Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots

[sharethis] October is here! All my fave things like pumpkin patches, football, crisp air so you can wear a fun sweater and cool boots, oh and jeans (I have so many, I’m such a jean whore!), Halloween and the start of Fall Renewal Detox! I’ve been leading our LIVE group cleanses for over 5 years and a big concern is … Read More

Chickpea Chop Salad

[sharethis] I’ve been working with gorgeous souls for five years with detox, and I have to say, once you get the gist of putting together fast, simple meals, it’s easier to eat on the run. I preach being mindful, chewing our food at meals (and I advocate that wholeheartedly!), but let’s face it, life can be a whirlwind so making … Read More

Plant-Based Protein Guide

[sharethis] This question gets me pretty fired up (I’m asked this almost daily): “If you’re not eating meat, where do you get your protein?” If you’ve been with me awhile or are savvy to the plant-based life, you know that there is protein in broccoli and spinach, but for the majority of the population, especially in North America, there’s a … Read More

Oh So Good Spinach Salad

  Welcome to the Kickin’ It Clean, Healthy and Hot Blog Series to celebrate the NEW Fall Renewal Detox. So far we discussed the main tools you need in your clean kitchen and pantry makeover .  Did you get a chance to check out the posts and download your handy guides yet? Make sure to grab the goodies!   Let’s … Read More

Top 6 Must Have Tools for Your Clean Kitchen

Welcome to the Kickin’ It Clean, Healthy and Hot Blog Series to kick off the NEW Fall Renewal Detox. Can I get a whoop whoop! Our first post deals with kitchen gear. How many of you like to collect all kinds of gadgets and your counter top is full of things you never ever use. Like ever? My hand is … Read More