Raw Gluten-Free Brownie Recipe


Are you celebrating the big holiday this weekend? If you are in the States, the Fourth of July is packed with flags, parades, fireworks, and food, and I’m sure you are planning to enjoy all of these fun things.

I especially love the sparklers.

4th of July sparkler

But what can raise your cortisol levels and get you all fired up is the concern that you will gain weight with all the partying going on.

I have a trick for you to ease the pain which I’ll tell you about in a minute. I use it all the time.

But a little background first. You see, I was concerned about the same thing, and it’s still in the back of my mind when holidays pop up. Especially when visiting my relatives.

I’m headed to Pittsburgh for a cookout with my parents and my cute little Italian aunts. And I mean little…I feel like a giant around them, and I’m only 5’3”!

Anyhoo, I grew up with celebrations consisting of chicken in a bucket, orange soda, bags of potato chips, and any type of sausage or processed meat you can find.

So of course, what will be at the cookout? You guessed it.

My family is sweet, though, especially my dad, bringing something “healthy” for me to eat, but of course when he walks away, I check the ingredients and cringe.

What to do?

Okay, here’s the best tip I have for you, and it works. (It’s a baby step tip because if we try to overall everything at once, we’ll give up).

Ready? It’s called the Cue.

Charles Duhigg, a journalist who wrote the best-selling book, The Power of Habit, provides the neuroscience details behind how we form new habits and the main tip is the cue.

If you want to create a new habit, you need to pick a cue that will signal to you it’s time to rely on that new habit.

For instance, you have a bad day at work (cue). You go home, order takeout, and pour yourself a glass of wine.
To form a new habit, take your cue (a bad day at work), but instead substitute the behavior with grabbing your fave salad at Whole Foods and going for a twenty minute walk after dinner. Hopefully the reward will be the same (forgetting about the bad day), but in the process you substituted a new healthy habit for dealing with bad days.

Sure, kale can’t replace wine, you say, but try it and see how your cells start to shift. Over time, your body begins to favor the “cleaner” behavior.

We practice this exact behavior during our detoxes. In fact, many graduates tell me all the time how they now prefer to switch their favorite indulgent foods with “cleaner “ versions.

Try this tip immediately. Get in the habit now so the weekend doesn’t throw you off kilter with your clean living plan.

The cue: holiday party (cookout, picnic,etc…).
New behavior: make a “cleaned up” version of your favorite food and bring it to the party.

You’ll set yourself up to succeed, feel better about your choices and even keep things in check instead of going crazy at the snack table.

Now before you slip out of town, I want to share what I’m making for t he cookout, and I’m in deep love with these.  I always reach for the brownies so this time I’ll have mine ready.

Raw Brownies!

They are gluten-free, processed sugar-free, vegan and heaven in your mouth. This is my “cleaned up” substitution, and they taste so much better than a brownie made from a box. And I bet my relatives will try them, too!

Since they are raw, there’s no long process of baking and ovens. Sweeet!

You’ll only need 5 ingredients, too. Don’t cha just love when it’s this easy?

Raw Vegan Brownie Squares

Let’s make Raw Brownies Squares, shall we?


2 cups cashews (soak in water for 1-2 hours if you have time)
¾ cup walnuts
1 cup raw cacao powder (I like Navitas Natural brand)
2/3 cup soft pitted dates
1 Tbsp. coconut oil

Raw Brownie Square Ingredients

Put all ingredients in food processor and blitz until they are well combined and have a smooth paste (not sticky).
Scrape the mixture into a  prepared baking pan and smooth level with your hands.

Refrigerate for 1 hour before cutting into 6- 8 squares.


You’ll need a deep 8 ¾ x 6 inch baking pan or container lined with parchment paper.

Vegan Brownie Squares

*Note:  I’ve tried many types of ways to make these treats, and I found that these ingredients are the ticket.

What do you say?

Remember, we are switching the behavior based on the cue, taking it one step at a time.

How do you plan to keep it clean during your holiday weekend? Please share in the comments as I know it will help everyone in our wonderful community.


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3 Comments on “Raw Gluten-Free Brownie Recipe”

    1. Beth, you sure make my heart sing! So happy you loved these treats, and crazy pants, right? Who would have thought desserts without white sugar and flour would taste amazing?! xo

      1. Lisa I have to say they sound absolutely delicious I can’t wait to make them and it sounds so easy and simple which is very good for me. I like quick and simple easy cleanup.
        If you have any other deserts similar to this: please please share them.Lisa I also want to say thank you I think you are one great encourager you give all of you heart body sou linto everything you write you nake Iit enjoyable to read fun and even some humor. you supply all the details necessary which helps to eliminate any stress. Thank you lisa

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