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The other day I was being interviewed for a wellness  tele-summit series. A fellow health coach invited me to speak about health coaching, detox, juicing.   Then she asked me one, big, deep question at the end of our chat.

“If you had only ONE thing to tell everyone listening, only ONE idea that you would like us to take away from our chat, what would it be? What is the thread, the message of your work?”

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that.  So just started talking, and these words came out:

“After all of these years leading and participating in my detox programs, I’ve noticed something…I’m getting closer to the truth…my truth in regards to how I value and respect myself. 

It’s overwhelming trying to overhaul your health all at once, so I’ve learned to take a piece of detox with me each time…as the clean, real food opens up channels in my cells, clears away the clutter, I become clear in my thinking and begin to notice the truth… how I treat myself, how I make choices, how I sometimes blame others when in fact, I need to take a good hard look at myself. 

As you cleanse, you will open up, align, and finally live a life without struggle, without pain. “

Pretty deep, huh?

But it’s all true, and I stand by every word.

 I’ve noticed firsthand how clear I’ve become each time I detox, and it’s still a process, a lifelong thing.

I’m not the only one. A lot of detox goddesses mention this very same thing; feeling aware, able to make healthier, happier choices without the clutter banging around in their minds.

 Life takes you back and forth, but you keep moving forward especially if you pay attention.  And using food as a tool can really help unlock any emotional eating patterns, feeling stuck, so you can finally feel good in your skin; the ease, peace within yourself. 

While detox gives so much in regards to losing weight, feeling light, having energy and focus (not to mention clear, glowy skin~ my favorite part!), the main thread, the main message of my detox programs, is TRUTH. 

Nothing’s sexier, more radiant than someone living their truth.

Am I right?  You can totally tell when someone is walking the talk, doing what works for her and not anyone else.

When we mask our stress with random junk food eating or piling tons of food on our plates, we aren’t really getting to the truth. 

What’s going on in your life?

What are you putting up with?

What do you tell yourself?

What are you ignoring?

Eating real, whole, clean food is a primary and necessary start to getting to the root of your intentions and finding a path that is true and pure without covering up or hiding.  That’s why detox can be so powerful.

So focusing on your truth…how you REALLY want to feel, can ease you into life-long habits.  Winter Renewal is the perfect way to set healthy intentions, get some habits in place, so you begin your journey.

No matter what your intentions are…

Lose a few pounds and feel good in your clothes…

Plan healthy meals so you’re not winging it, eating out, feeling guilty…

Have more energy to get you through the day…

Limit the sugar because it only makes you feel like crap…

Find time to move your body and exercise…


…I’m here to help you see your intentions through.  So I’m giving away Winter Renewal! Oh yeah!

Lose a few pounds and feel good in your clothes…

Plan healthy meals for you and your family…

Have more energy to get through the day…

Limit the sugar because you know it makes you feel like crap…

Find time to move your body and exercise…

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I’m so excited to give away a  Winter Renewal scholarship to one lucky winner!


It’s such a good time to cleanse since many of us started the year off like gang busters but are now finding that things are starting to fizzle out especially on the health front.  Work out 6 times a week, floss after meals, drink green smoothies everyday, take vitamins in the mornings,…it can be so overwhelming!  So let’s take it one step at a time together.

Winter Renewal 10 Day Detox program

Here’s how to win your spot:

1.  Leave a comment below stating  your detox intention; what you want to accomplish during your cleanse.  Make sure you type in the comments section just in case I don’t see your response on the giveaway box.

2.  Complete all the steps to gather 60 points. Ooh la la!

3.  Click the Share button to spread the detox lovin’ around.  Thank you!


Thank you to everyone who played with me!

Giddy up!

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What do you say?

I’m excited to read about your detox intention so leave your comment below.


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39 Comments on “Win Winter Renewal 10 Day Detox!”

  1. My goal is to increase my close-to-the-source intake, spread the enthusiasm to my family, and supplement my more-healthy-in-2014 lifestyle with your detox help!

  2. My goal, if I were to win the detox, would be to clutter out my body a little. I have been feeling so off balance lately and just out of sorts. I would love to clear my mind and body so I can make healthier, more conscious choices in my daily life.

    1. Clear out the clutter, fo’ sho’! Toxins can sure cloud your vision as well as your cells. Best of luck to you!

  3. I had an MRI and it found that I had fatty liver, which I’ve learned effects so much. I’ve got to get my liver healthy (and non-fat). 🙂

    1. I’m sorry about your diagnosis, but it can be reversible. That’s the good news! Let’s cleanse that liver! Best of luck to you!

  4. I’d love to win the winter renewal. I’m so ready to break out of the winter funk! I intend to start focusing on taking care of me. I haven’t focused on myself since the stress of the holidays. It’s time to start again 🙂

  5. I am finally…FINALLY figuring out that if you ignore it it does NOT go away. That is what I have been doing & it is time I stop. My goal is to get on a path of better health. I’m tired of feeling sick all the time.

  6. I would love to work with you on the cleanse because I tried to do a cleanse before and I ended up hurting myself (seizures, bowl issues, migraines). I would like to have help and guidance while I cleanse.

    1. I’m seriously in need of a good health kick start – clear the guck out, get feeling better, and move forward!

  7. I have been in a food coma for way too long and it is effecting my entire life and not in a good way. I am always tired, my energy is zero, my confidence is zero, I don’t want to go out or see anyone for that matter because I am so ashamed of the way I look and feel. I am in a funk and I fear if I don’t get out of it I wont make it to see my daughter graduate school or get married some day. When I saw your detox on facebook I was sure it was a sign from the good Lord and a chance to start over and reboot my life. I am hopeful this will be what I need to start the first day of my reinvention.

  8. I want to win this detox challenge not only because I can’t afford to purchase it but also because I work in a green industry where I ‘detox’ homes from the utility to solar! I am working on my home becoming detoxed, salt lamps, plants, etc 🙂 the last step is a complete overhaul by a nice winter detox!!!

  9. I started out the new year so well and even lost more than a few pounds. I was so pumped! Then the storms came and illness with it and I have lost that will and determination to eat right and exercise regularly. The self love challenge has helped me regain my focus and I have done your spring renewal detox where I saw incredible results. I just want my outer body to match my inner feelings and for my overall health to improve so that talk of any type of medication can be taken off the table. I know what I have to do and to win this would help me get there much more quickly than doing it alone. Thanks Lisa!

  10. Would like to feel the way I know Im suppose to. To have the energy and a clear mind would help me in my goals of life. Thank you for the chance!!

  11. I am aiming to be my best. Something that I;ve been avoiding for sometime. I want to permanently discard some excess body fat because I want to look good at my son’s wedding in May and not be puffy, fluffy and bloated.

  12. I’d love to do a detox as I’ve been working really hard at letting go of “crutches” I use to manage my feelings. It’s been a difficult process and I know the support of good clean food would work wonders for me!

    1. Those dang crutches can sure slow down movement…I love how you are working towards managing your feelings without resorting to those crutches. Such hard work but you are doing it. The detox will totally be the jumpstart you need! Good luck!

  13. Due to several injuries this year (all from exercising or playing outside), I’ve turned into a sugar eating, preservative filled food grabbing, fast food ordering sloth and put on 25 pounds. I feel terrible, look old, but can’t back on track. My goal with this detox is to remind me how eating clean makes me feel – and I can’t seem to get motivated by myself – so that I can go back to being my best self!

    1. Hi Regina! I’m so excited to hear from you! I hope you are healing and feeling better from your injuries. I remember you detoxed with me awhile back and had amazing results. Being our best selves is extremely vital! I’m with you on that. Wishing you lots of luck!

  14. I am looking to integrate healthier foods into my family’s diets and to lose a little weight. I want to feel healthier and more energetic – as I did when I was doing Lisa’s juice cleanse!

    1. I’m so over the moon happy you loved the juices, Carmel! I was thinking of you, sending juicy good thoughts during your cleanse.:) Good luck in winning Winter Renewal, dear!

  15. I had a baby in Oct of last year and I want to lose those last few pounds as well as fell confident in my own skin. I love eating healthy and working out is great for me. I want to be happy with me

  16. I have done the detoxes with you before but it was a while ago and I need to get back on track with a jumpstart detox program to start the year off right.

  17. To get back to work (and horseback riding!) in a healthy manner after 2 stints off due to surgery and injury. To help turn back what I see is going wrong with me physically and, now, emotionally.

  18. I lost 18 pounds in 2012 and it’s all back. Darn. I would love to start again and a healthy detox would be a great way to start. I’ve seen my friend Pam have great success with your program and it’s very exciting. It’s a perfect time to gear up and feel better by spring!

  19. My goal is to break free of my brain fog! I want to jump start a healthier lifestyle to help me take control of my ADHD without the use of medication.

  20. This sounds amazing! I am looking to break my habit of getting healthy for a few days and then letting long days or upsetting circumstances derail me so easily. I feel like a broken record and want to start moving forward.

  21. I would like to do a detox to reset my body and my mind after a challenging period of illness and injury.

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