to your life, then my handy dandy product review will help you tons.

Picking a juicer is like picking a partner… do you want fast and easy or something that takes its time, or is noise level clean up an issue?

Juicers can be pricy so think of this as a long-term investment; a decision you are glad you made.

Download you guide and get started on your juicing adventure>>>

Juicer Product Review Chart

A few  notes:

Nutribullets are pulverizers, not juicers so I didn’t mention them in the eval.

Some use a Blendec or Vitamix and say they are juicing but actually they are blending. AND if you aren’t ready to make the leap, totally cool.

Here’s how to “juice” with a high-powered blender (an old blender from you college margarita  days won’t do):

Place veggies and fruit in blender and blend until smooth.  Add a splash of filtered water to help move things along. Place fine mesh strainer over a large mixing bowl and pour juice over. Press down with rubber spatula if needed. Poure “juice” in a glass and drink up.

I recommend the Breville Juice Fountain Compact if you are getting your very first juicer. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. I started my juicing career with this exact juicer.

I now have a Breville Juice Fountain Elite for everyday use. I’m lazy… I don’t even have to chop or peel so I’m all about that!

I did tons of research on Amazon, testing them myself, borrowing friends, and reading reviews/ extensive studies.

That said, buying a juicer is very personal so use this as a guide not the be all, end all.

Your turn:

What juicer do  you have ? What yummy creations do you like to make with it?

Tell me in the comments below… I love to make my Beauty Remedy:  apple, kale, cucumber, lime and ginger… how ’bout you?!

PS. Need a few recipes? I have tons!

Go here to join the FREE Juice It UP! 3 Day Cleanse, get fun juice recipes plus support from me and the juice it up gang!


3 Comments on “What juicer do I buy?”

  1. I researched juicers almost compulsively before I bought mine and really appreciated guides like this! I do have one disagreement with one of the ‘cons’ under masticating juicers though. I have an Omega 8006 and clean up takes less than a minute! Super easy to put together, take apart and clean. (I understand that this is not the case if you don’t rinse/wash right away.) I do have to cut everything that’s not leafy, but the trade off was worth it for me.

    1. Lisa, thank you for sharing with us! As I mentioned, this is a researched-based guide BUT also subjective.:) Most masticating juicers take longer when it comes to clean up (the Champion is quite a chore), usability so that is what the rating scale is based on the average. So excited you found a juicer that fits your lifestyle and makes yummo juices! The nutritional value is higher with the Omega 8006 for sure! Can’t wait for our cleanse, Lisa! Make sure to share your pro tips with the gang and can’t wait to see what delicious drinks you make. <3

  2. I, too,have a masticating juicer. It is my 3rd juicer over the past ten years and the one I am most pleased with—mine is a Hurom Slow juicer-(upright). The review says they are big and bulky; my Hurom is not. I love that it is not a large bulky piece of equipment–it sits on my counter in the corner and takes up very little space. I do not find the extra 2 or 3 minutes it takes to chop the veggies a little smaller an issue at all. Once my juice is made I take it apart, scrape out whatever residue of pulp is left inside and drop it in a sinkful of water.. takes only minutes to wash up and put back together. You can make extra to keep in the fridge which I don’t think is advised with a lot of other juicers. I don’t think the *cons* listed for masticating juicers really apply to the Hurom…

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