Spring Carrot and Dill Hummus

Everything is connected: stress, sleep, water, relationships and nutrition keep your body operating at an optimal healthy level; that high-vibe living. When you eat high vibration foods (foods that aren’t manipulated by processing- raw veggies, fruits, quinoa, salads,etc…) you perform on a higher vibration. Your thoughts, actions and words align with your truth and your body feels and looks AMAZING! … Read More

Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Drink

The fam and I had a fabu spring break in Florida… sun, rest, and laughs (and tears, yes, it happens when you are constantly around 4 people 24/7, and yes, I probably cried the most! Ha!).   Besides lying on the beach and being present with the people I love the most, I also have to confess that one of … Read More

Three Kick-Butt Decluttering Remedies (healthy body and home)

[sharethis] This is the first post for the  Spring Cleaning-Inside and Out series. I’m gearing up for Spring Renewal 10 Day Detox and couldn’t help but take a look around me. Sure, I’ll be spring cleaning my body with fresh salads,  delightful soups, and sipping on smoothies as I clear the clutter, the extra fluff and heaviness, BUT I just … Read More

Lean Up Detox Soup Recipe

The sun is shining! I feel warmth on my face. Vitamin D! Oh, how I’ve been waiting for the weather to break. Spring is here with all it’s lightness, green, and energy. Spring is nature’s birthing season-the time of creation and development. This is a good time to take a look at your life and make a new plan, especially … Read More

Spring Detox Salad

Here we are, the first day of  Spring. Well, Mother Nature needs to get her sh** together I must say. I’m still wearing my boots! My feeling of winter is two-faced. On one hand, it feels good to watch the soft quiet snow fall while you are cooking hearty warm soups, curling up on the couch with your spiced tea, … Read More

Starbucks is Why You’re Fat

*** I updated this popular post with new research and FREE Sugar Busting Crash Course Guide!  Includes sugar cleanse! Sign up for the FREE boot camp webinar recording and receive goodies>>> I will get to the Starbucks part after I rant a bit. For this week’s blog, I am so inspired to talk about SUGAR because everywhere I go, I … Read More