Portion Control Tips for Clean Eating

[sharethis] Size matters.

That’s why the 2nd step of your Clean Eating Action Plan deals with good ole portions.

Portion control is another clean eating basic that can trip us up.

When you are eating real nutrient-dense foods, your body understands how to process effectively. This gives you more energy, you burn fat easily, and all cells get what they need to keep you healthy. Many times your body will give you the signal to stop. But with processed and fast food, your body doesn’t know what to do with the sugar and additives. This leads to overeating and feeling stuffed.

I hate to call it “portion control” because it sounds so negative but let’s look at it like this: when you become mindful of what you are eating as well as take your time chewing, being present with your food, you end up having an amazing relationship with your digestive system. You’ll begin to naturally eat until you’re about 80% full. I promise. You just need the tools to make it happen.

But we are real, real people living real lives, and we can still end up feeling stuffed due to escaping, emotions and stress. For me it’s the almond butter. I’m an almond butter freak! I can eat a whole jar in one sitting if I don’t pay attention. So I use 3 tricks to keep things in check.

We know about the plate thing, but I have more ideas for you.

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Use this handy guide and post it on your fridge:

Clean Eating Portion Chart

Download your own copy>>> Portion Size Chart

Mr. Michael Pollan has some sage advice in Food Rules:

Do all your eating at the table.

Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored.

Eat slowly.

Try not to eat alone.

Leave something on your plate.

Eating doesn’t have to be so complicated.

And he’s got it goin’ on, but with so many diets and conflicting messages we see everyday in the media, it’s so hard.

“What do I eat?” is now a common question.

So keep all this in mind as you begin to listen to your body more.

And that’s my ultimate tip for you. A bonus!

Be a kid.  Kids automatically stop eating when they are about to get full.  I don’t know how many times Kate and Jack stopped eating their dinner midway, stating they are done. Now I don’t think I ever heard them say that when ice cream is involved!  But most of the time they listen to their bodies. Intuitive eating is the bombdiggity and we can certainly get that back. Try my tips and see what magic develops for you.

Now I would love to hear from you! How do you keep your portions in check? Take a few moments to share in the comments below. Your share can be the exact thing someone is looking for. 🙂

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PS. Special thanks to Clean + Sexy member and my dear friend, Jennifer Barret, for letting us film in her gorgeous kitchen and borrow her hen, Ana.  AND thank you to my partner in crime, Kate Ryan.

Big big big thanks to Alison Harbaugh, Sugar Farm Productions, for the amazing video magic.

Make sure to watch Step 1 of the series, too! How to Read a Food Label

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In the video,  I used the containers from my kids’ Bento Boxes.

Another must-have product is the Portionware  container kit.

Portionware Containers

I like how they come with a fill line and are BPA free. Also the lids have symbols (1 circle = 1 cup, etc…) . Pretty cool!


I highly recommend Breaking Free From Emotional Eating.

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