Minty Fresh Smoothie

Hope your Day 11 is off to a splendid start!

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? From the looks of it, I think we already are!

#21DayGreenUp Smoothie Challenge


#21DayGreenUp Smoothie Challenge


#21DayGreenUp Smoothie Challenge

The holidays are a great time to experience raw fruits and veggies, especially in our drinks. So I wanted to talk a little more about the benefits of eating raw (or in our case, drinking!).

I know it’s tempting to warm up a few veggies or used canned fruit if you can’t find fresh or frozen.

But raw is best.


Food found in its original state provides the most nutrients and enzymes needed to fuel your gorgeous body. The benefits of raw food in your smoothies, especially fruit and veggies, are endless:

• Cooking veggies destroys much of the natural enzymes (your body can also create enzymes, but can only do so much) in your food that is needed to break down nutrients. Eating raw eliminates this problem.

• More regularity. You should naturally have around two to three bowel movements a day. If you’re going less than that, it probably means your intestines are unhealthily clogged. Eating (or blending!) more raw produce gives you more than enough fiber to keep you regular.

• Connection with the earth. Eating food that’s been freshly picked just feels different. You feel more connected to the earth and more grounded. Eating lots of processed foods leads to a disconnect and cravings that don’t support your body.

You’ll start to notice more energy, bright eyes, clear focus (the list goes on and on) when you stick to raw ingredients for your smoothies. If you are not able to find peaches or other produce that is out of season, you can go for the frozen. Just know the rule of thumb is always raw as preferred.

Okay, ready to drink up the raw goodness? Today’s featured smoothie is Minty Fresh. Let’s make it!

Minty Fresh Smoothie

Minty Fresh Smoothie

1 cup kale
2 cups almond milk
1 banana (frozen)
1 Tbsp. almond butter
1 Tbsp. mint

Boost: 1 Tbsp.cacao nibs

Makes 2 servings so share with your +1!


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#21DayGreenUp Smoothie Challenge

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